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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec 900 case

    Even I am using Antec 900 case for my computer build and I also added 3 fans simply to optimize airflow. There is no doubt that it is a great case and there is plenty of room but beware that it is a...
  2. Re: Is Antec 620W PSU enough for Nvidia GTX 295

    Antec is a good power supply brand with quality control and good power wattage. Most of the other unbranded cheap PSUs do not give their rated power and also lack safety functions. So, the Antec 620W...
  3. Re: Samsung 840 EVO vs Kingston V300 240gb SSD

    Usually, if you are surfing internet or watching movies then there will be no difference between an hard drive and SSD. But if you want for gaming, then things will load faster with an SSD keeping...
  4. Re: How to install Windows XP on Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H

    I think that F15 is the latest bios for the motherboard that you are using and you can download it from this link - But anyhow, you...
  5. Re: Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

    The error Code 43 usually means that the hardware is not able to communicate properly and that is usually because of the chipset drivers that are not installed properly first. You can try to check...
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    Re: Rock mobile disk I/O Device Error

    If nothing is working for you then as a last resort, you can try to take your external hard drive to a professional recovery data center but note that their cost will be too much for recovering data...
  7. Re: Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

    The Antec Neo ECO 620w is decent enough for a Radeon R9 280X and a AMD FX-8350 CPU. It is an entry level PSU and also based on the Seasonic S12-II Bronze platform. The best part about this Antec PSU...
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    Re: Is there a device similar to Chromecast

    There are many but they are not portable like Chromecast. In Chromecast you get a hdmi based adapter that you have to connect to your TV and you can start streaming your content from phone or table....
  9. Re: Antec HCG 750M Power Supply making loud noise

    Have you made sure that your Power Supply fan is the only thing that is hitting something or else? Just try to take a close look, by using a flashlight and see if anything is visible to you. Also try...
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    Re: Logitech G710+ keyboard broken

    I was facing similar problem on a different Logitech keyboard and after calling their customer support they told me that I will have to mail my whole keyboard. I just have the problem with one CTRL...
  11. Re: Cannot increase the brightness of ACER ASPIRE 5750-6845

    It is a hotkey issue. Almost all laptop comes with a set of hotkey settings through which you can use the function keys to manage the brightness and volume. You can fix them by adding the hot-keys...
  12. Re: Kingston SSDNow V300 and Samsung SSD 840 EVO

    If you are going to use the SSD for internet browsing and watching movies on your computer then you will get no difference between the SSD. If you will play games, then it will load faster with the...
  13. Re: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio case and Galaxy Note 10.1

    Many people have asked for a similar ech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio case for the Galaxy Note 10.1 but still now Logitech has not responded anything about it. It seems that for promoting the Galaxy Tab...
  14. Re: Antec 302 or NZXT Tempest 410 Elite or Cooler Master HAF 912

    I will recommend you to go with the Cooler Master HAF 912. It has an excellent air flow since it is made up of mesh entirely. It comes with a good dust filters which is covered accross all over its...
  15. Re: Which one is better between Close Looped Liquid Cooler or Open Looped Liquid Cooler

    Avoid open loop. I do not think anyone buys a open loop cooler today. Go for closed loop. That is far more better and good enough to use for overclocking. You can go ahead with certain test after...
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    Re: How to clone a hard drive to SSD

    There are many programs available to clone a hard drive. You can try to use the Norton Ghost software to clone the hard drive to the ssd. But for that you will require a usb to sata connector so that...
  17. Re: Need explanation on different psu certification

    It is right that sometime it is confusing to locate a good psu. Even after they have the high amount of certification it will not give you the kind of output you are looking for. Most of the low end...
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    Re: Docking device for Macbook

    To get a good dock you have to first mention your requirements. There are thunderbolt docks, there are docks with speakers and with fans. So that actually you need. If you need a dock for having usb...
  19. Re: Poor gaming output on a newly built gaming pc

    You can improve the system output by overclocking the graphic card. But sometime it might not work if you do not have a good system. In your case there is no hardware issue. I think you are trying to...
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    Re: Advice for 64GB memory card for DSLR

    I also think 16GB will be more for your. There is no need to buy a 32GB card here. It is quiet costly today. A good 16GB card is more than enough for day to day usage. I had recently bought a 8GB...
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    Re: Asus Xonar DGX sound card crashes pc

    Even I believe that some other device and the sound card might be attempting to use the same IRQ or memory range. So, you need to turn off the onboard sound first in the BIOS or you have to turn off...
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    Re: Noctua 120mm NF-S12A for my new build

    Instead of spending extra money on buying separate fan, it is always to get a case which has good space and bigger size fan in it. Corsair Graphite series comes packed with 2 big size fan which are...
  23. Re: mouse setting resets in Logitech Control Center

    Logitech people are working on this issue and have reported that there is a bug in the Logitech Control Center software. Some of the keystrokes cannot be saved in the Logitech Control Center and...
  24. Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    To save more battery life try to go in settings and turn off all unwanted stuff you want. iOS7 is a new OS. So obviously it is loaded with many new things that can effect the battery output. So there...
  25. Re: Acer Aspire 4520 error no audio output device installed

    If there are no Windows 7 audio driver available for the model Acer Aspire 4520 laptop, then you can simply try to download the Vista audio driver and install it in compatability mode. After...
  26. Re: Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 problem in Windows 8

    It seems that there are no Windows 8 driver for this Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 printer. So are you trying to install the Windows 7 driver in the new OS, if so then choose the compatibility mode to...
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    Re: Electric shock problem with cpu case

    If the issue only lies with the cpu case then grounding cable can fix it. You can find that with a tester. Just try to connect the lower part at edge of different metal components. There are chances...
  28. Re: Canon Pixma MG3100 printer problem in Windows 8

    If the above solution is not working for you then try to install the driver that you have in compatability mode. Just right click on the setup.exe file of the printer driver that you have, and then...
  29. Re: Windows 7 64bit driver for ENUWI-N3 wireless adapter

    I would suggest that you should uninstall the driver first from your computer and after that disconnect the wireless adapter as well. After that install the drivers that is given in your CD and then...
  30. Re: Xenta Wireless Bluetooth Mouse lags on Windows 7 64bit

    Even I have noticed that wireless interference causes the lag and bluetooth devices doesnt really work error free most of the time. There might be some interference in between that is causing the lag...
  31. Re: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Quick Capture stops responding

    I was able to solve this issue somewhat. You can try to use the uvc driver and start the application and it will allow you to switch to video without any problems. After that exit the software and...
  32. Re: Toshiba portable hard drive error 0x80071AC3

    Incase if it is taking too much time for scanning through the chkdsk utility then it might be possible that there are too many sectors that have failed and it is trying to fix the same. In any case...
  33. Re: Where to find a good mini gps tracker for kids

    Try Amber Alert GPS. It is quiet designed for this purpose. The device provides you location of the person in map so that you can find him easily. There is a app available for this which remains in...
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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    That is the reason I use gamepads. They are more comfortable to play. Recently I had installed Mortal Combat on my laptop. Which looks to be working fine but with keyboards the control was pathetic....
  35. Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    Partition disappear if there is some issue with the mbr. It is essential that you must check that in disk management. Right click on My Computer and then click on Manage. Click on Disk Management at...
  36. Re: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    Corsair 300R doesnt have a good build quality like the Antec 300 2. So you should definitely go for the Antec 300 2 even though both cases have good cable management options. You wont be able to face...
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    Re: Antec Basiq 550W not enough for HD 7870

    Even I agree that the Antec Basiq 550W will not work with HD 7870 because of the low number of rails on the PSU, even though the power wattage is adequate. So, better go with CoolerMaster Real Power...
  38. Re: want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

    I just checked the faqs question asked on Rapoo website and it was said that the wireless bluetooth keyboard will work under Windows computer with the help of a pairing program that you can download...
  39. Re: Antec EarthWatts 500W PSU enough for HD 7870 card?

    Antec EarthWatts 500W is made by Seasonic and therefore it is a great PSU. You can expect upto 575W and below 55º C without any problems. You will also get very high efficiency like 80%-83% until...
  40. Re: Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad drivers for Mac

    The Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad is only for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and therefore I returned it back. When I was using it for quite some time, then I was not able to get it to work on MAC with...
  41. Re: Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB hard drive with 1TB per platter Launched

    Seagate contains innovations that ensure reduced costs and improved performance. It also offers the following features:

    The only technology offering 1TB per disc on the market
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    Re: Antec 620 - no cpu fan error

    Even I was facing similar kind of issues when I installed Antec 620 liquid cooling system. It was not able to plug into the CPU fan on the motherboard but it was actually plugged into the case fan...
  43. Re: Nokia Drive 3.0 updated on Windows Phone

    This is a cool feature that Finns already have implemented in its final version of the application that has significant new features like the ability to learn driving habits or display real-time...
  44. Re: SteelSeries Launches Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse

    There is no doubt that these new SteelSeries Sensei RAW mouse is virtually identical to its predecessors but with a considerably lower price. The main features are still outstanding, for example, it...
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    Poll: Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    I heard that Microsoft would choose a GPU mid/high range of the 6000 series from ATI, specifically a HD 6670, which is a kind of graphics card that is marketed in the 70 euros and it should also give...
  46. Re: Logitech Webcam C910 autofocus disabling help

    If that logitech webcam is a UVC compliant then with the help of DirectShow Interface IAMCameraControl you can programmatically disable the auto-focus of your webcam. A specific value can be set for...
  47. Re: Lenovo M50 8189 PC fail to recognize CD drive

    There are no needs to make the installation of the driver if the Bluetooth device is of the same company and if the Bluetooth device is from another vendor then try to make use of that particular...
  48. Re: Which is best between Samsung 3D TV and LG 3D TV?

    In most of the case I have seen that the Samsung 3D TV is the best one because it is flicker free and also it has several feature and advantage. And these televisions show each and every of the...
  49. Re: Touch screen not working in Dell Inspiron ONE 2205

    I suggest you to try making use of your Device in Safe mode and see whether it works or not if it works in Safe mode then this is sure that the driver reinstallation will sure to fix this issue.
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    Re: Bluetooth Audio not working in OS X Lion

    - I was also having same problem, but as I didn’t get any solution for the same so I completely clean install the same OS in the machine. thus I would recommend you the same thing.
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