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    Re: How to Install Winamp Portable

    The autorun was nice step. But I had notice that Winamp consume too much system resource while using it. Because of that I had disable visualization entirely on it. I am trying to find a better way...
  2. Re: Does kasperksy has a tablet protection software?

    Here in this case, I will suggest you that if application is designed for supporting the OS then in this case screen doesn’t matters. For I don’t have more information on this case but here I...
  3. Re: Getting “restore windows” warning message from the finder

    I would suggest you try to install the operating system again. I think there is some problem with your operating system. I would say that you can also search on the internet regarding this issue....
  4. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    I see that Parallels has always been at the forefront in getting new features out on the market much faster than VMware. In addition, Parallels Desktop for Mac is perhaps one of the main products of...
  5. Re: How to import Windows Media Player Playlists, into iTunes Playlists for iPod

    I had to rebuild my iTunes library and I almost nut import my playlists has been working fine in iTunes 10.3. In my research I read about the import function broken somewhere, but could not find a...
  6. Re: Clicking 'include Video' in Sync Photos crashes iTunes

    I think you should try to reinstall the operating system again in your machine if you are still having problem, because see I have heard that the newer update called OSx LION has so many problems...
  7. Re: Apple OS X Lion: need help in Wi-Fi connection.

    I installed the lion and at that time I found that my Wi-Fi connection is working so fine but In this morning when I open the computer at that time I see that Wi-Fi icon at the top of the screen had...
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    Re: Fix paf file error on Powermill

    PAF file error is an license key error. You will face error when you do not have an appropriate license file on your system to run PowerMill. That simply means that you are using an crack or pirated...
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    Re: what is Nvidia Lightboost technology?

    I'm pretty sure this is about monitors with additional light production than usual monitors. The nvidiadriver runs full brightness in 3D monitors or TV while only a small part of the total light is...
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    Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    Apple's "foresight" consistently winds up screwing their clients. So I don't know why anybody normal could cheer for it.

    Truth is, flash is still broadly utilized and can be for a considerable...
  11. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    In a business environment there is no substitute for MS office the Automation, Exchange server, Outlook and so forth. Then there are join-ons love signature catching, and whatnot. Open Office...
  12. Re: Unable to access folder in Simpletech external HDD

    Just begin over by cleaning off the head by uprooting the part and making a new NTFS partition then fast formatting.
  13. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    When you first installed, did you set it like a pro in Exchange mode or Internet just mode. You might attempt modifying these around. Unfortunately there is no effortless was to uninstall/re-instate...
  14. Re: There is unexplained and persistent shut down in hp laptop

    I think that you should contact the Hp customer support team. You can visit their workshop and ask them to help you in this issue. Explain them the problem that you are facing. They are expert people...
  15. re: gettin error "communication failure" while access nokia mails after firmware update in Nokia X3-02

    I think you should try to make a firmware updating to your current version because there should be some problem with your current software. because I also uses the same version that’s v6.00 in my...
  16. Re: Audio not working after installing windows 7 pro

    See sometimes it happens as whenever we install a new operating system we have to install all the necessary drivers, and windows 7 is the revolutionary operating system from the windows as it has...
  17. Re: Need device drivers for hp Compaq 8000 Elit CMT PC

    I would suggest you to search on the google website regarding this issue. Google is the best search engine and almost everything is found on the google. I would suggest you to go to the google...
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    Re: K-Lite Codec Pack VS Shark007 Codec Pack

    There are many features in K-Lite Codec Pack like DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codec; they both are used for encoding and decoding the videos and audio format. All the latest well-liked audio and...
  19. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    Only after testing one can figure out whether this is worth or not. Till yet there are ample of bugs people faced. Once the hardware and software are properly optimized int he market things will...
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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    Since you need to exploration Windows Explorer errors and wounds we are able to do that but SYSTEM RESTORE is inconsistent enough that you just trust it works when required. Since you could not...
  21. Re: How to take print screen with Mac layout keyboard

    have you tried to print the screen using F13 button, doesn’t it worked ? and if you haven’t done it yet you should first of all try with that.
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    Re: will there be Direct X 12 for Windows 8

    Windows 8 has a news in next year I am wondering why are you bothering about something which is so far away forget about that and enjoy the moment no one knows anything about the technologies except...
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    Re: Possible to have sound in Adobe Edge

    You will be able to get the option from reading the how to use and what piton it has in it and which is the option is there to use to add the sound, so read it.
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    Well you are on windows so would suggest going on the following path and deleting all the things which are there in the following path:
    In the...
  25. Re: How to enable "Save and Quit" feature in firefox 5

    I would like to tell you about the newer feature they have included in the further versions, as because of that only it doesn’t ask for save and quit the windows.

    You can simply refer the image...
  26. Re: Screen appears blank while running adobe edge samples in internet explorer 9

    See the thing is like internet explorer 9 has lack of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support and that’s why it doesn’t support such a content while we run on that.
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    Re: Unable to install downloaded adobe edge

    I am agree with the above user as you should ensure the compatibility for sure, and then try to install it in your PC.

    But if suppose you are sure that the version you have is perfect. Then I...
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    Re: Adobe edge crashes while launching

    Are you getting any crashing report while you launch the program? If so then it would be better if you specify the whole LOG here so that we can assist you better with proper suggestion rather...
  29. Re: Apple allows us to virtualize the Lion desktop version

    After trying harder and harder I have been able to start the testing of the lion client. Most of the key apps has been not able to be used as they are not compatible with this os. I would be liking...
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    Re: Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    Adobe Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool. We can use this tool for making animation onto it. it could be possible that you can use the wrong download link to perform this download...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    The previous version gives problem on the windows 7 but this new product can’t give kind of problem on to it, this is the best to handle on the windows 7 operating system. then if you want to use...
  32. Re: Getting error message in Microsoft Outlook 2011’HTTP error. The server cannot fulfill the request’

    If I am not wrong there could be bug issue associated with the software which you installed on the computer. what I wanted to tell you over here is that you should contact the developer of the...
  33. Re: Unable to open Microsoft outlook 2011 for Mac and getting error message ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot be opened because of a problem.’

    I am not sure but there could be bug issue associated with the software on the computer of yours. so I recommend that you should contact the developer of the software and file a bug report to them...
  34. Re: Looking for compatible remote desktop support on Mac OS X Lion

    It is right there was an incompatibility issue of remote desktop connection with Mac OS X Lion. But Apple has released an update for the same. There is an tool called Apple Remote Desktop 3.5 which...
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    Re: Hidden Outlook Temp folder

    Actually the default Outlook temp folder is been located on the below given path,
    ~Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Outlook Temp
    So you can search for it and check if it helps.
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    Re: Unable to quit from the sync service agent

    You can search on internet and you will be able to get the solution of the problem, as I have also got the solution for the problem which I was getting on the system. So the solution was proper and...
  37. Re: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac: Outlook Sync is not working after doing Mac OS X Lion update

    To fix the issue of your you have to reset the spotlight into System Preferences. To get the same from the System menu and you should choose the system Preferences.
  38. Re: How can I insert the text box into the chart in the Excel sheet of Office 2011?

    In this particular situation you have to copy the worksheet menu to the custom tool bar than you have to go for the Chart menu. Because you will not be able to display the Worksheet menu and chart...
  39. Re: Will Word 2011 for the Mac OS X run well on Mac Air?

    After doing quick Googling I have come to know that the Excel might crash when you are supposed to move the sheet from one work book to another work book.
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    Re: How to Write Equations in Microsoft Word 2010

    There are the necessary tools available in this latest version as similar present in the last version you have used, there no much more different procedure to create the equation in this version...
  41. Re: Setting up of the BES Express and Small Business Server 2011

    Yes you will be needing the Microsoft Exchange MAPI and CDO 1.2.1 for sure and hence what I think is that it will be the most useful element that you can use. That’s what I am saying here. since if...
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    Re: Program that import Lyrics into iTunes

    The app to get the lyrics of the song you like to know, is Lyrical, the Lyrical is an application which is used to get the lyrics of the song automatically you are playing and also let you to view...
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    Re: For Apple Mac OSX best notepad++ alternative.

    I will suggest you to use the panic Coda. I am suggesting you this one because it have an absolutely great interface and it also allow for editing files and connecting to different servers within one...
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    Re: Good password manager for Apple MAC OSX.

    Hey I think that to create a whole new keychain just for your passwords will be good for you. You can use the keychain only just for your password, or just a new note in that keychain for storing...
  45. Re: Microsoft Outlook 2010 get freeze even after reinstalling

    You can try as the all users have told you to do and then also you are getting the same problem then I would suggest you to reboot the system and installed all the software again on the system which...
  46. The error probably means you 0xc000007b has...

    The error probably means you 0xc000007b has somehow managed to install invalid dll on your computer. A system restore to a time before having this problem would have cured this problem.

    Backing up...
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    Re: Software for resolving windows crashing.

    As the above user mentioned that the software is free, thus you should try to search the same thing on their respective sites only, and if you are not getting the software from there then you can...
  48. Re: How to change language PowerPoint 2010 from Spanish to English?

    Well I would also suggest the above settings which are been suggest by the above user and it the best way to change the language preference for all the Microsoft Office applications.
  49. Re: Office 2010 Professional setup failed due to mismatch installation package language error

    The above user has told you the exact way you can do it. I have also search for the same and I have been came across the same solution which the above user has mention in the reply. So you also...
  50. Re: Microsoft office 2010 is not getting installed on new hard drive

    You better the solution on the Microsoft Official Website and you will find on that site. So you are getting such type of the problem then you can go to the official website and over there you will...
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