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  1. Re: How to turn off "Reopen windows when logging back in" in Mac OS X v10.7 Lion?

    Here is the easiest way that I have found to escape from this irritation. Whenever you are restarting your PC by going into Apple menu then you can try just holding down the option. I tried doing...
  2. Re: OS X Lion has Waking /Sleep Wi-Fi Network and Finger Swipe in Firefox trouble

    Even I had same problem I before I exchange to Lion, turned out it was some problem with my router. I buy an additional router and I haven't had the issue since. Try altering from WEP to WPA you...
  3. Re: Having trouble to set up Dual monitors and full screen on OS X Lion is there any another method

    Dual monitor control is an area where Lion is less useful than Snow Leopard. Full screen display of a sole malfunction is not just a trouble with videos, as others have said, but devastate the...
  4. re: Getting outlook Error "An operation on the server timed out" -3259 in Apple MacBook Pro

    I would suggest you to re-install the office suite again on you Apple Mac PC, before installing it just remove first then you should remove the office suite completely from the PC. As you have done...
  5. Re: Mac OSX X v10.7 Lion performing poorly after waking from sleep

    I would say that try to install the operating system once again. I hope you know how to, but if don’t know then I would say that better take your system to the apple store. Ask them to install the...
  6. Re: macbook pro drains battery quickly after updating mac OS X Lion

    according to me you should try to visit the following mentioned LINK as I have mentioned below.
  7. Re: Preview and TextEdit stop surprisingly after installing OS X lion

    - I think if you are still having same problem then you should try to reinstall the same version of OS in your machine again.
  8. Re: WI-FI connection drops down constantly after upgrading Mac OS X Lion v.10.7

    I think this issue is because of driver installed. If it is occurring while using the recovery option then definitely it is a driver problem. I also have a Mac book Pro 15" Mid 2010. When I try to...
  9. Re: Apple Mac freezes for approximately 2 minutes

    We have the same problem. We tried all the fixes that we found on the internet but nothing helped. You have not yet found any solution to the problem.
  10. Re: Does Windows 8 Bootcamp works properly on MacBook

    I was able to put 8 in my MBP Windows 2011 using bootcamp with ease. Burned the .iso in a disc using disutility, and copied the Windows application support to a USB port. After installing, I poped in...
  11. Re: Font not displaying properly in Mac OS X v 10.7 Lion while using safari 5.1

    I would like to ask you that did terminal give you an error message of an unsupported command, or did it just not solve the issue? Remember that on sudo command, it will ask you for admin password....
  12. re: Samsung RF711 - Error "Installation may take several minutes. Please wait..." coming on Windows 7 SP1

    This type of problem arrives on the windows based system when your network could have a firewall or proxy in position that is stop the installer from accessing the Web Key Delivery site. This is...
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    re: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    There is the simple trick for that as we have use for the windows. First you create your server page coding as you like to develop its depends on the knowledge you want to develop your application...
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    re: Error Message at Processor startup.

    You just remove your processor from the motherboard and then again fixed it see the fan condition and if require then change whatever you wish to make replacement in the hardware, and after that fit...
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    Re: Why do computers just stop running?

    Well I think that computers have problems because they are made by people. No one is perfect and can work out problems to a desired result. Computer does what they are told to do. Many problems occur...
  16. Re: Permission denied message while trying to modify music file properties

    This is because of virus. Scan your system in safe mode and see. Also right click on the taskbar and then see there is Task Manager visible or not. If not then that means the virus has disabled your...
  17. Re: Windows XP User pasword screen freezed on Emachine 422

    Screen does not has any related to the operating system. So when you changed the screen, surely the system is not affected by it. It is another issue. Run a startup repair for this.
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    Re: How to turn On Wi-Fi for U-buntu 11.04

    For the purpose for starting the Wi-Fi in your Ubuntu you have to go for the System Administrator and make search for the Additional Drivers over in Administrator. There you find the list of...
  19. Re: Error code 8003, while trying to empty Trash in Intel Imac.

    I think that this is a very use full utility "Trash It" and I am also using this utility and I never found anything that would not trash. I think that it will not solve the error code problem but it...
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    Re: Asus 1001P Notebook: How to Install OS?

    Friend, If you are trying to install the new operating system in your blank hard drive then I will suggest you the steps as follows:

    In this case first you will need to have a genuine copy of the...
  21. re: Getting error while installing windows 8 developer build on vmware

    Fusion 4 allows me completely install Windows Developer Preview 8.However, none of the elements of Metro (weather, stocks, etc.) work. I can click on them and the edge of the corners but nothing...
  22. Re: How can I record a video of screen events in windows XP?

    If you need free software for recording your screen events then there is a software called “Free Screen Video Capture” by Topviewsoft. It can record your desktop and generates an AVI file. You...
  23. Re: After upgrading to Lion the icons won’t stay put

    Unfortunately, I have several registries that have an impressive number of indexes where their arrangement is noteworthy. . Arranging by name, etc. would totally negate my purpose. In any occasion,...
  24. Re: Windows 7 Configure Updates failing after continuous tries

    This happened on my vista computer 2 years back, it happened when the computer attempted introduced 64 digit drivers for my presentation. I wound up needing to reinstall windows; I didn't look much...
  25. Re: Unable to mount ISO files on Virtual Clone Drive

    I have the same opinion as the above user as you should ensure first that whether the files you are trying to mount is working perfectly or not?

    Or else if suppose you are not getting what could...
  26. Re: Powerpoint Office 2011 works very slow on LAN

    I am not sure about your version but an older version has the same issue. The fix for that was recommended that when you are playing a presentation play it from an network share drive. It is better...
  27. Re: How to set auto logon in Windows 7 professional

    I also use Windows 7. And I know the simple way of how to logon automatically in windows 7. For this you have to go for these simple steps
    • Enter the command (netplwiz) in start, and then press...
  28. Re: How to Remove Address text in Windows Explorer on windows XP

    Is there are some sort of the tools which are available to make changes in the windows you are using it. As there are plenty of the tools which are there to make the changes in the windows, as I was...
  29. Re: Unable to format Windows including missing NLTDR

    In some old systems there was a BIOS boot area protection. Turn it on and you get a flabbergasting number of post instate mistakes. Today you take the initial XP CD (the unified with no SP1,2,3) and...
  30. Re: Unable to launch Windows Xp on any mode because of blue screen

    Windows Explorer for most tries not to indicate the extensions.
    Enlargements are OPTIONAL. An index is a document is an index paying little heed to the name and can keep code or driver or message.
  31. Re: What is the meaning of "64 bit" version of Windows 7?

    In spite of the fact that its uncommon its not unheard of to have a motherboard that will underpin an early 64-bit processor but not back something greater than 4GB of RAM. In this case you’ll...
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    Re: Where to download Themes for Windows 8

    See there are lots of windows 8 themes for windows 7 available right now in the web you can download it from there. Now the one that interested me a lot is the windows 8 anime themes. Six different...
  33. Re: 3GB ram memory been used constantly in windows 7 64 bit

    I am sure that you must be using number of small programs in the background always like

    -daemon tools
    -windows defender
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    Re: Windows 8 Server PC

    We know that the Windows 8 will be reimagining for PC. It is inspired from the Windows phone inspired from the full screen user experience which is Microsoft is descried from the Metro Style UI...
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    Re: How to run server on Windows 8?

    Windows 8 Server is seems to be building block for the cloud service and it had done significant changes which are supposed to handle networking multi-tenancy. You can also design the network for...
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    Re: How to include OneNote in office2011 of Mac.

    You can obtain VMware, By making programs run native on the desktop. Agreement is in no way native. It is still running in an emulate OS. However you can try Word 2004/2008 contain amazing...
  37. Re: Not able to install Vmware Workstation on Fedora

    I was just testing the same and faced that error. But after getting updates for the workstation the problem disappeared. So better run new updates and then check back.
  38. Re: Virtual network computing and Workstation 6.x

    OK tell me one thing that has you activated VNC? Which can be done as follows :In the guest login; go to VM and then navigate to; Settings and then navigate to; Options and then navigate to; Remote...
  39. Re: Virtual network computing and Workstation 6.x

    Are you using bridged networking or NAT ?Try with bridged and it should work. If you're using NAT, you'll have to configure the port forwarding rules for VNC on the VMware router.
  40. Re: Using VMWare Player in a company environment?

    I would rather suggest you to that if you're just downloading one copy of VMware Player and making use of it on one physical machine for your personal use and that is the whole figure of installs in...
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    Re: Gaming support on Microsoft Windows 8

    There is no surety on the same. Microsoft does not released anything officaily regarding this and whatever is the news is based on rumors. Till yet I am just finding that Microsoft will release...
  42. Re: Having trouble with installing “Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac” gives error “no mountable file systems”

    No mountable file system is actually means that the disk image is corrupted so in such case you can’t do anything but to remove the copy that you have downloaded and download the fresh copy again...
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    Re: FOSS for low end system is worth or not

    That is right. Even if you tell them to use Windows XP you will atleast need a better ram and processor to run it. But in Linux some old versions are more then enough. You can tell them to install...
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    Re: how can I use smartcam in ubuntu

    Yes the process he told is actually the installation of the driver and not for the installation of the smartcam. So try to do the following steps to install it.
    • After following the process what...
  45. Re: Invalid Signature error when booting Windows in the GRUB

    This will be shows the same kind of problem on my system. it displays these errors when I push the enter button to boot the respective OS. You have choose to install grub2 to sdc. This will be help...
  46. Re: Unable to boot Ubuntu 9.10 with No init found

    A simple workaround would be to try installing from a usb stick. In this process the USB flash drive contain the installation of the Ubuntu on it. The system will be help to you for solving this kind...
  47. Re: Error message “gave up waiting for root device” during boot Ubuntu

    If the problem is to be related to the SATA bus then I think you need to plug the CH10 in a SATA port. This SATA port is present on motherboard of this laptop. This SATA port connection helps to...
  48. Re: Error message Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr during boot Ubuntu

    You may be able to recover the old boot.ini with specialized tools. The boot.ini for the Ubuntu is to be holds the setting information that can be able to find and then fix this kind of problem. this...
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    re: How to change GDM theme in Ubuntu 10.04?

    You can download Ubuntu Tweak for Ubuntu 10.04. You can do a Google search for that. Ubuntu Tweak is software which is designed to make config Ubuntu easier for every user. It has many tools for...
  50. Re: Glib-WARNING**: getpwuid_r() failed on Ubuntu

    Using method to boot this ubuntu system without plymouth doesn't show that error on your system. Plymouth is the application which provides the graphical "bootsplash" for Ubuntu.
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