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  1. Re: How to turn off Archive indexing in WordPress

    This is not a short term process. It is going to take time and will give you a little bit of problem also. Like if you make changes in the site search page then Google might take time to re-crawl...
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    Re: Kobo Vox K080 ebook reader dead

    Have you tried doing a factory reset if you are not able to turn on the device and select it from settings menu? You will need to have your device charged fully before doing this. After that, go on...
  3. Re: What kind of pc is good for php programming

    Today you can find 3rd and 4th generation Intel Core i series processor. You can go with anyone of them. If you go with 4th generation then you get more reliable usage. This cpu consist less power...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HD7 carousel issue

    If the ebook is newly bought or if the personal documents have been emailed then it is only going to appear on the carousel irrespective of the setting that displays content in each individual...
  5. Re: How to use Microsoft Webmatrix for making website

    Microsoft WebMatrix is great for those who want it for a personal usage. While compare to that Adobe Dreamweaver CC is for a entire enterprise. Where too many developers are working in a team and...
  6. Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 save game location/download

    Well, even I have completed all the missions of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game with 90% progress rate. I dont think that this game might have any options for you to start it from the middle of...
  7. Re: Advice on developing a fast performing android app

    One of the biggest issue when you develop app is creating many unnecessary objects. You have to understand this first. Create only things which are needed. You can go on to get...
  8. Re: Difference between Wordpress 3.7 and 3.8

    I want a bit enhancement in spam management. WordPress must come with some internal addon which can control spam on its own. It completely relies on third party addons. I had seen a few plugin when...
  9. Re: Difference between Wordpress 3.7 and 3.8

    After upgrading you will get the details on the screen itself. I had just recently updated the same and I got a few nice features. You will get onscreen instructions for the same. The main changes...
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    Re: Found New Hardware: PCMCIA MTD-0002

    There are certain R2-based PC cards may be incorrectly enumerated as memory cards (MTD-0002) if the PCMCIA CIS window was mapped in a high range (greater than 0xFF000000 in the system physical...
  11. Re: HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

    I think that you have to define one or more to join rules on your AD MA for domain B that tells ILM on how to guess which metaverse object the AD object shall be connected to. When you add one or...
  12. Re: Android 4.2.2 for Sony Xperia Z available

    Hello Vrijesh, if waiting for the official and best firmware update for Xperia Z is difficult for you or if you are in hurry to get the update than you can get right now itself  surprised? A guy on...
  13. Re: In Hyderabad, which is the fastest Internet Service?

    Why dont you check with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. instead of those local ISPs? BSNL is officially available in Hyderabad then why to go with local broadband connection. They just only say 1MBPS or 2...
  14. Re: What is JAVA BufferStrategy and how it works

    If you know about hardware acceleration then you can simply easily understand what bufferstartegy is. In the older edition of JAVA there was problem with double buffering. And the new editions right...
  15. Re: No roaming charges on Videocon Mobile Network

    I think you missed something guys. Though Videocon has removed all roaming charges without any special recharge or activation fees, remember that the company is sitting their to earn profit and not...
  16. Re: How to add application to notification area via VBscript?

    The primary reason of software getting notification on the quick launch bar is because of the following registry key,
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    Re: Overclocking Google Nexus 7

    It is a nice product. You are getting a good cpu, JellyBean OS, and impressive 7" screen for @199 which is not bad at all. The tablet features robust body design. It is a much better device according...
  18. Re: Micromax Funbook Pro heating up while using usb

    The best recommended is to keep your tablet on a case or dock. The more you hold it, the more uncomfortable it becomes to handle. And when you are using it, you must give a break of prescribed time...
  19. Re: What qualities should a software development kit must have?

    After developing a software and providing it to your client you will need to provide upgrades and patches to him in case some change is needed. Choose a software development kit that will provide you...
  20. Re: When JellyBean update is coming for Android 4.0 ICS devices

    What you are talking is a kind of advance thing. You cannot dual boot a phone unless and until it had pc type features. Unfortunately I do not think JellyBean update will be released for any older...
  21. Re: Cannot connect to remote desktop from outside of network

    Here is short tip that can help you for what you are doing. First you have to configure the IIS service. I am showing all the steps from start so that it can became easier for you to configure all...
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    Re: Unable to tether Lumia 800

    Are you registered on Zune ? if not do it and check for the update again. If you still get the same problem, better reinstall Zune on your system. If the new firmware is not available for your device...
  23. Poll: Re: Unity 3d vs. Unreal Development Kit vs. CryEngine 3

    I think if anybody wants realism in their games, then CryEngine 3 is the best game engine that anybody can find. Didn’t anyone see the graphics of FarCry 3; the foliage is of such high quality. The...
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    Re: How to get Power Nap in older Mac system

    I do not think so. It looks like power nap is a integrated feature of OS X Mountain Lion. You must upgrade that to get new features also. The outdated is quiet large but very cost effective.
  25. Re: How to install Power8 Start Menu on Windows 8

    I think Microsoft will provide start menu on the basis of editions. Like there will be a edition that will come with startmenu while other will not. They might modify all the features and set them...
  26. Re: What support does Ubuntu Web App provides

    It is a bit different. It provides you to access many web services directly from your desktop. Ample of time access internet based stuff we need to use a web browser. But with this new addition you...
  27. Re: Want a batch file to change hosts permissions.

    why do you want to take such troubles in creating a batch file that will just block certain websites by editing the host files. Instead you can get software that can block websites. Even if you...
  28. Re: Need a batch file checking for installation of software

    I have tried making the installer for an application from scratch and I succeeded in creating it. The batch file that I created can now install and uninstall an application easily. Though it...
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    Re: Good Resources for Android Development

    The first thing I will tell you that is needed for developing an Android app is knowledge about it. You will need to learn the languages that are needed to code the apps for the Android. Since you...
  30. re: Cisco Cloud Connect on Windows Vista Network

    If you have kids at your home and you are worry about what they look on web then this app can help you. You can setup parental controls over the network so that unwanted stuff can be blocked. Under...
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    Re: What to do if iPad screen is broken

    There DIY screens called as Digitizers. But for iPad there can be lack of availability. You can purchase this Digitizer kit and fit the screen on your own hand. But if you do not know about opening...
  32. Re: Flash Player won’t grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

    There’s a best solution that I have got for you. I am not sure but you can however give my solution a try, what you can do with the mms.cfg file is trying setting it to Read Only. Look doing this...
  33. Re: Exporting or importing global variables from a DLL to an EXE

    As far as I know global variable should be set to single process. Normally it is initialized to every single module of the program. If you are using C++, then you will get the requirement of yours by...
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    Re: Apple Mail 5 bug in OS X Lion

    I also don’t think that it is a bug in Apple Mail. It looks like there is a configuration mistake made by ISP. Either pop server is not correctly configured or the old Mail version was ignoring...
  35. Re: Nvidia Geforce 610M 32-bit driver for Windows 7?

    Personally, I just bought a Gateway computer with NVidia GeForce 610M and all the drivers were automatically included! But otherwise I'm digging on the website ... I cannot find more! I do not know...
  36. Re: How to merge multiple Javascripts into one Javascript

    If the scripts are perfectly written then the only dependencies that should be existing is on the library JavaScript that is available from the third party sources in most of the cases which highly...
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    Re: Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

    Movie Maker may be a terribly easy and intuitive piece of software for those of you who are used to the interface of Windows. The layout is logical and you may see that you simply are ready to...
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    Re: Suggestions for making good Photobooks

    I like to tell you that the blurb is worth to take a look at. I myself make photo book of the holiday that I have gone last year and I am satisfied with this soft ware . it ...
  39. Re: Need help in making the Native Application

    Well you need the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) to writing kernel code. It has the tools, samples, help files etc. which perhaps utilize if you wish to code on that level. The kernel level is where...
  40. Re: Need help in making the Native Application

    Well it is hars to understand what exactly do you mean by the native application and if you need to add your app to the key you want, then check the RegKeyOpenEx that will do what you...
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    Re: is it safe to delete missing shared DLL's

    Removing shared DLL'S is the one things you don’t want to do it won't save much room anyhow, and the probable consequences perhaps too awful to contemplate. no necessitate to remove files that...
  42. Re: Does web designing plays vital role in e-commerce

    I do think that the web designing plays vital role in e-commerce take for example that if you were passing beside the shop which has the dirty windows and garbage all over the place will you going...
  43. Re: Best software for directory submission of web site

    I don’t aware of any such software but I like to suggest you should get more people for doing so instead of software submitting your site. There are lot of people provide this service of...
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    Re: Using smoothing in Gimp 2.6

    Gimp 2.6 does not provide smoothing option.First thing, Gimp is not a drawing application, but it is image manipulation software.Gimp 2.6 is the latest version which is stable. Smoothing options are...
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    Re: How to disable component in Java Swing

    The java swing has many predefine method that can be used for controlling the behaviors of Swing Components like TextField, TextArea, PasswordField, Button etc. If you wish to gray out the component...
  46. re: how to increase the number of decimal digits in JAVA program output?

    If you want more than 15 positions then you should opt for string format or use string.format to convert double into string !
    E.g: String s = String.format(“%1.20f”,1/3);
    This will convert the...
  47. Re: How do you create a computer virus for windows 7

    If you think that it is too hard for you then follow this link of the Youtube. This will help you in the easiest way about how to create a fake virus in the Computer. I have also created the virus by...
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    Re: Need help with spring mvc project

    Spring has a well defined interface to the business layer and it offers a better integration with technologies other than JSP, as Velocity, XSLT, Freemake and XL while struts requires extending the...
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    Re: Why use PHP to build a Website

    The best of the flexibility is achived by the PHP, most of the CMS based OSS is built and have the backend support by this PHP language only.

    Some of the CMS based Open Source Software which...
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    Re: How to make a simple Android game

    I suggest in OpenGL because The good thing about programming a game in OpenGL is that we can define the height and width you want. It will be for OpenGL who come into our mobile screen keeping the...
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