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    Tips to use Evernote more effective

    Evernote is one of the most popular note taking application and it has a lot more features that many are unknown. Evernote has increased its usage by adding a lot more things in it. I am going to...
  2. How to use Buzzlauncher on Android Smartphone

    If you are not happy with your existing launcher then you can download and add Buzzlauncher. It is lightweight and comes loaded with its own home pack library. That means you are having hundreds of...
  3. Tips to choose the best backup plugin for Wordpress

    Backup is an crucial task for every website. It is a bit hectic when you have to go with manual backup process. Because here you have to simply backup at a specific time interval. If you forget you...
  4. How to quickly access apps and settings on Android

    If you are having too many apps and games on your tablet and you want to access that instantly then you can add app drawer kind of feature on your device. App drawer already comes in Samsung devices....
  5. Poll: Which is the best Registry Cleaner Software of all time?

    You all know that registry is the place where your the system that you own keeps the configuration information about your computer and also the installed programs so that you operating system can...
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    Re: Beginner Tips for Dead Island Riptide

    I like that kick part. This really works. Sometime the zombies just charge upon you. By kicking them you get some more time to adjust yourself. And also it hits harder compare to punches. I carry...
  7. Re: Does a malware run in Windows Safe Mode also

    I am not sure about that. In Safe Mode only minimum services are running. Safe mode even does not allow your video driver to load. So there are less chances that a virus can act in that state.
  8. Changing Optimize Drives Schedule Settings in Windows 8

    Optimize Drives in Windows 8 is nothing but Disk Defragmenter of windows 7, it is used for optimizing drive that are used in computer now a days. Windows chooses optimization for your drive...
  9. Re: Is Funbook Pro a better 10 inch Tablet compared to others

    The choice is mostly based on requirement. If you need a tablet for reading purpose and limited app support then Kindle Fire is best according to me. It comes in the same amount that you are going to...
  10. Re: Performance gain by overclocking EVGA GEFORCE GTX 690 Extreme GPU

    EVGA GEFORCE GTX 690 Extreme is a powerful graphic card and I am sure there is no need to overclock it. The card itself comes with 4GB GDDR5 ram @915 mhz. So at that point It is not at all a matter...
  11. Re: How to create a shortcut for Show Desktop button in Ubuntu LTS

    There is no directly utility through which we can remap the entire keyboard of Ubuntu. I was quiet fed up with that. Because of that I thought it would be better to upgrade to Linux mint so that I...
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    Tips for Nexus Q

    Here are some general and useful tips for Nexus Q

    Restoring Nexus Q to factory setting manually:

    First Unplug Nexus Q and plug it in again, when ring LED lights up just place your palm on the...
  13. Re: How to switch sound output by setting hotkeys

    If you provide me with few more information I would surely help you out with your requirement. Even I was once upon a time in need of such hotkey. Are you saying that you are always made to change...
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    Re: how to change the fade time of wallpaper

    Basically there is no such built-in options given to users in Windows 7 or even in Vista. Also i tried searching for some apps that can work for the same but unfortunately there is no app as well. I...
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    Re: Skins in Prototype 2

    There's already an impressive number of topic Speaking of that, think of "search" next time. Regarding your questions, the Skin of Alex Mercer is obtained by finishing the seven weeks of challenges...
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    How to Install 7zip on CentOS

    7-Zip is a file compressor with a high compression ratio. The main features are:

    High compression ratio in 7z format (LZMA algorithm)
    Compress / Decompress: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR
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    Hot Flash BIOS tips

    How to make HOT FLASH BIOS or to Recovery and re-programming Hot Flash BIOS.As I have seen many users have asked this kind of question so I would like to explain you how to do this.
    The BIOS (Basic...
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    How to Install Skype on Android

    Hello guys out here I am writing this article to show you all how to install Skype on the android phone. you all don’t have to think much on how to install Skype on Android because it is a very...
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    Tips to Boost Wifi Signal

    Below are some ready to use tips to boost your wifi signal. Wifi is widely used in many places. But sometime we face issue related to low signal or slow bandwidth. That can be fixed by various ways....
  20. Installing KeePass Password Safe on Ubuntu or Debian-Based Linux System

    If you were having some problems installing KeePass Password Safe 2 in your system. Then here is some method for you to work on. There are two methods that I would be telling one is by step by step...
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    Re: In need of job, what should i go for ?

    I think a much better idea will be uploading your resume to monster and naukri sites and they will really find out a suitable job for you within the location you might be searching for.
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    How to convert Videos using VLC Player

    An essential tool to keep in your computer is a video converter. If you use the VLC Media Player, you'll probably want to know how to convert videos with VLC. So just follow a few simple steps.
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    Re: All Chinese mobile phone Secret Codes

    I think that shikhar has already answered your question
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    Re: Tips to protect your Online Store

    There is no legal duty except when it has not handled even credit cards. And purely for customer registration is not necessary. For example, we integrated multiple payment interfaces, since this...
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    Re: Tips for Email Marketing

    Give the link of the your website on each email so that he can get to your website for more information. Provide sufficient information on the site so that someone not feel that to be incomplete....
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    Re: Tips to Secure WPA2 Wifi Network

    Choosing short but complex password is one of the key to protection. Even the latest encryption mechanisms such as WPA2 can be compromised by using attacks that use an automated process to try...
  27. Re: Configure your Computer to Accept VPN Connections in Windows 7

    For doing this configurations you need to follow below mentioned step by step process:

    Go to Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet Connections->Network Connections.
    Then select Create a...
  28. Re: Which one is better between the SEO and SMO

    Even I will suggest you both of them because as far as I know SMO iѕ actually a methods for the search engine marketing ans using this mwethod you can get mоrе traffic and for your website and it...
  29. Re: Suggest Graphic Card for Intel Desktop Board DH61WW

    Both are good but if you are more concern about the warranty then XFX will be better for you as that is having lifetime warranty but in case of the Sapphire, you will get only 2yr warranty.
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    Steps to ensure better security in Facebook

    I would like to give you all some small tips on how to ensure a better security in facebook. As we all know we share a lot of information in facebook and we try all the possible steps to protect it...
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    Re: Discussion on Highest Paid jobs in India

    Rapid growth in the area where there is a constant demand for sports and games. An efficient athlete or a player can make hundreds of thousands of rupees. Many young people are choosing this as a...
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    Re: Permanent Blackberry security removal.

    just download free software JL_Cmder from the Internet. Then Zconnect ur phone via usb then select option Reset to factory. Once you reset it to factory your security codes are not present anymore.
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    re: Bada OS tips and tricks

    When you are trying to open your image file, and are on the one want to select as the the wallpaper, fetch up the middle menu and select Set As > Wallpaper. This is the place you will be able to...
  34. Re: What Is the Difference between an Apple Macintosh and an IBM Computer?

    Macintosh computers, pointed to as Macs, are fabricated by Apple and run on a working framework called OS X. Macintosh has advanced and painstakingly watched this framework; on account of its patent,...
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    Customizing & Installing Google Chrome OS

    OS Google Chrome is the new operating system. Based on the Chrome Web browser you were at Google think that a conventional PC takes too long to start. Chrome OS is different: The system is fast,...
  36. Re: How can i install SATA Bluray drive in Old PC with IDE optical rays and SATA HDD.

    If you have installed a Blu-ray drive then you need to install the software. To install follow these steps: Step1: Boot your PC, and watch during the POST whether the Blu-ray drive is detected on the...
  37. Re: Disable thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer

    For Windows XP:

    Click the Start button
    Click on Run
    Type in Regedit in the box and press Enter
    Then browse following key:
    Right click on it and change its value to 1
  38. Re: What is MSI K9ND Speedster 2 sata speed limit?

    As the my Knowledge about this processer, If you have just 1 SSD, its not a better idea to expenses in buying a new controller. As 1 SSD isn’t fast enough to fill PCI-e 4x lane. People who had...
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    Re: How to change or delete USB drive name

    It is also possible to simply delete the registry keys of the devices instead of renaming. Deletion is helpful if the users really cannot find the registry value for the drive letter that is showing...
  40. Re: Adobe Advances Content Creation, Delivery and Playback Technologies at NAB

    Major broadcasters and media companies, attending NAB from around the world, continue to select Adobe’s video solutions to create and deliver high-quality dynamic media experiences. For...
  41. Re: Toshiba and IBM Showcase MXF Flash Memory Video Server Integrated with MediaHub


    High Fault Tolerance
    Compact Type Added
    Inputs, Outputs and Capacity Suited for Use as Single Unit
    High-Speed Responsiveness
    Short Roll Clip
    Control from an...
  42. Re: How to delay sending of the emails in Outlook 2007

    Note 1:

    To avoid the warning emails are still waiting leaving Outlook, you can request they are sent to each systematic closure in this way:

    Go to Tools, then Options, then open the Mail tab....
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    Re: How to Avoid Spam by Facebook

    10 steps to avoid span.

    Maintain at least two email addresses, public address and private address
    Never publish your private address on publicly accessible resources.
    Make sure that your...
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    Re: How to Capture an image on Mac OSX

    Wow!! thank you so much MACY. I was looking for this feature in my Macbook Pro from such a long time but was unable to find it anywhere. I have been using the Windows OS from long back and it was...
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    Re: Securing wireless connections - WLAN WAP

    This sounds like an intimidating task, but the good news is that you may previously have much of your security in place. Here are the steps to a more protected wireless LAN.

    Host systems: You...
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    Re: What is Social Networking?

    A social networking service is an online service, or site which centers on constructing and reflecting of social networks or social relations with people, e.g., who split interests and activities. A...
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    Re: Open Source Tools when you switch to Linux

    Image Management Softwares

    Gimp in place of Adobe PhotoShop : Even if you are paying for upgrades instead of the original package, the price of Adobe Photoshop can be prohibitive for some...
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    Open Source Tools when you switch to Linux

    Here is list of some of the best open source alternative you can go for when you are going to switch to new open source operating system. If you are planing to switch to linux or any other open...
  49. Re: Windows XP & BIOS only detect 1TB of 2TB hard disk

    Here I just want to see the screenshot of the drive in Disk Management? Actually I do not think that this kind of issue happen after booting the OS. As much I know about the same then I think that...
  50. Re: Want some information about Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

    It is a remake of the old Hot Prusuit simply tune. At that time you could not tune and was now converted back. There is thus no real freedom of travel (as in NFSU2 and NFS Carbon). As for me at the...
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