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  1. Re: Unable to restore Lumia 920, error 0x0

    Thank you and I appreciate you both guys suggestions and helps. I will surely consider both of your suggestions later. As of now I have sent a mail to Microsoft and Nokia regarding this problem, lets...
  2. Re: Unable to restore Lumia 920, error 0x0

    I appreciate your help buddy, I already know I can use the Windows Explorer for transferring files, but that is not all I want to restore. I have all my contacts, messages, settings, bookmarks, etc...
  3. Unable to restore Lumia 920, error 0x0

    I am looking for some urgent help. I bought this phone about 4 months ago. It worked great for the first month but then started giving me several problems such freezing, slow down camera app...
  4. Re: How to resize the sparse bundle image in MAC OS X Lion

    If I got really .This means that Time Machine backup stores all in the first partition, and if in the second there will be other files, you can have the rest of the album .Is it true?
  5. HTC Titan Support Voip, How it can be verified?

    HTC Titan holdup VoIP with a particular package of OEM:


    Anybody got any idea about voip working in htc titan
  6. Re: Is it possible to share BSNL Broadband connection legally?

    Just want to know whether it is legally a crime. Where I will be capable to acquire the terms and conditions to know about it.Will SDE or JTO of my Broadband exchange. Will be aware of the law itself.
  7. Purchase additional bandwidth though smartbytes in Airtel broadband

    "Customers often exceed the use of its allocated quota have to pay per megabyte, which starts from 20 paisa per MB. We now proffer the option to pay for additional data at a fixed price according to...
  8. Re: Unlimited FTTH Plan Launched by MTNL in Delhi

    I look at it this way. I was before with the 599 plan with 512 kbps.Now I can get a 590 much higher rate during the first 5 GB. So, how about a user loses the new plan?
  9. No New HD channels ,Should I throw my Tata Sky DTH?

    Many New HD Channel has been launched. Many dth operators has started providing those channel such as

    Travel HD
    HD Movies

    So you think I should throw TataSky DTH and pay money...
  10. How to Prevent FileVault Volume from mounting in Mac OS X Lion

    With the new Lion FileVault full disk encryption, is there a way to stop a partition (no boot) mounting at boot / login and request a password to unlock it?
  11. Re: No save as option in Mac OS X Lion TextEdit

    Just to save a step further? The benefits of the versions are far superior to the disadvantages of an additional step
  12. Re: Unable to install updated driver for Brother HL-2170W in Mac OS X Lion

    Reset the printing system fixed my difficulty too. I like to thank everyone for helping me to overcome my trouble. If I got any more doubt than I will post here.
  13. Unable to install updated driver for Brother HL-2170W in Mac OS X Lion

    I have a Brother HL-2170W; an update came out of the printer. That of course meant that OS-X had to have that update, or the printer did not work. Despite his superior works in Lion before the...
  14. Re: Need help with disabling secure trash with MAC OS X lion

    I guess I observe this behavior of the elements found in the Startup folder, right? If you have things in an external hard drive, do you also see when you try to trash an item that is on that...
  15. Re: Unable to access NTFS partitions in Linux mint

    Kernel update - when you get that? It is more than a month since it first appeared. Anyway, as you know from fstab, makes a copy for sure to remove all cases and NTFS partitions, commented or not....
  16. Re: Unable to get sound using Nvidia 9300m GS via HDMI in Linux mint

    Have you checked the BIOS settings to make sure onboard audio is set to auto? I imagine if you set to Enabled, the onboard audio only detected / activated. And while you're there, give pleasure to...
  17. Re: Unable to use Reveal Service in Mac OS X Lion

    I also found "" but did not touch it. Is it something that should happen?

    It occurred to me that I should try to "Reveal" on the other user account on...
  18. Isync missing in Mac OS X Lion, Where can I download another copy?

    ISync seems to be missing where I can download a copy. Anybody who got any idea about this please help me to overcome this issues.
  19. Re: Unable to install Mac OS X Lion due to improper file Permission

    No I have to log in as root to fix those permissions? Is it secure to run the "Reset permissions and ACL Directory" in the "System Administrator (root)" account?
  20. How to fix finder icon in Mac OS X Lion, IT Looks FuzzY, DI-PIXELATED

    ICON "SEARCH" to aid fixation, is fuzzy and pixilated-DI? Check out the picture below, ICON FINDER on the dock and pressing CTRL + TAB to switch ICON DI-pixilated blurriness and suggestions or...
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    How to merge two Apple IDs

    I do not know how it happened, nevertheless in recent years that ended with two Apple ID. No matter, for the reason that all my music and things that I would end up on my Mac buy anyway, but now that...
  22. Re: Nvidia Geforce 9400m driver required for Mac OS X lion

    I have the latest MacBook Pro with dual graphics processors: the 9400 and 9600GT. When set to "outperform" only used the 9600GT.

    According to the documentation, "the QuickTime H.264 hardware...
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    Re: Cannot access Canon MF8450 from Mac

    Is there any possibility left I might acquire this printer working? It feels so unintelligent when you have a printer still necessitate running around the building with a USB.
  24. Unable to recover my Mac OS X Lion with Mac mini

    Anyone can help shape the recovery of my Mac OS X Lion without having to download the Internet again?

    I bought Mac Mini 2011 with the lion charged, and 2 days I had problems with the preview of...
  25. No signal with Corsair Cmz4gx3m1a1600c9 to my monitor

    I recently bought my motherboard 1 x 4 GB CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 is an EVO-V M4A785TD the piece of paper says it is well-matched with memory, when I acquire the Corsair memory on my motherboard, the...
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    Re: Getting BSOD with Corsair F115

    An attempt was made to adjust the energy saving features? Is the drive to disappear after receiving the inactivity of BSOD? (I'm assuming it is F4?)
  27. Asus Crosshair V+ Corsair H100-Freezing+Fan Error

    Hi, installed the H100 spend this Sunday and everything was working well. I did a stress test to see what some temps I was with the new H100. CPU temperature was 38 constant uses Prime95 intended for...
  28. Re: Received Corsair HX1050, Ordered Corsair AX650

    Anybody knows how to contact the corsair? I did online, I have the case number, no answer yet. When the application was complete RMA the AX650 was not on the inventory, prefer the AX750.Why not on...
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    Re: Unable to login in VMware View 5

    That could be the case, but one would think that the issue would happen in each connection and a reboot is not correct.
  30. Re: View Snapshots of VMware Different than Servers

    Started from scratch on a new swimming pool with a new desk to say, the complement of third or something. So what you're saying, once you try the new desktop recomposed and it works, then confirm the...
  31. Re: No ilife, hdd replaced, orginal Mac OS X Lion

    Well regardless, I’m curious why if a Mac that came with Lion doesn’t have the internet recovery feature built in when the drive gets swapped & wiped?

    The drive was replaced by the apple...
  32. Re: Need help for Asus P8Z68 with Corsair Force 3 90 GB

    Is that Windows 7 Pro using 40GB? That seems way too high, Win 7 64 bit Home Premium uses less than 10GB.

    Part of the 40GB is the Windows page file, which is usually equal to the amount of memory...
  33. re: Getting BSod with corsair force GT 120 GB SSD on Asus P6X58D-E

    Once in windows I have also tried all the settings on this discussion, the growing tensions, and S3, but all in vain. From time to time it takes several hours to sleep, others I cannot even enter my...
  34. The blackberry cure 9360 vs Sprint mobile

    I was eager to know about blackberry curve 9360s release .i came to know by some websites that the release has been delayed. The sprints also delayed in this season. Could you suggest me some date of...
  35. Re: Getting frequent Kernel Notification in Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2)

    I added ram months ago and have had no troubles. Now I'm running Remember to test the RAM, but everything looks good so far. I put in parallel after the panic began to happen so I was wondering if...
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    new style of Internet Explorer 10

    The look and graphics of google chrome are quite attractive. I am using mozilla firefox, google chrome and some few browsers. I will like to know the trendy features of internet explorer 10 of...
  37. Lotus Notes 8.5.3 menu no longer drop down in Mac OS 10.7.2

    Does anyone have troubles with Mac OS 10.7.2 and Lotus Notes 8.5.1 or 8.5.3, where now the menu items and menu Apple no longer drop? All other elements in the main window of the notes seem to work,...
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    Some features of Intel I3 processers

    Hey friends out there I am a newbie in the world of computing that is why I may sound like a kid, but really I wanted to get some helpful information about the features of i3 processers. Please share...
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    Scam in Skype notification

    I do use Skype on my system. Few days back I received a Skype notification that was hinting me to update my Skype account by going to Skype website . So I was wondering whether it is a scam or...
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    Mail icon not updating in Mac OS X Lion

    Mail icon shows two unread messages (when in fact there are unread messages) and is not updated when new messages arrive in your inbox?
  41. Folders unable to remember my view setting in Mac OS X Lion

    Since I upgraded to Lion, my folders to keep "forgetting" the configuration of my sight. Mainly, I forgot to "Keep arranged by name" configuration (no longer seems to exist as "Keep Organized by",...
  42. Deep Green ring in dragon age 2 - mark of assassin

    I've have completed the DLC twice in dragon age 2.Bioware have even emailed me a flyer stating "Download and play Mark of the Assassin before Oct. 26th, and unlock a powerful new ring, The Deep...
  43. Cannot use second monitor through USB after upgrading MAC OS X Lion

    I have a second display connected to my Mac Mini using a USB adapter screen Diamond was working perfectly in Snow Leopard. After the update I lost the second screen. I went to the manufacturer's...
  44. Unable to turn off usb HDD in Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3

    I have the Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 and when I turn off my computer's USB port capacity will not turn off or something and my hard drive keeps spinning USB powered. I tried different ports on the...
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    Ram unable to work in Asus P8P67

    Finally I have my plate b3, and after installing all the hardware that had been on the board b2 I am getting a steady red light on the dram away. I tried reseating the RAM, putting them in different...
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    Amd SB850 vs. Amd SB710

    I have an amd ph2 720BE that cannot unlock on a sb710 board, would I have more accomplishment on a SB850 board? I’m pretty persuaded the 4th core is disabled. I was just wondering if a dissimilar...
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    Overclocking Msi 785gtm-e45

    I started my tests with: FSB set at 200 MHz CPU and a set of several to15.5. I then proceeded to the many initially reach 1.0 to 17.5 and from there continued in increments of 0.5. I learned into...
  48. Unable to mount freeAgent GoFlex 500 GB

    I bought the Seagate FreeAgent 500 GB hard GoFlex use to transfer files from one Mac to another, and from a Mac to a Windows machine. I connect via USB cable first, and takes me to record, then to...
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    Need information on Asrock Extreme4 970

    So I have some parts of my building today (everything except the case, hard disk and optical), so I did a test to make sure nothing is DOA. So I run a couple of times and then on again. One of the...
  50. Need information on PSU voltage fluctuations

    I have been trying to locate the cause of common video artifacts that I observe when I play. My card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 570. Things are very well for a couple of days after a cold start,...
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