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    Re: sync phone via Bluetooth in windows 8

    First of all restart the laptop, make sure Bluetooth is turned on the laptop. Install Zune on your laptop. Now make sure Bluetooth is on and is in visible mode on your lumia. Launch Zune and select...
  2. Re: Unable to access Bios of Lenovo G580 preinstalled with Windows 8

    What happens when you just keep pressing F2 key right from booting up the laptop. I mean just start and keep pressing F2 right before the logo appears. Does it takes you to the BIOS? I hope it...
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    Re: How to detect sniffer on lan

    You can find that with one tool. But I am not sure about Linux PC. Install Pearl Echo on your network server. This is a employee monitoring software. When you install this it will generate a report...
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    Re: Factory Restore App for Android tablets

    Compared to software, manual way is more better. Because in software you have to depend on a application and whatever backup is generated it consumes a specific amount of space inside your external...
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    Re: Apple OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion launched

    Hope you might have got the solution as of now. Mountain lion is now available for download/upgrade on Mac App Store as well as iTunes.

    If you want the direct download URLs, check this :...
  6. Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE bootloader can be unlocked easily

    Now you know that all HTC phones ship with locked bootloaders and it needs some kind of encrypted signature to unlock them. The HTCdev might have found the way to unlock the bootloader but it is...
  7. Re: How to unlock all the features of MSI GT780DX BIOS

    Everyone knows that the MSI BIOS have the best features needed for all purposes. You will get overclocking options, setting for each CPU core and many more. I don’t know what features you are...
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    Re: GTX 680 SLI vs GTX 690

    With the GeForce GTX 690, Nvidia offers us a technology showcase that will enchant fans even though she will not resist the judgment of reason. As often in the ultra high-end segment, and even in...
  9. Re: Is it possible to Interchange RUU & Radio in HTC One XL

    The processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 unleashes all its power on tests that have been made to a HTC One XL, the U.S. version of HTC One X LTE connectivity. By seeing test results it is clearly visible...
  10. Re: How to upgrade iMac G3 from Mac OS 9.2.2 to Mac OS X

    You cannot update from OS9 to OSX, the operating systems are completely different. Although you can install OS 9 Classic environment or as OS9 and OSX on a plate and have also run different operating...
  11. Re: How to unlock GLONASS in HTC One S Snapdragon S4 processor

    There is no clarification that HTC One series of phones - X, S, V comes with GLONASS support even their processor supports it. As far as I know that the GLONASS is a Russian technology. The GLONASS...
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    Re: LED Notification in HTC One S?

    I also find that this LED light is not visible enough. LED light is coming out of a tiny hole of the speaker and sometimes it is not completely visible or difficult to see. The problem is due to the...
  13. Re: Lenovo ThinkServer TD230 RAID does not recognize 3TB Drives

    What manufacturer HDD you are using? Does your BIOS allow you to allow RAID?

    Did you create hardware RAID VOLUME?

    It seems to me like you are trying to setup Bunch of Disks and have them show...
  14. Re: How to set Cisco Linksys WRT160N V2 as access point on LAN

    I think that it is quite possible to use the router as a single access point... By cons, not to be bothered would be best to disable all firewall functions. Under these conditions, I think it is...
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    Re: HTC One X from T-Mobile

    Well T-Mobile is about to repeat the operation, taking this time the HTC One X as a basis for it graft the name T-Mobile G4X. Therefore we find ourselves with a smartphone with a Tegra quadcore...
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    Re: How to remove Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    If you have installed the Windows 8 as dual boot, then you can remove it by deleting the entire volume. To do this open to start "Disk partition and format", this can be found in some tools of the...
  17. Re: How to link 2 Netgear GS605 switches together

    It just does not suffice to define only two switches on the same VLAN, they must also be able to communicate with each other. Otherwise, the two switches are indeed connected, but cannot see. And...
  18. Re: Scrivener: Ebook formatter and converter?

    Are you busy searching for a word processor for the iPhone but allow apps like Pages you're not, then the IOS version of Scrivener might be interesting?

    Scrivener is a familiar word processor...
  19. Re: Removed glibc on Slackware Linux, how to rebuild it

    You can chroot into the Slackware-environment. For that you will need to mount Slackware / partition in the filesystem of your Live-CD and then use:

    mount -t proc none /mnt/tmp/proc
    mount -o...
  20. Re: How to find Partition Editor in Debian Linux

    With Disk Manager everything related to the partitions in Linux is extremely simplified. No need to edit / etc / fstab, now we can do it all graphically. On startup, the program searches for any...
  21. Re: With slackware Linux cannot access NTFS partition as user

    You said that you cannot access the NTFS partition as user. The problem is with your user account. It does not have privileges to access that partition. Check that whether the user is added to the...
  22. Re: ASUS M5A88-V EVO motherboard: A complete failure?

    From the reporting of the problem the first time that has occurred (bios version 0707) the latest version of bios (version 0903) 4 months have passed. There are 3 versions of the bios and I consider...
  23. Re: Quick search Function in Opera with different Search engines?

    If you are going to change existing configuration files of Opera changing, always make a backup of the original files. So you can quickly restore the situation if you do something wrong. Since Opera...
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    Re: How convert VHS cassette Audio to mp3

    In the case of audio, the task is relatively simple. First we must connect the stereo with cassette or the turntable to the PC. We will use the audio output of the speakers, headphones or a secondary...
  25. Re: Repair PIN and IMEI on BlackBerry Curve 8900

    Many users suffering from problems with rewriting/reprogramming IMEI numbers to phones and the phones does not allow it because it is highly illegal. Due to security purpose, the phone made like this...
  26. re: On reboot HP t5570e Thin Client resets to factory

    Yes, I am also thinking about creating an rdp connection and save it inside the startup folder for default user. However if am a standard user, there is no way I am able to startup folder. If I log...
  27. Re: When Valve will make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as XBOX cross platform

    The thing when doing the experiment over cross-platform gaming Microsoft found it is not possible to play some of the games as cross platform. This is because console gamers sometimes couldn’t able...
  28. Re: Ubuntu Unity panel sitting behind top Gnome shell panel

    Recently Ubuntu users told that Ubuntu's Unity desktop environment has made them controversy and put the users into a loop. Due to its ability of customization you can do lot of thing in it. For you...
  29. Re: Dell Inspiron One VGA Input is not detected

    Review the entries on the back or side of your TV. VGA inputs are not always obviously named. While some entries are labeled "VGA", others are called "RGB PC," Computer Input "" or another name. VGA...
  30. Re: How to add front facing camera to BlackBerry Bold 9900

    Most of the Android phones currently available in the market place do have front facing cameras. I know that Blackberry lacking this and I don’t think that the BB software allows this even if you...
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    re: Firefox 10 vs Chromium in Ubuntu

    Which browser should you ultimately choose depends on which items you consider most important. But if your whole day spent on the web, Firefox and Chrome earning preferable to IE9. They offer more...
  32. Re: Clicking Noise from Toshiba Satellite L7555 CD/DVD drive

    Yes the click sound has not appeared after uninstalling "Toshiba PC Health Monitor" i think that it was really helping, if you want then you can try out the same.I am thankful to ccpharrell for his...
  33. Re: Cooler Master Elite 341 with e-SATA on Front panel

    The Cooler Master Elite RC-341 is a mini-tower case format ideal for small configurations (support for Micro-ATX motherboards). Designed in a genuine concern for practicality, it promotes a quick and...
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    Re: NetFlix Bug in Motorola Droid X2

    Yes, it is possible to say that you might have got the wrong or fake application which supposed to be a Trojan or something. So when u tried to update the app, it might have partially downloaded some...
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    Re: Tips to Play PS3 Games on PC

    The answer to your question is: This application is only useful to those who already have a home PC and a PS3 or two PCs, one of which unfit to play, etc.
  36. Re: How to uninstall AMD VISION Engine Control Center

    Uninstallation of such kind of programs does not require any additional removal or uninstaller tool. You can remove it from your computer as standard windows uninstallation method like you do for...
  37. Re: How to Customize software buttons in Android ICS

    I don’t think that there is any way to customize the software buttons in android ICS. Only in unlocked ICS you are able to customize but it only via Android API or SDK. You need to connect phone to...
  38. Re: ICS update will be coming for other Android phones

    Android fans in the coming months will receive the official update (and beyond), aware of the fact that Google has worked to get more performance with the same hardware acceleration of the previous...
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    Re: Voltage on AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3GHz 95W

    When at least appeared that AMD is not that happy with it, which is quite understandable because in a way you can performance products, the quad cores not sell.

    I wonder what will happen here, I...
  40. Re: Where i can get MSI MS-7050 OEM motherboard

    I just get a motherboard MSI MS7050 but impossible to get hold of the assembly plans. I went to the manufacturer's website and not even the United States, if someone in the same model as me, thank...
  41. Re: What is the difference between Acer VGA Driver and AMD driver

    I dont know what you are exactly looking for? Are you looking for bug fix for games as well your graphics card otherwise latest driver for VGA on your motherboard? AMD drivers surely get bug fixes...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 6930G Fan Control utility

    So all we need do is tell Acer Aspire One Fan Control the temperature at INICE we want the fan to remain so until this action does not go down again this limit. The settings from the factory are too...
  43. Re: Cannot set CPU voltage over 1.27V using MSI 990FXA-GD80 B6 BIOS

    This can usually easier than to overclock the CPU by changing system clock or memory or RAM divider and is possibly the high VDIMM and raises perhaps the memory timings. This is possible with almost...
  44. Re: Battlefield 3 Patch to fix Stuttering when Hyper-Threading is on

    The wait for Battlefield 3 PC patch of course includes a series of technical fixes for framerate, crash, problems entering in multiplayer match and a variety of graphical glitches. Then there are the...
  45. Re: New build using Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3 and AMD FX 6100 does not show 16Gb RAM

    I am not an overclocker, I can "stabilize" the RAM in the BIOS and operating system with 16 GB?

    Right now, all settings are auto, but also recognized correctly.

    The RAM is a fairly...
  46. Re: Framerate of Battlefield 3 in Dell XPS laptops

    Thus gets the beta period to the new EA shooter on older notebooks, at least the most out of hardware, provides new Nvidia driver in the Verde version 285.38 Beta ready for download.
  47. Re: Framerate of Battlefield 3 in Dell XPS laptops

    PC gamers, keeps harping that FPS = PC because yes, at the base, the best FPS were created on a PC, yes, the gameplay combo keyboard / mouse is more intuitive and more nervous and more accurate and...
  48. Re: LG Optimus black pending Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update

    I hope this will bring a real plus because I just spent my 2x as gingerbread and I see no improvement in the management of the battery and the more I find it a little less responsive.
  49. Re: LG Optimus black stuck on firmware update screen

    That's all I have not tested, but may wish to make further tests. The update (over 100MB!) Via USB and "LG PC Suite IV" as is "LGMobile update" was unfortunately a bit "bumpy", but with me in both...
  50. Re: How to build Ubuntu based Kiosk System with certain privileges

    Set up a secure and robust kiosk environment based on Ubuntu, Firefox and Openbox can. The kiosk area will be equipped subsequently with the following features:

    Firefox will automatically start...
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