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    Re: Word 2007 spell check stopped working

    There are many thread like this available on this section. You have to run a repair setup. That is the only option left if Spell Check is not disabled. You can try F1 to locate the right settings to...
  2. Re: Fix for "Initializing the root folders to display"?

    The error that you are facing appear when your shared network drive is unable to open. I am sure you had kept your files saved on some location due to which it is not accessible. You have to...
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    Reports not generating in sbs 2008

    Windows SBS 2008 is not at all generating any report. I went in the event log and found it empty. It is a bit annoying that there is nothing mentioned. There were some problem with updates recently....
  4. It is available. It looks the setup is not...

    It is available. It looks the setup is not proper. It is good that you installed Office 2007 without removing Office 2003. Because if there is any issue then your work will be blocked. You can try to...
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    Re: Can't access companyweb

    Thanks for the help Janairo but it is not asking me for passwords so I don’t think the link provided above will help me in anyway. I thought the problem would be somewhere related to Symantec's...
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    Can't access companyweb

    I was successfully using companyweb until last week on SBS2003 server but now due to some unknown reason it has stopped working. Whenever I try using the same, it says “You are not authorized to...
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    You will do the following settings here. For that...

    You will do the following settings here. For that you have to go in Group Policy Object. You can find a section as computer configuration. Click on Preferences there and then click on Windows...
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    Re: Incorrect PPP adapter RAS interface address

    I will advice you to check the ip address one time and then you go for other connectivity solution. For the sever end just verify the ras connection. It is will be more helpful. Sometime a normal ras...
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    screen brightness control

    Hi, I’m using a HP laptop with Windows XP SP3. System is working well, no problem, but I’m facing a small problem with the laptops Function key. The hotkey for increasing or decreasing the screen...
  10. How to increase the File System Caching Memory?

    I am using a Vista system which has 6GB RAM installed. I checked in the system properties where all ram are used. I want to increase the file system cache amount compared to what I have right now. It...
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    Re: Watching MP4 movies from Media Center

    Hey thank you very much. That did the trick.

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    Watching MP4 movies from Media Center

    This is a Vista Ultimate desktop with both Media Player 11 and Media Center. Yesterday I copied a DVD in MP4 format onto my hard drive. I can play that movie fine in Windows Media Player but it is...
  13. Catalyst install manager has stopped working on Windows Vista 32bit

    I have a Toshiba laptop. I had formatted the same and installed Windows Vista on it. But somehow there is a problem with Catalyst installation. I had upgraded the same to a newer edition. After...
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    Re: Windows main executable has stopped working

    Ok, sorry for the incomplete information Illeana. Here is the complete error message:

    "Main Executable has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will...
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    Windows main executable has stopped working

    I am using a Dell laptop with Windows Vista. Since past one week whenever I start the laptop and login to my account, I first get greeted with a pop up message saying:

    “Main executable has...
  16. Try to re-install it. There is no way you can...

    Try to re-install it. There is no way you can simply replace the icon and add what you want. You can run a repair setup or simply re-install office and then check back. It can be due to improper...
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    Try to remove the header completely. You can find...

    Try to remove the header completely. You can find that in the edit column. it is not appearing automatically the settings are applied due to which you are getting that. You can find the settings in...
  18. It looks the application is grayed out due to...

    It looks the application is grayed out due to missing files. You can try to run some kind of registry fix software which can restore the missing values. But there are less chances it will work....
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    Did you tried to go in safe mode. What error you...

    Did you tried to go in safe mode. What error you are getting. You have to go on the safe mode screen and select last good known configuration. That would help you to get rid of the errors. It looks...
  20. Can you contact your vendor and ask him for that....

    Can you contact your vendor and ask him for that. I do not think you are having a activated version of Office. Because you said you are having a trail edition. If you had installed that manually from...
  21. Does an external USB hard disc need at least one primary partition ?

    Hi folks, I need a small advice from you all regarding my first ever external Hard disk. I’m going to use this External drive with my XP computer to take backup of all important datas. But before I...
  22. Uninstall Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on Windows XP

    I want to get rid of Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. I cannot understand why this is added in my system. I want to use BlueSoleil. And if I install this then it will conflict with Microsoft Bluetooth...
  23. Re: Outlook 2007 Error "Either there is no default mail client....

    Looks like problem with program access default. You can go in control panel and in that search for default programs. In that under email you have to configure the default mail client which is...
  24. Getting the Blue Screen of Death on my Asus 8800GTS-based system

    I am getting a bluescreen everytime when I restart my system. The blue screen appears when I try to play a online game. I am using Asus 8800GTS on my system. Because of graphic card I thought to play...
  25. I am facing the same problem. I do not think...

    I am facing the same problem. I do not think there is some problem with our settings, it looks there is some issue with the downloaded updates. They are not proper due to which you are facing the...
  26. How to resolve error of "Root hints list has invalid root hint ser

    Hey guys, I’m facing some problem with my server. Since past few days I keep getting an error message whenever I run the dcdiag /test:dns. The test results are as follows:

    Can anyone please...
  27. Microsoft sidewinder 4.0 Software download for Windows XP

    I need some help to find Sidewinder Game Controller Software for Windows XP. My friend gave me the controller and I do not have the software to use it. I tried to search on web but I can only find...
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    DHCP failure over Windows SBS

    I am facing a DHCP failure problem in interval of few hours. The DHCP server keeps on getting down on SBS. I cannot understand the reason behind failure. The error is related to some DHCP serivce....
  29. Constant bcmwltry.exe error on Windows XP boot

    I own a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop. I have a Belkin wifi adapter. I was installing this for the first time. Somehow I am not able to hook the adapter properly. I had tried to installed fresh drivers...
  30. Calendar Reminders in Outlook 2003 not working

    Earlier I was using Office 2003 on my Windows Vista PC connected to Local domain. I use to work with Outlook 2003 to access Exchange 2003 in my office and Outlook 2003 over a VPN to access the same...
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    Windows Media Encoder Live Streaming

    I need some help here. I am trying steam some video through Windows Media Player. But somehow the TV Tuner is not able to stream media from the source. I cannot understand what is the actual issue...
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    VERITAS Backup Exec 9.1 SP5

    I need some help here to deal with backup of WSUS 3.0 database. Is anyone has managed to do the same. I want some help to backup WSUS 3.0 database. I am not able to do the same. I am trying to use...
  33. Internet games Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon not working on XP Sweet

    I am having a Windows XP system where I use to play games earlier like Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon etc but all they have stopped working now on the same PC for some unknown reason. Whenever I...
  34. Wifi connection failed on Aspire 5102 laptop after Windows Vista upgrade

    I hope that I am posting my query at the right place. My uncle owns a new Acer Aspire 5102 laptop. He came to our house and tried to connect to the home wifi. But it failed. The laptop is new with...
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    Re: ARRGH!! "My Computer" appears empty

    Thank you very much for telling about the TweakUI. I guess that itself was the problem As per your suggestion i open and found that the check box was not marked. I did the same and problem gone. Help...
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    Re: ARRGH!! "My Computer" appears empty

    Thanks for your help buddy. When i ran the first command in RUN command box, it brought up the desktop window where in the left pane, there was desktop/mycomputer/drives etc and in the right panel IE...
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    ARRGH!! "My Computer" appears empty

    My Windows XP Pro was working very fine until last night when i turned off the system but today morning when i booted up, i noticed some strange problems. When i right click Start Button and select...
  38. Re: Add another os into Vista boot loader after vista install ?

    Thanks for your help guys. But what if I face booting Vista after installing XP? Is there any working workout for the same instead of reinstalling the entire OS?
  39. Add another os into Vista boot loader after vista install ?

    As my title suggests, I want to add one more OS in the Vista boot menu. This computer is running with Windows VIsta and I want o add XP this time. Is it possible? If yes, please tell me how?

  40. The best thing you must do first is go in the...

    The best thing you must do first is go in the error logs. There you can find a detail set of information with associated services. It is possible that some other service on which DHCP is depended...
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    Re: Print Screen Function

    It looks like that the key is broken on your pc. You can use the virtual keyboard for that. It is located in Accessories. The virtual keyboard has all the functions of regular one. You just have to...
  42. HELP--Vista Welcome Center: How to add/edit/delete icons?

    I am using Dell XPS 410 system. It came with Vista Ultimate installed in the same. At startup I can see Welcome Center appears. But some icons in that are broken. I cannot run some of the linkon it....
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    Vista VPN connection error 800

    I had turned off my system firewall and still getting a Vpn connection error 800. I am not able to connect on my Vista system. I got the settings from the network guy. He said me follow the steps it...
  44. Want help to permanently move User folders in Windows Vista

    I need some help to permanently move the User folders to some other location in Windows Vista. Like the default users folders lies in the C drive. Which is Windows directory. I want to move that to...
  45. RE: Can't find High Definition audio bus driver from Microsoft

    You can simply try one thing here and I think that will work. Run Windows Update. When you run check for update the list will be displayed in which I am sure you will be able to find UAA drivers....
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    Re: Difference between JPG and JPEG

    They are same. It is one of the widely used image format available. You can use anything from it. But if you want to use it on the website you have to trim the size to minimum so that it can open at...
  47. re: Disable popup message Cannot find proofing tools in Office

    Try to install them once again and then check back. There is some problem due to which you are getting that error. It does not appear just like that. You have to ensure that all language tools are...
  48. WinXP System Verification Error in STREAM.SYS WDM driver error 23b

    I am using a IBM Thinkpad system. It came with Windows XP. Somehow the system fails to boot properly. I cannot find why that occur. It looks some kind of issue with Windows. The error was pointed out...
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    Removing unwanted stuff is the only way to get...

    Removing unwanted stuff is the only way to get rid of issue you are facing. It is waste of time in disabling stuff from startup. The application cidaemon.exe is a Indexing Service of windows which...
  50. EventID 2266; SeTcbPrivilege permission is missing

    I checked in the log entries recently and found some listed error in it. They are some Event ID 1266. I had never seen this error before. This is the first time I saw. My system looks to be working...
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