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  1. Re: Magicka: eight simple and effective magical elements

    Because the enemy's ranks will be soon joined by practitioners of the art of magic that our protagonist, we will do well to learn to juggle all these opportunities to get away in one piece,...
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    Re: CoD: Black Ops Game not starting

    The CoD engine delivers great results at an advanced age despite constant fluid 60 frames per second, and moderate needs. This small miracle, of course, not based on voodoo, but technical tricks. The...
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    Re: CoD: Black Ops Steam error

    The following is the possible solution for steam error :

    Log in to Steam and click on Library.
    Right-click on the game, select Delete local content, and confirm.
    Insert the first disc into...
  4. Re: Fallout: New Vegas Lose Karma By Stealing From Enemies

    Fallout 3 is filled with stories and characters. You never know what you'll come conversations that can come to an end or another. Always depend on you. This is one of the Putna strong game, its...
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    Re: Information about the Devil May Cry 4

    Although I own this game on PC and XBOX360 C is a major catastrophe during the first part. One makes; go with Nero and it continued again. The games, and conversely with Dante. Lance hero of the...
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    Re: Problems running DEVIL MAY CRY 4

    Hi guys .. I'm new and just ... go to the point, the problem of Devil May Cry 4. In reality game too cruel (in the sense that it's great) effects, the graphics are excellent ... I recommend it. In my...
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    Re: Ffxiv and sli/crossfire

    I suspect that your graphic card is just too old, but runs really great, even with games like Crysis, Aion in high resolution, however, is the latest of the Catalyst drivers no longer supported and...
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    Re: Sudeki - Installer.bat file request

    I think that you have not properly deleted the existing file. I would like to recommend you to delete that actual file first. If you are not able to understand what I am saying,, then just refer to...
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    Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 freezes

    If you are using the Windows Vista / Windows 7, try the below instructions :

    Go to the Start menu, then Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, and click the (materialized by a speaker).
    Then right...
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    Re: GPU Error Code 0022 on XBox 360

    Some people will tell you that ca little help solve the problem. In fact, it could worsen. All electronic devices like your console are very sensitive to temperature variation is too large. If you...
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    USB memory stick driver Windows 98

    I have got a usb memory stick and I am trying to search a driver for it which will work in Windows 98SE. Since I was going to completely format the old computer that I have, therefore I wanted to...
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    Sysvol and Netlogon Security Permissions

    I want some info on the ACL of Sysvol and Netlogon folders. We have everyone having read in the share permission of both Sysvol and Netlogon. In Share permission of Sysvol, we have authenticated...
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    Re: Cannot Install Prince of persia 2008

    DirectEx may also be the problem you may try making changes to your DirectEx files, press Start -> Run, type: regedit , on the left side navigate to : Hkey_Local_Machine -> Software -> Microsoft ->...
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    Re: How to solve WCF Security Issues

    The solution was to start another service which provides via "WebGet" method the clientaccesspolicy.xml. When I start the WCF program it shuts down, and the web application that contacts the WCF app...
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    Re: Insert DataGridview into database

    The most common way of inserting values is by the use of string concatenation. I am able to insert the controls dynamically like text box,combo and checkbutton but i am enable to view the controls....
  16. Re: How to Implement Date Deprecated method in an Application

    Usually deprecated method javadoc will give you a hint as to the better way. In your case, Calendar is the recommended way to do this. Another way to think about a java.util.Date is that it is a...
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    Re: Why Doctype declaration is there in HTML?

    DOCTYPE is short for Document Type. When you declare the HTML DOCTYPE, you tell the browser which version of HTML that a Web page uses. The doctype declaration refers to a Document Type Definition...
  18. Re: Changes made in the Database does not reflect on the front page

    The ADO concept, and its available methods, are discussed further when we are ready to write our database connection code. That only works in the later versions. the previous ones can be patched. so...
  19. Re: Does PHP5 Inheritance has different features that PHP4

    PHP 5 is very very flexible in accessing member variables and member functions. Access specifiers specify the level of access that the outside world (other objects and functions) have on the data...
  20. Re: How to pop up Interactive map by sending data from MYSQL using PHP

    A somewhat tricky issue in PHP is the use of special characters and quotes. By default, the reason my feed was failing in flash was a single 'white' space before the XML doc tag. Making sure the echo...
  21. Re: Types of different JDBC driver in JAVA technology

    A JDBC-ODBC bridge provides JDBC API access via one or more ODBC drivers. The JDBC DriverManager class defines objects which can connect Java applications to a JDBC driver. Note that some ODBC...
  22. Move WSUS 3.0 Database from Drive C: to Drive W:

    I have installed SBS 2003 Server and it was upgraded from WSUS 2.0 to 3.0 SP2. I want to move the 2.5gb database from Drive C to Drive W. I am not able to find any documentation on how to move the...
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    How to convert mpg to flv

    I am not able to convert mpg video files to flv video files. I have tried many converters, one which is called adobe cs3 flv converter but after conversion there is no audio to the video. I think...
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    Re: How to write drop down menu for Javasript

    In that function, multiple options are selected programmatically by setting each option's selected attribute to true or false. It is often usefull to be able to dynamically change the contents of...
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    Re: How to create DB2 9.5 container

    I suspect the implementation you see at any given installation reflects the prejudices and experience of the senior Architect who designed the system more than anything else. When new containers are...
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    legacy of the wizard passwords cheats

    Hello, I have started playing this game called legacy of the wizard and I needed some cheats to complete its mission. I want a password that needs to be entered by for the grandfather's password...
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    fallout 3 dlc download for free

    Hello, I wanted to know from where can I download free DLC of Fallout 3 for pc for free. I have searched on many site but I couldnt find it anywhere. So can anyone please give me a link or so for...
  28. Re: Uninstallation problem with the Prince of Persia Warrior Demo on windows xp

    Use the Task Manager to close processes and go to your Network Connections, right-click the Network Connection that you use and click Repair and retry installing. If the game won't install because...
  29. Re: 8-bit paletted textures problem while playing Final Fantasy 7

    You need to download the FF7 or you would need to download the TNT patch from eidos to get hardware acceleration to work. But then FF7 doesn't work on Win2k. I don't need the support to play the...
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    Re: Punkbuster delay codes in BattleField2

    I think enabling PunkBuster will solve your problem and to do this you need to do the following. The Battlefield games have always had an issue with forced resolutions above 60Hz. On the game's...
  31. Re: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Unable to run under Vista

    First uninstall the complete setup of your game and start fresh installation, before starting with fresh installation Right-click on the executable or the program shortcut to the executable, and then...
  32. Windows can't find Wordpad from Run command line?

    I am running Windows XP with SP1. I have just recently updated microsoft office and also installed Internet Explorer 8. After this, if I am trying to run Wordpad thne Windows cant fine it. After...
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    hotmail not working in outlook 2007

    Hello, I have got outlook 2007 trial version and I also have a hotmail account which I cant seem to use with outlook, it tells me that my password is wrong although I use the same password to log...
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    Re: How to connect ps2 to PC Monitor

    if im right ps2's have a composite video connector and a left and right phone connector. so you'll either need a composite to vga/dvi connector, or if you have a monitor with a composite port just...
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    How to remove the red shield on Windows Vista

    my question is simple I want to remove the red shield which is in the systray with Vista Family Edition.
    I saw on the forum that the issue had already been asking each faith but the answer is the...
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    With Usb 3.0 will the Webcam 2.0 work

    I bought the logitech webcam pro 9000and I wanted to know if my purchase was "good" since the usb 3.0 will soon going to launch, I wanted to know if there would be differences in performance level...
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    Re: Need for speed Undercover PC Save Game needed

    Alternately, you can also download the Save game of Need for speed Undercover from here.
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    Re: Windows 7 and Crysis game issue

    The same thing keeps happening to me, I have a 1080p monitor and it keeps reverting back to 720 when I try to change screen resolutions. I've looked online and I've heard of multiple solutions NONE...
  39. Thread: Lost word

    by Peach

    Re: Lost word

    I already proposed that thing, I even rebooted it, but nothing has changed, always the blue band and that's all
  40. Thread: Lost word

    by Peach

    Lost word

    when I open word or icon on the desktop or from a doc file I've got a blank page with a banner on top with microsoft word. I'm on my XP and Office 2000 pack. Thank you in advance,:biggrin: that I...
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    Exchange 2007 POP3 Connector

    I am at a small company that was using Exchange 2003. We have got 10 email accounts hosted at an ISP and have always used the POP3 Connectory in Exchange 2003 to download the mail and deliver it to...
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    Re: How to save data from a defective hard disk

    A data rescue service would be too expensive or rather I will get another hard drive at that cost
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    How to save data from a defective hard disk

    I have here a 500 GB disk (SATA), and it is filled with data. But unfortunately, there is no data in it. At some time it is not recognized.

    Now I had about a Identical to organize and exchange...
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    Urgent: All AD users are locked out

    We are on a Windows 2003 Domain with more than 400 users account. Today in the evening all users are locked out frequently? Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks.
  45. Re: My USB flash drive not showing in windows explorer now

    I have ended up assigning a new drive letter and everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks.
  46. My USB flash drive not showing in windows explorer now

    I dont know why, the usb flash drive is no longer showing in Windows as another device like it used to be. It is shown in the Device Manager and is also recognized by Windows if I plug it in, but I...
  47. Re: ATI - 264VT2 PCI Old Video Card Driver for windows XP

    Thanks for the links, I was also wanting one.
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    Re: Repair MCE - Error when launching ehshell.exe

    Were you able to solve this problem? Even I am having the same exact problem and after spending some couple of weeks on this issue, I also dont want to start from scratch by installing from the OEM...
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    Re: Default containers in AD

    I would suggest just leave the defaul containers as they are. Many organizations, just create different OUs and move accounts/computers from default built-in to where you can and apply GPO. For...
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    "Save" what? I opened my OpenOffice file...

    "Save" what?

    I opened my OpenOffice file (table) from where I did "save as" but is not giving me the opportunity to register with xls extension I mean I do not know what it means to "save "....
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