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    Re: Comodo Internet Security vs Comodo Antivirus

    If you are using using Internet on your system then going for Comodo Internet will be a lot more better options. The good part of using Comodo is that you can activate features on the basis of your...
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    Re: What is Adguard Web Filter

    It is a kind of security software. It is not a malware. But it is mostly dedicated to protect your browser from various type of threats. Like it can simply protect your browser from popups, ads, free...
  3. Re: From where I can find all Firewall rules in Windows 7

    There is no application that can scan and tell you what rules in Firewall are created or deleted. You have to find the manually. I am quiet sure Windows 7 might have some thing inside Control Panel....
  4. Re: Does Windows 8.1 has some tool that can tell my pc has a virus

    There is no tool like that. The virus can be identified by antivirus only. It can give you a popup of some kind of warning that your system has a virus in it. And then you can clean the same. To keep...
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    Re: Firewall option stopped working Windows 8

    It looks like your pc is entirely infected with virus and to fix that the only option left is to format your pc and install all stuff back again from scratch. Try to take your data backup first. Once...
  6. Re: How to get rid of Cryptolocker on Windows 8.1

    It is always recommended to use a full internet security pack instead of a pc antivirus. Because when you download this kind of attachments the antivirus will scan your pc before opening the same....
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    Re: How to sync files of two different location

    Instead of using any third party application why don't you just map the drive. You just have to right click on that folder and choose map drive. The location will appear in My computer. You can open...
  8. Re: Error code 0x80070035 - The network path was not found

    The error indicates that your system is not able to get the right path of shared files on the network. For that there are few things you can try out. Go in Network Connections. In that you have to...
  9. Re: New to batch files i need a bat file to show free space remaining on HDDs on remote servers

    There is one more tool which can give you more benefits. You can try ManageEngine Free Windows Tools 2. This tool has many things inside one package. It gives you the disk information of the network....
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    Re: MSDTC Fails to Start

    The troubleshooting steps are long. So I am giving you this link where you can find more information about fixing stuff. It is necessary that MS DTC service must be active on both the server. If it...
  11. Re: Enabling VSS - Error 0x8007000e: not enough storage

    The issue is little confusing here. I found a page on Symantec that say this error occur if the VSS writer is not stable. A tiny solution was mentioned that might help. For this just open Properties...
  12. Re: How to find that someone is using my wifi connection

    You can find tons of simple tools on web through which you can access someones internet connection without knowing the password. This are done by simple hack. And it is not in capacity of everyone to...
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    Re: What does TPM protection on tablet means

    It is mostly associated with data encryption. This feature is associated with secure computing. The settings to enable and disable the same is located in the bios. This technology allow you to...
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    Re: Require some help with lan traffic filtering

    There are many things available for traffic analyzing. But I am not really sure about filtering stuff. This is a very advance networking concept. The best thing you can do is simply create a set of...
  15. Re: Where to find a usb drive with powerful encryption feature

    TrueCrypt is a tiny tool that can help you to create a encrypted drives. It is easy and simple to use. You just have to create a volume and add encryption that is more than enough. The drive is...
  16. Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus

    It can be due to faulty drivers. I had gone through the same kind of issue. Whenever I connect my Sony Ericsson mobile phone to the pc via microUSB cable I got the error. First I thought the issue...
  17. Re: Looking for some lightweight security tools for Windows 7

    I am using a disc image tool. Called as Norton Ghost. It is a nice tool that helps you create a system image and you can instantly restore your windows in case of problem. Windows 7 itself has a...
  18. Re: Poor lan transfer speed on Windows Vista network

    Did you tried the wifi transfer speed. I will advice you to simply connect your pc to your office wifi network and then transfer the speed through the same. That will be simply more easier to share...
  19. Re: "avast! WebRep has crashed. Click this balloon to reload the extension."

    Guys if this issue has started recurring suddenly in your case then its obvious some recent changes might have messed up something. If it is so then I think performing system restore will be a good...
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    Re: MSI Wind U130 wifi not working

    I guess windows might have switched off the radio in your case. It has happened in my case many times and I have not been able to figure it out. However there’s a fix for it, just go in to...
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    Re: MSI Wind U130 wifi not working

    I want to know if you are able to see any wireless network after turning wifi on. Just saying “wifi not working” doesn’t explains much, I want to know if you are having issue in connecting to...
  22. Poll: Re: Linksys EA4500 vs. Netgear WNDR4500 vs. Asus RT-N66U router?

    If you have chosen these routers for your use, then you obviously need to have Wi-Fi connections. You haven’t mentioned the amount of area that you need to cover using this wireless network, but...
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    Re: DIR-655 doesn’t support DD-WRT

    Actually D-Link DIR-655 router has a DD-WRT firmware in it which is installed in the computer when this router is attached. The problem is that many versions of Linux don’t support this firmware...
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    Re: On a VPN, how to change a domain password

    The security provided by this software is also of good level. I use it in my office and I think that Synergix is best when it comes to maintaining a VPN. It provides a detailed tool set for setting...
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    Re: Port Forwarding not working in Windows Vista

    You have to do that on the desktop pc where the game server is. Because I think the security application in your system is not allowing you to get connected to the server. You have to forward a...
  26. Re: Error on screen that Avast cannot protect emails

    Not sure about the settings but recently I had faced a similar issue. I had installed this just a week before. I was not getting email issue, but a error on screen. I did not remember that. But...
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    Re: Configure NAS on Vista Wi-Fi network

    It depends basically on your choice for what you need a NAS device. For data backup or for media streaming. If data backup then go for wired one. Implement good security so that your data is not...
  28. Re: IPSec configuration failure on windows server

    Do one thing. Take a paper and make a checklist what you will have to check. First start with the policies. Those are the thing which control everything. Second ensure that all PC on your network...
  29. Poll: Re: Do you believe that Antivirus Software increase your PC budget

    Antivirus increase budget for enterprise. They are the most feared one. A big investment on pc and then a bigger one on buying security software, implementing dedicated department to protect them,...
  30. Re: After installing windows 8 consumer preview, I didn’t get Internet Explorer 10

    • You need to type "Default Program" from Start screen and choose the application filter.
    • Then select the Default Programs.
    • After that click on Set your Default Programs.
    • Then...
  31. Re: Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

    If you need basic sharing support to share files among network pcs then go for Live Mesh. It is most easiest option and also you can connect or manage files via internet. Second thing if you need...
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    Re: Live Mesh configuration on NAS Failed

    You are wrong. Live mesh works with NAS support. You just need to configure the network attached device properly. I had configured NAS for my HTPC content and it worked nicely. There was no issue for...
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    Re: WAG200G connection drops frequently

    Only a hard reset and the power cycle have the ability to resolve the issue. In many cases such connection dropping has been said to be resolved easily with a hard reset. When I contacted the Support...
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    Re: VPN not working on CISCO WAG54G2 Router

    Are you sure that your vpn settings are fine. I will recommend you to verify the same on more time. If that is fine, then you need to check the router firmware. You can go on official site of Cisco...
  35. Re: Continuous Blue LED Blinking on Lacie Network Space 2 after firmware update

    I had done with firmware update before and did not faced that kind of issue. I had found that there are two different ways by which you can do this. It is actually necessary to run new firmware...
  36. Re: Cant connect Buffalo LinkStation Live 2TB via LinkSys WRT54GL from computer outside my network

    Just give me a brief idea about default IP assignments for devices which are connected with network. FYI The IP range should be of Let me know if you are using DHCP?

    We know that...
  37. Re: When are Windows Phone 8 Devices coming in market

    Yes, Even I am waiting for the Windows phone 8 phones and tablets. I have heard from somewhere that the it should be released by the month of June. I want to buy the Windows phone 8 tablet as I am...
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    Re: Need Portable charger for Kindle Fire

    You can try using Ventev Universal Micro-USB Car Charger w/ USB Port, 317761 for your Kindle. It consists of 2.1A dual output vehicle power adapter using which you can charge your Kindle Fire while...
  39. Re: Netgear WNDA3100v2 loses connection when downloading large data from torrent site on windows 7

    I have resolved this problem by updating the drivers for my drivers for Netgear WNDA3100v2. I am also using Netgear WNDA3100v2 and same problem was occurred with me then I have updated its drivers...
  40. Re: Best Windows 2008 Active Directory Multi Location Setup

    Providing basic overview on those question will not be fare. You need to read some guides and some best practices based on setting up active directory on multiple location, so that it can be easy to...
  41. Re: My Xbox 360 won't see my PC, but my PC can see my Xbox 360

    It is due to some improper network sharing. For that go in Network in your Pc and then click on Network and sharing center. Click on Manager Network connections. Once done right click on your network...
  42. Re: How to do a factory reset for Netgear FSM726v1

    I have tried one method for me; I would be suggesting you to try it. First you do the power cycle the switch and then you boot in the hyperterminal, after that you press ESC key. When you have press...
  43. Re: Samsung Galaxy S III looks very similar like iPhone

    Samsung Galaxy SIII will have the Zen theming provide in the Android operating system. I still hate the fact that Samsung Galaxy SII lacked the home key on the body and had some buttons on the...
  44. Re: How to move files from MyShare to OpenShare on Lacie Network Space 2

    There will be two separate spaces to store home users files on the Network drive. Where MyShare is a private share, which is password protected. And only the admin user is able to read and write...
  45. Re: how to install mldonkey on Lacie Network Space 2

    Hi, I am also having Lacie network space 2 with cs05q3armel. I installed the mldonkey and some other packages. To installed mldonkey package follow the commands.
    cd /opt...
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    Re: Combofix for Windows 7 64-bit

    Combofix is good to find rootkits and malware. As 64bit operating system are also facing a issue of virus. For that you can also give a try installing Hijackthis. This software scan your system for...
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    Re: gpedit.msc restriction disable/enable

    It can be done from windows registry. You have to create a new value to lock down gpedit. For that the value you will need to modify is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre...
  48. Re: G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

    I do not really think that going for separate antivirus for banking only would be great. Any popular internet security tool is more than enough for your full protection. There are number of internet...
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    Re: Wireless Bridge for Tenda W268R router

    Which operating system you are running and which is safe to say that you are running presently? in the event that it’s a 9x home release it no doubt won’t work, sounds love to bridge the 3 as a...
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    Re: D-Link DIR-835 Wireless Router not working

    Looking at the situation I am suggesting below mentioned thing which you can try .

    you have to turn off ALL QoS and Disable Traffic Shaping.
    After that turn off Advanced DNS Services.
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