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  1. Re: Which one would be a better choice from geforce 6950x2 or DCII 580GTX

    I don’t think that any of them would be a bad choice its just with the confidence you are goin with I have used both of them and had liked both of them a lot they are one of the best card and they...
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    Re: Best GPU for Intel DG41rq mobo

    Seriously, this Intel DG41rq mobo motherboard is worst in market. I have done so much upgrading for this motherboard then also it cannot improve display quality. Therefore, I decided to add graphics...
  3. Re: Highest resolution for external monitor with Asus Eee PC 1000HE

    Hello friend when I try to connect an External Display with my Asus 1000 HE it’s created lots of problem. It’s slow down our system performance it slow down our refresh rate. it doesn’t have...
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    Re: Is mobile facebook good?

    Facebook mobile is not that good as it doesn’t gave you full access as of a computer gives you; facebook mobile does not give you all the features that you can get on facebook that is used on a...
  5. Re: Setting up 3 Monitors with one ATI Radeon HD 5850

    Hey my friend I also have HD 5850 and I also faced the same issue as you were. But now I have solved it and my all three monitor are working fine. I have step up my monitor in the following pattern 2...
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    Re: Upgrade Suggestions for GFX Card

    Before getting a graphic card upgrade you must also think for an power supply upgrade on the same hand. For this I think you can go for Nvidia 9600GT. This card is a successor to the GeForce 8....
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    Re: Call of Duty Black Ops Sucks

    Thanks for all your help. I'm not even overheating or anything. I even ran World at War maxed, it is running without any problem too. i am not able to understand why my game is sucking even i am...
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    Call of Duty Black Ops Sucks

    I just got the Call of duty: Black Ops last night and i just started playing it last night i found that the game sucks a lot. Then i restarted the game ans started playing again even with the lag...
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    DG41TX wake on lan from s5 problem(bug?)

    I am facing certain issue with the lan book on my new motherboard. My new motherboard is Intel DG41TX. I am not able to get properly boot to my network pc's. I had tried changing the settings for...
  10. Blackberry Torch locks up when calendar is selected

    Hello,last month i purchased blackberry torch mobile phone. Till yesterday it was working fine. But today when i tried opening the calender function some kind of technical or you can say software...
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    Upgrading my FL90

    I have been using my new Compal Laptop from last one year. It is T7500 Merom C2D @ 2.2 ghz. It has 4 GB DDR2 RAM. Normally I use my Laptop to play games like WOW and for office use. My Laptop using...
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    HP C309a All-in-One Going Offline Randomly

    Friends i am using a HP printer model number C309 but when i try to give a print command it show me offline. My operating system is Vista 64-bit laptop, and i have connected with a wireless WRT54G...
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    Pandora widget for dashboard

    You might be familar with Pandora which is a online music site. Pandora Radio is a free radio site and the same you can get on your iphone also. So here I am looking for a similar support which can...
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    How to play XBOX LIVE in India

    I want to buy a Xbox 360. I have some of my friends who are active member of Xbox Live outside India. I want some information on Xbox Live support in India. What are the membership charges and other...
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    Core i7 860 New Revision

    I need some overview of Intel Core i7 860 processor. There are some more revision available for the same model. But I found this on my new desktop system which I am going to buy soon. My requirement...
  16. Help Intel X25-M Corrupt Master Boot Record

    I had bought a X-25M motherboard from intel. It is a new build and the other hardware like RAM or Hard disk is old. I was using the same on Windows XP. Now for a fresh installation I had formatted my...
  17. DG33FB / DG33BU Wrong Cpu Compatibility table

    I have old pc which comes with intel motherboard DG33BU. I am not sure about the exact model number. I got a sticker which says it as Intel intel DG33FB. I am using it with Dual core processor. Now...
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    Need help with character animation

    I am working on character animation. I had worked on different animation software in which each of them is providing a different method of 3D model design. Here I need to focus more on character...
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    Overclocking Q9550 on EP45-UD3P

    I had updated my pc configuration. I bought a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard and an Intel Core 2 Q9550, 2GB Corsair DDR3 12800 and antec 500Watt power. Plus I am going to add NVIDIA 9600GT card, two...
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    Can AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE hit 4.0 GHz.

    I wan to buy a AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE processor. I have a MSI board with 4GB RAM support and a 1GB Ati GPU. I want to weather can this processor is capable of hitting a 4Ghz frequency. I really plan...
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    Splinter Cell Conviction Ports

    I want to forward a port on my system without disabling my firewall to run a Splinter Cell game server. For that what are the necessary requirement I have to do. I have a router connected on the...
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    General tips for beginners in Borderlands

    My desktop has got Windows 7 operating system and AMD Phenom X4 processor. I have a ATI Radeon 1 Gigs video card. I have yesterday installed the Boderlands game on my desktop. The game runs very...
  23. Re: Problem with BLUR and Restarts in Motorola Devour

    First of all thanks a lot for all your suggestions. I too have been trying to find some proper solutions but uptill I have not found any. As suggested I got borrowed a charger to charge my Motorola...
  24. Problem with BLUR and Restarts in Motorola Devour

    I have had Motorola Droid smart phone. This I have used for two months and now have given it to my brother because the slider keypad of Droid was not convenient for me. So now I purchased a Motorola...
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    E71 Shutting off and restarting

    It has hardly been over a month that I have used my newly gifted Nokia E-Series E71 phone and it has already started to have problems. Since the last two days the E71 is Shutting off and restarting...
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    Basic info for EVDO broadband

    I am using a Windows XP Service Pack II machine which runs on AMD Phenom processor. I use my machine to play games and surf internet. Currently I am using BSNL broadband - Home 500C connection as I...
  27. Need a Sony HD Blu-ray for Home Theater system

    I wan to add up a entery level Blu ray player to my home theater system. I does not need any advance which can increase up my cost. And that too of Sony because it has nice products. All I want...
  28. Does extra services in Windows are threat

    I had seen that in task manager there are various services running when the computer starts up. There is no problem with this but I want to know that does this services can cause virus issues. As...
  29. Know Account information of TATA Postpaid Owners

    I had heard that it is quiet easy to get information of a person mobile on TATA Indicom site. How that can be done. I had find on some forums discussing in this matter. They states that it is...
  30. Bad Company 2 Operation Aurora and Cold War help

    Hi to all. Last week with the release of Bad Company 2, I was awaiting to get myself gaming in it. Yesterday I have got the game and installed it on my computer. Much to my delight the graphics are...
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