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    Re: Converting pdf files to epub on Android

    Try using ePUB Converter. It is a simple software that can be used for the conversion purpose. You just have to load your files in that and you can convert them as per your need. I don't really think...
  2. Re: How to control Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 through Android Smartphone

    Yes that is true. Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 can be controlled through android for taking pictures. It gives you a very easy way to connect the device and you can use the device to click photos. It is...
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    Re: Windows 10 update for LAVA Iris Win1

    The new Windows 10 is a kind of OTA update which will is released. And many devices had got the same. If you had not received under About phone then it is not for the device. Windows 10 is a bit...
  4. Re: What is the easiest way to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    Before rooting it is good if you can find the stock rom of your tablet. You can find that through build number. All you have to do is search on Google for the same. You can find the build number in...
  5. Re: How to stream videos from WD My Passport Wireless 1TB on Smartphone or Tablet

    Sometime there is a buffering issue on the drive when the distance is quiet high from the hard drive and smartphone. I had seen this. If you are having a new high end device then it will work really...
  6. Re: What will be new in upcoming Sony Xperia Z4

    This phone will be quiet similar to the old model. All you are gong to get is a new 64bit hardware on the same. Which was first started by Apple and then Samsung added that in its high end device....
  7. Re: Dell Vostro 1000 series stuck on entering boot menu

    I know the reason behind this. It is because of cmos battery. It can be also be due to the keyboard key but if that is not the actual problem then you have to do two things. First try updating the...
  8. Re: Oppo will be releasing its new models today

    This two new mobile phones are going to appear with 4G LTE support and will give you a slim design. The R5 here is considered as the most slim model and there are a few pics on the web that you can...
  9. Re: When Android 5.0 Lollipop update will be coming for LG G3

    LG G3 might get this new update by the end of this year. But things are not cleared and nothing is confirmed here. I am quite sure that it might be in the December. I had checked many tweets...
  10. Re: Cannot find Notification Bar on my iPhone 6

    This is quiet weird that the entire notification got disappeared. I think you must try checking out swapping from all corners. And the above process works most of the time. I was having Bluetooth...
  11. Re: iPhone 6 screen cracked after falling from short height

    You must take care while using this kind of phone. My friend just broke his Note 3. It felled from his table and gone. The screen was cracked. And this are not covered under warranty. Also getting a...
  12. Re: iPhone 6 getting hot while using and also battery drain fast

    To be frank iPhone 6 is the most buggy phone in the market. It has lots of issue. This is the first time I found that the device overheat also. You can try resetting factory settings that will help...
  13. Re: iPhone 6 problem with battery, bluetooth and overheating

    Apple technicians are clueless about this thing. Whenever I call them about a problem they just ask me to update the phone through iTunes and that's it. It is going to resolve the problem. But that...
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    Re: iPhone 6 Volume button behaving badly

    You have to physically check the button. Just touch them and try to see them at close view. It looks like button displacement to me. They are either not properly placed or they are stuck due to which...
  15. Re: Any app to manage different wifi network in android

    I am using two apps here. First I am using a wifi locator app that tells me which area is having free internet. And second I am using this Wifi Manager app. It really brings a few additional...
  16. Re: Choosing a Windows 8 laptop on the basis of performance test

    To keep your system performance good you can try using a troubleshooter. Windows 8 has some of them. There are two troubleshooting programs which you can use to make your system work faster. It will...
  17. Re: Looking for help to get a choose eBook reader

    Tablets are lot more better to buy instead of getting a plain ebook reader. The plane dark screen is not so effective and you can do very less on that. The Kindle Paperwhite was popular before but...
  18. Re: Will Xolo Q510s can be a good budget android phone

    This is a new phone that is released in the market. And it looks to be a more promising feature. I was really surprised to find that the cost of phone was around Rs.6500. I thought this will be...
  19. Re: How to reduce battery consumption on Ubuntu

    I am using Jupiter and it works quiet well. The new version is lot more better compare to the older one. I am using it from long time on my netbook and I had not faced an problem. It allow you...
  20. Re: How to reduce battery consumption on Ubuntu

    I am using Jupiter and it works quiet well. The new version is lot more better compare to the older one. I am using it from long time on my netbook and I had not faced an problem. It allow you...
  21. Re: Scan files from HP Scanner through Moto X

    There is no need to use any third party app. Just go for HP All-in-One Printer Remote app. You can find that free on Google play. Through this can use your printer for scanning purpose on wifi. It...
  22. Re: Is there a way to download android apps offline

    No there is no app like that. What you can do is turn off your internet when you are not using it. And when you have to some work enable mobile data. I am quiet sure that is enough for stopping apps...
  23. Re: It is possible to use a usb headphone on android phone

    It will work only if you are able to find the right audio drivers for your tablet. Or else it wont get detected. Almost all devices that has Android 4.0 or higher operating system with usb to go...
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    Re: Is there a call recording app in Moto X

    I am having moto x and I cannot see any call recording application in it. But you can find ample on Google play. There is one thing I want to recommend before finding call recorder application. ...
  25. Re: Sony Vaio VPCEC35FB function keys not working after formatting

    There is no other way you can look. The official site is the only place which can provide you right drivers. Or else it will fail to work. You have to check your system specification also and see...
  26. Re: Multi screen support on Microsoft Surface tablet

    The multi-screen view in Windows tablet is not so effective compared to what we get on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I had seen a huge difference between both the UI. Tab 3 is more optimized and has great...
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    Re: Simple todo planner for Android device

    Google keep has a reminder feature. The best part of using this app is that you have option to configure your reminds through browser. You can go on and you can configure your notes....
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    Re: Tweaking Windows 7 for a netbook

    If you are not having a proper edition then you can go with anyone but you can tweak it. That means you can modify that and make changes in the same. You can reduce things which are not needed and...
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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    Xampp is not available on android tablet. In its place you can go ahead with using Bit Web Server. The only issue with this version is that you have to buy it. It is not free. It offer you a virtual...
  30. Re: Default Android jellybean keyboard too tough to use for chatting

    I had installed GO Keyboard on my tablet. Compare to mobile, tablets are having more bigger space to use. In this you can type more faster but due to the stock keyboard a number of time I type wrong...
  31. Re: Which ebooks will be good for learning mobile app development

    There are many books available. But before that you have to find what you want to learn. Which platform is going to help you more in getting the best career. Today android is booming. That means it...
  32. Re: Android adb devices command not able to identify Moto E

    On Google you can search for Motorola usb drivers or Google universal usb drivers. You will get a link. This is a common driver which is used for rooting purpose and it works well. You dont have to...
  33. Re: How Android Wear is different from other wearable devices

    The cost is still not clear. The device is announced and there are different speculation a going around web. A few feature that I know in a demo video is based on the ui. Like when you get a message,...
  34. Re: Battery of Dell Inspiron laptop drain out very fast

    The above process can help you little. I am also having one that offer me around 4 hrs of battery backup. The battery charge really fast. But it does not lag. That is the maximum output. It is...
  35. Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    Checkout HP Pavilion 15-n006ax. This one is good according to me and it falls under the cost of Rs.32,000. This one is recommended for entry level gaming. It runs on APU Quad Core A4 processor. It...
  36. Re: How to get rid of pre-installed apps of android phone without rooting

    The best suggestion I can provide is using a ram booster or a process killer type of app. There are ample of them available. Ram booster will switch off the apps which are constantly working in the...
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    Re: What is the cost of LG L80 in India

    LG L80 falls in the mid range segment of android smartphone. This device cost around Rs.13,100. Being a budget phone it is a good device that gives you a decent hardware configuration and capable of...
  38. Re: Spice Stellar Pinnacle Mi-530 vs Lenovo S860

    I had not used any phone from Spice. I had used LAVA, Micromax, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. And among all if you need something in budget but good in terms of look then LAVA Iris Pro is amazing. It is very...
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    Re: Call block in Samsung Galaxy S5

    I am using Call Control. There are many phone who does not has a integrated call blocking feature. For that you have to use a third party application. I am using Call Control from long time and I am...
  40. Re: Early battery discharge of Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB

    There is nothing we can do for the portable hard drive. It is having a damage battery and it will not fix on its own. The most you can try is calibrate the battery. You have to disconnect the drive...
  41. Re: Where to find lightweight laptop with good battery life

    There is nothing better than MacBook Air. It is very light and comes loaded with the latest hardware. You can simply Windows also on the same. It is costly but it is a kind of one time investment....
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    Re: Download error on Sony Xperia M

    Go in Settings > App. Just check that how much space is left in your memory card or internal storage. You can find the same by connecting the phone to pc through usb cable. In My Computer you can...
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    Re: Wifi dropping on Nokia X

    It is weird. My friend has the same phone and it is working well. There is no issue with the output. It looks your phone has a problem. It is better to carry the same to service center and tell him...
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    Re: MoboGenie unable to identify Lenovo A369i

    This can be a driver issue. Turn on usb debugging. After that when you connect the mobile phone to your pc you will get a popup menu for drier installation. If this drivers are properly installed...
  45. Re: Which is the worst android phone you had used

    I had bought a LG smartphone long back. It was a budget phone. I got issue with the camera. I was having problem with customer support. The service center guys also did not helped much. It was so...
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    Poll: Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

    I always compare the phone on the basis of their price and then comes the feature. You have to see first which one is cheaper here. Surely Samsung Galaxy S5. This device is more cheaper and it gives...
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    Re: Some optimizer app for Sony Xperia M

    I am using free edition of Android Booster. This app is another version which gives you so many things. This app is really amazing and it works really fast. Being a free app it gives you some really...
  48. Re: Video files corrupt after moving them to sd card in Galaxy S5

    The problem can be with your sd card also. You have to check that first. Find a video that works in your pc. Then move it in the internal storage of your phone and copy it through a file manager in...
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    Re: Motorola G fast battery drain

    I had seen a few articles on the web and found this is a bug in the device. It was really surprising that this phone is quiet high end and it is giving out this kind of problem. The battery will...
  50. Re: How to check dead pixels on Samsung Galaxy S5 screen

    Dead pixel test is a different thing. Any pixel part when stops working you get a black spot and it is a bit bigger. There are few applications on Google Play which you can install and checkout. One...
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