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  1. Re: Windows 8 pc freezing while using Bluestack

    I had used Bluestack before. But it works really slow when you are having 2GB or less ram. You will need to upgrade that to atleast 4GB if you want a kind of more performance. The more app you load...
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    Re: Does Junkware removal really works

    It is a nice software which is good enough for wiping out things that are not needed. But it wont remove malware or adware from your
    system. For that you need a more effective antivirus or...
  3. Re: How to instantly convert HD videos to DVD

    I think you must try using Bigasoft Total video convertor. It has too many preset options from where you can select an video format and then covert it in the required output. Later on you can use...
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    Re: What to do with old log files in Mac pc

    I am going to provide you two simple ways to get rid of this login file. The first one is simply deleting them from the folder. You have to go in Finder for that and there you have to type...
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    Re: Unable to sync iPhone 5S with Windows 7

    Try changing the cable once. I think that will be enough to fix the issue. iTunes works really well with all apple devices. I am quiet sure this is some kind of connectivity issue. You can try...
  6. Re: Looking for a reliable voice control software for mac

    The best voice to for is Samantha. It will talk back to you. You can dictate things to your pc and I am quiet sure it will be accurate. It is correct that we are not having any accurate software to...
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    Re: Skype video chat not working on Linux

    Disconnection type of thing occur when the internet is fluctuating. And you can find that through ping command. Just verify once that your internet is active. Windows and Linux works in different...
  8. Re: Getting 0xc0000020 error while trying to open any browser on Windows 8

    I do not think the error can be due to bad sectors. There can be several other reasons. Error 0Xc0000020 is caused due to damage system files. Now there is two way to repair. The first one is by...
  9. Re: Microsoft Excel crash after downloading files from Microsoft Outlook

    Best thing you can do is download those file and keep them in a folder. Do not open them directly. Just download it. If you think those files will get damage in outlook then you can do that directly...
  10. Re: Restoring deleted registry keys back with CCleaner

    It is complicated to get your registry files back if you had done changes in the same. You can do one thing. Try to run system restore. I am quiet sure that will help you in fixing the issue. But it...
  11. Re: Adware warning while installing DVD Shrink

    There are many dvd backup software available. If you are having problem with one then it is good to lave and it try something better. There are ample of the available through which you can backup...
  12. Re: How to clean face of old photos in photoshop

    You have to start with duplicating the background layer. From the left toolbox select Spot Healing Brush. This will help you to clean the images and make it more clear. Then go in filter and click on...
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    Re: iTunes crashing after Maverick update

    You can troubleshoot the issue by booting your mac in safe mode. To do that turn off your mac. Then turn it on back again and once you get that beep noise just hold the shift button. Do not release...
  14. Re: Extremely slow mac pc after installing System Optimizer

    It is correct new OS upgrade boost your system output. It give you more better performance than before. But it happens something the output is affected. It can be due to low ram also. Second reason...
  15. Re: Automated android backup on Windows 8 PC

    I have a Lenovo phone. It has a backup and reset application in it. This app needs SD card. You can with single tap backup all the content the memory card. You can take backup wherever you want. Like...
  16. Re: Unable to save Office 2011 files on Mac shared folder

    I was getting Error code -36 when I was trying to do the same thing. It was not working and I tried many ways to resolve but all failed to work. The only difference here is that instead of storing it...
  17. Re: How to remove bad audios from a video clip

    In movie maker you cannot remove the audio from between but you can break into different videos and then merge things together. For that just cut the video where there is sound. Then re-add the video...
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    Re: Need help to create ebooks on Ubuntu

    Creating ebooks on Ubuntu is simple if you are having Libre Office. You will need to create the book in it first. You have to create a proper layout or design in it and then you can convert that to a...
  19. Re: How to modify keyboard shortcuts for left hand usage

    You cannot do that. You can use various third party tools through which you can add keyboard shortcuts. But when it comes with some default features, then there is nothing available.
  20. Re: Adding different password to different folders in Windows 7

    You have to use a third party tool for that. I am not sure about different password, but you can add a single to all of them. Just search for a good folder lock tool which will be more helpful in...
  21. Re: ‘Analysis failed’ error message when using Defraggler on 3TB hard drive

    Two major cause of this problem is low disk space and any background process which is interrupting Defragmentation. The first you need to see how much space is left in your drive. You can find that...
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    Re: error COOD10D1

    It is a codec error. To fix the same you will require appropriate codec for Widows Media Player in-order to play the file. Or else it will not work. You can download the same from web and install it...
  23. Re: DVD-TV 878 Digital TV Tuner Driver for Windows Vista

    You can try locating the same no the official site of your TV Tuner manufacturer. If it does not provide any driver support for Windows Vista then there is nothing you can do. But it is then you can...
  24. Re: Where to find some good portable cleanup applications

    I am using a few set of applications from Portable apps. Here you don't have to install everything separately. You will get a start menu from the usb drive. Through which you can run different...
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    Re: How to split folders in different size

    Folder splitting is not possible. Folder comparison is possible. I had never seen tool that can split the folder. It might create a new one with different name. That's all. This is just like the...
  26. Poll: Re: Advanced SystemCare vs Advanced System Optimizer

    System optimizer does not help much. I had used many of them. If you go with simple practice like installing on few software in a system, or keeping a good antivirus, then nothing will go wrong....
  27. Re: New features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 has many new things. Like many are confused with the ui. But it has a smart ui. Which is easy to use and offer you smooth management. All essential things are located on...
  28. Re: How to apply soft effect on portrait photos

    Image can be fixed through image editing tools. Like Photoshop. The steps which are mentioned above are nice and add a bit nice effect. Before editing any image keep a backup ready with you. So that...
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    Re: proplus.ww\ Missing

    Try to remove any older version of office if installed on your system. Like Office 2007 or older one. Then go ahead with the new one. Second thing as mentioned above you have to copy the content of...
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    Re: Latitude E6400 Drivers problems

    There is one more way to find proper drivers. You can use a third party driver update software. There are many available. Many old systems are discontinued due to which you are not able to get any...
  31. Re: Adobe Photoshop is not using my gpu and lags while editing raw images

    GPU acceleration benefit the application to perform better and give more proper output. The new edition of Photoshop is more better offering an e engine which offer instant results and smooth output....
  32. Re: How to scan a file in docx format instead of pdf

    I am using TopOCR. I am using this from long time and it works really fine. The benefit of using this software that it offer you to convert the part of image. It has two windows layout where on one...
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    Re: Password Manager for Windows 8.1

    I use a app on my tablet pc. It is by HDFC and it works well. I use to transfer money to other account. I am having a Windows 8 tablet. I am not sure about android here. But I think Windows is secure...
  34. Re: Advance sound equalizer software for Windows 7

    Well there are some great tools. One of them is Sound Effect Pro. This software has additional enhancement through which you can enjoy good output. The equalizer here can enhance the quality of audio...
  35. Poll: Re: What is the frequency of your important data backup

    Acronis is a very advance tool and I do not really think it is quiet needed for such advance backup solution. There is no free version available. You have to buy it and it is ideal for those who...
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    Re: Fast File Search on Windows 7

    There is a one software which can help you in getting a proper file search. It is called as FileSeek. It is ideally developed for locating files in large pool of data. A number of time we do not...
  37. Re: How to train Dictation pro to get accurate dictation

    You require speak more accurately or else the voice output will not work. You can try Windows Speech Recognition also. It is also a great tool that works in the same manner. But you have to sit with...
  38. Re: Video editing software that can read movie maker project file

    I do not think that is possible. You have to use Movie maker for that. It looks some files are missing or damage. Try to play the full video and see whether any video or image is not missing. Or else...
  39. Re: VLC cannot play video files after recovering from SD Card

    Recovery software are of no use. They do not help you much in recovery files from a damage card. I had tested a huge amount of tools and none of it really worked well. Once the data is gone it is...
  40. Re: Auto Text and spell fixer software for Word

    Auto text is a different thing in word. It does not gives word suggestion. The above guy is asking something like we have in a mobile phone. When we type it completes the word. It is auto complete....
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    Re: How to add a video in ebook

    I am not really sure about that. You can embeds a video in pdf file through a software. Which is playable. Those are just codes which works in the background. You can embeds a flash content on it.
  42. Re: How to find missing driver of usb 3.0 pci card on Windows 7

    HDT is similar software. I use this always at my clients pc to locate connected hardware in their system. Now if you are facing issue with drivers there is one more effective tool that you can use....
  43. Re: Which is the most powerful file archiver

    Commonly used file archiving utilities are Winrar, 7-Zip, PeaZip, etc. There is no great difference among them. They just allow you get a portable size. The size affect lies around 10 to 20%. Or a...
  44. Re: Tera copy very slow on moving 5GB of data on Windows XP

    Try to copy that in some external drive. Like a usb or external hard drive. This would be more faster and easier. Also you can maintain a different set of copies at different places. And then move...
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    Re: Tools to repair corrupt image files

    Your files are lost I think. Try to open them in different image viewer tools. Like ACDSee, Photoshop, etc. There are ample of good image editors tool available which also partially read the files...
  46. Re: How to add more visualization to Windows Media Player

    All visualization does not work in full screen mode. Very few of them are working. It is essential that you must get it from the official site only. I am giving you a link below which has ample of...
  47. Re: Is it possible to use Project 2013 files with those who has older version

    It is correct. It is complicated to work with new project files on a older version. For example it is more easier to edit files created in Project 2007, in Project 2013. I have the new edition and my...
  48. Re: Which one is better between Songbird & KM Player

    Go for Songbird. It is a nice media player based. But it is designed on VLC. And also the developer has used Mozilla engine on the same. So that is why you get online streaming benefit on the same....
  49. Re: How to run live video on windows desktop

    Yes you can do that through vlc. You just need to enable the settings in it. For that go in preferences and then click on Video. At the right side you can see output. There is a drop down menu in...
  50. Re: How to monitor file changes in windows 7

    For that you can go for Windows Server Audit. This is a advance but really effective procedure in fixing out the problem you are facing. I will advice you to simply enable this feature and then try...
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