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    Re: Microsoft Anna alternative for Windows 7

    Which version of Windows 7 you are using, whether 32bit or 64bit? Incase you have installed the 32bit operating system then you can change the 32bit voice using the hidden Control Panel. Click on...
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    Re: replace Windows search in Windows 7

    There is a third party software called SearchMyFiles that you can use it as an alternative for Windows Search for files and folders. This tool allows you to search on a word or part of a filename or...
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    Re: change default location of command prompt

    What you can do is try to create a copy of the cmd.exe, somewhere on your desktop for example, and then reight click on the same cmd.exe file and choose Properties. After that go to the Shortcut menu...
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    Re: getting classic color scheme windows 8

    You can try to enable hidden Aero Lite theme in your Windows 8 computer and see if that helps. First of all, you need to go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and copy the aero.theme file to your...
  5. Re: How to create custom keyboard layout in Windows 8

    If you are just saving the keyboard laout then it is never going to be enough, you will also have to install it to get it to work properly. To do that, first go to Project > Build DLL and Setup...
  6. Re: remove Videos folder in the Windows 8.1 Library

    Have you tried to set the library to "Dont show in navigation pane". To do that you need to open File Explorer in your Windows 8 computer. Just right click ok a Library and then click on Properties....
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    Re: remove old Start Menu in Windows 8.1

    You can try to enable Start in desktop from boot in your Windows 8.1 to get rid of the start menu. On my desktop I had not activated any custom toolbars or anything else at all. The reason I stay...
  8. Re: removing Play with Windows Media Player menu in Windows 7

    You need to go into registry editor to do that but the relevant entry differs many times. Theer is one place that has to be removed so that you can disable the context menu entry. Also, this menu...
  9. Re: restore system icons to default in windows 7

    You can try to Notification Area Icons Cache by simply downloading a bat file called Reset_Notification_Area_Icons_Cache.bat, by searching it on google, and then save it to your desktop. Once you...
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    Re: creating a button on Toolbar in Windows 7

    You can download a program called Explorer Toolbar Editor to add buttons on toolbar. With this program you can add and remove one or more buttons to the folder type. You can also add buttons once to...
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    Re: Aero theme stuck on Basic in Windows 7

    Can you try to download and apply a theme patch from StardockMyColors and see if that works. After that try to refresh the Windows Experience Index and see if that works. To do the same, open Control...
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    Re: oracle sql developer compatibility issue.

    I think that your DBA might let you know the session in a view called v$session and the columns event and WAIT_CLASS will be able to give an indication of what is going on, on the Oracle end. It will...
  13. Re: WMP11: Album art not being updated after Find/Update Album Info

    There are many albums that have their information stored in an online database which can be accessed to Windows Media Player 11. This method is the most simplest and fastest way to update the media...
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    Re: how to get control handle from dll

    You can try to call FindWindows, which is explained more here on this link, with the name of window to get the handle on the main dialog window or even if you call the classname, which should be...
  15. Thread: Cloud computing

    by Gusgr8

    Re: Cloud computing

    The "cloud computing" is a concept evolved relatively recently, but its beginning date were originated a few years back, especially in the technology of grid computing, used for scientific computing....
  16. Re: Things you must know to improve Windows Network Security

    It is correct that going for more detailed security policies is not really good for a small network. Anyhow I never intend to go for any special security setup at my office. What I do is rely on...
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    Re: Excel Autosorting without Macros

    I think that you just have to add a unique number to each of the names (that is, to their respective value on which you base the sorting). It might be a simple incremental number like 1, 2, 3,.. Even...
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    Re: Can array elements have different data types?

    Well, if we specified a type when declaring an array then we can't use multiple datatype for that array.

    Check for an instance the below example ->

    int[] arr = new int[5];

  19. Re: Distance Calculator between two UK postcodes in excel

    You can code wise store the below in a standard module in VBE:

    Public Function getGoogDistanceTime(rngSAdd As Range, rngEAdd As Range, Optional strReturn As String = "distance") As Variant
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    Re: NS2 and TORA Routing Protocol

    This is the basic tcl code, just copy paste it, will create trace file and namefile...

    # Define options
  21. Re: How to create Web Browser with the help of JAVA

    I have made an unfinished web browser in java that might be a good start for you, check the below code:

    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;...
  22. Re: How To Evenly Distribute Elements In A Tree

    Check the below algorithm example that will evenly distribute 1 to many items into three columns which is in Python:

    NumCols = 3

    for ItemCount in range(1, 12):
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    Re: Maybe a VBScript to pull email addresses?

    Check the below script Hi that uses a regular expression to attempt to extract all legal email addresses from a string as an example:

    Dim strPattern, arrAllMatches, strMatch, strMatches
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    Re: sorting linkedlist

    The code you have written is good but according to me the sorting function should be small, its too complex. Try from the below example:

    void create();...
  25. Re: Urgent Help with return method toString() Java!!

    Implementing toString method in java is done by overriding the Object’s toString method. The java toString() method is used when we need a string representation of an object. It is defined in...
  26. Thread: Help with JDOM

    by Gusgr8

    Re: Help with JDOM

    The following class has methods for creating and parsing an xml document using JDom.


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    Re: Checkboxes Icons on Vista Desktop

    The following are the steps to disable the Check boxes Icons on Vista Desktop and after that you won’t get the check box on the icon. To do this follow the below steps: on the desktop make double...
  28. Click on Start and in the search box below click...

    Click on Start and in the search box below click on Windows Update. In that first click on Check for Update. I always keep this thing in manual. So that I can install things that I want. In this you...
  29. Re: Windows 7 unable to display the Desktop Gadgets

    I will recommend you to run system file checker. There are chances that manual settings might not work. But you can run system file checker to get rid of this problem. Just launch cmd and in that...
  30. Try dropping the WebBrowser straight into Page1

    I have a solution for this problem, because few days ago i was also facing the same problem on my phone and tried many solutions, but at the end was able to solve it out. The same solution i am...
  31. Here i have given you steps go through these to...

    Here i have given you steps go through these to adjust the brightness of your screen.

    In the application menu choose the preference option.
    Select the system preference option.
    Click on the...
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    re: How can I add memory to Macbook Air

    As on previous models, the RAM is soldered to the motherboard. However, when ordering, the user has the choice between 2 and 4 GB of RAM, which was not previously the case. We urge you to take 4 GB...
  33. Re: Rename with wildcards in cmd.exe under windows XP does not work correctly

    I attempt to suggest this by utilizing wild card and it didn’t work. However, originate a work about.

    dir /b picture*.txt > list.bat
    notepad list.bat
    Edit menu | change

    Find what:...
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    Re: User screen resolution resets by itself

    Well I go the solution that you all were looking for. Well for doing that you will have to play with the Registry. Well I did it work on my Compaq DE530 and I think that it will be well enough to run...
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    Re: Exclamation Mark in middle of Desktop Icons

    Your problem with the computer showing Exclamation Mark in the middle of your system desktop icons can be because of the backups of your machine and files that could not or were not backed up...
  36. Re: Graphics card to run IE9 with hardware acceleration

    I also want some information related with the graphic card as i want to purchase a graphic card for my system. I want to know that which is the better one for using with the internet explore 9...
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    Re: How to get welcome screen after screen saver

    I have gone through your question I am having an information on it that is when select the screen saver for your personal computer, there is a option for the on resume password protect uncheck it by...
  38. Re: Wireless Network Icon Very Slow to Load in System Tray in Windows XP

    As mentioned by you that you have all the latest configuration than why are you using windows XP as your operating system. The other thing is that the main problem here is of the OS only, Because you...
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    Re: D510 Wireless & mini PCIe

    As you have mentioned in the question that you are using windows 7 one thing you can do is that download the Intel me for vista and try to install that in compatibility mode in your system . This...
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    Re: Dg 31 pr Bios update issues

    Some of the desktop boards have two or three REV but some do come up with six or seven. To get perfect working of your desktop board always go for the latest and advance REV which is launched by...
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    Re: Intel DP45SG USB Reboots desktop

    Your problem of machine rebooting can be solved if you can go for updating each driver of your computer piece by piece . You have to go for the latest drivers which are compatible with your computer...
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    Re: Want to use Hamachi on Vista

    I am having two computers at my home. My both the computers are having two different operating system on them .One of the computer is having XP on it and the other is having a vista on it. I want to...
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    Re: BSNL Broadband: Huge Bill Problems

    As per your query these kind of bill dispute happens many of the time with the peoples. Now all the bills which are comes to you are not printed manually they are printed by machines in a bulk. So...
  44. Re: How to solve connection problem in Acer Bluetooth VoIP Phone

    I also have problem related with my laptop. The problem is that i does not know the security code. Also i am not able to enter the PIN code in the Acer Bluetooth VoIP Phone, because it does not have...
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    Re: COMCAST TV converter box

    The cable customers are not unswervingly exaggerated by the coming DTV changeover. The cable companies have encompassed established to continue to provide analog versions or descriptions of the local...
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    Re: HP Pavilion 520c running slow after reformat

    What sympathetic of peripherals is associated. Try to eliminate entirely extra PCI & AGP cards, make sure no printers or extra things are associated then boot system. Any superior. I have seen...
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    Re: Driver scanjet 4200c windows 7

    I tried that, unplugged rebooted, and then rebooted the entire in excess of again, plugged in, rebooted. Innovative hardware does not pop up. Did the control panel "Add New Hardware". Constant burned...
  48. Re: Problem with 4+ dimension allocatable arrays and optimized code

    The Internal procedures create it easier to systematize code that is merely used in one place and diminish the numeral of exterior routines that necessitate to be recognized by the programmer....
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    Re: How to reset Nokia 2760 security code

    I am not sure about how to reset the security code of your Nokia mobile but this is what I found while looking for your problem. I hope this will help you a lot. Although the mobile model being...
  50. Re: Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 Memory Leak & Loud Static

    You need to use malloc() allocates size bytes and returns a pointer to the memory allocated. The contents of the memory area is not initialized . If size is zero malloc returns either NULL or a...
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