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    Re: Media center remote doesn't control anything

    The remote is not working because of incompatibility. I had gone through Microsoft site and they says that you need to buy Vista Compatible remotes only to use them on Media center. That is really a...
  2. Re: Missing “Save As” option in OS X Lion as "Duplicate" is not helping, Apple should bring it back

    It isn't at the expenditure of functionality. It all workings. You just require getting make use of to doing it a little in a different way than previous to, but Save As functionality is still in...
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    Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion

    I wouldn't name it for the most part overwhelmed but I impressed with the new Mail. And that would be concerning it. I don't make use of Launch pad. little icons are cool on a little iOS display,...
  4. Re: Does Windows 8 Bootcamp works properly on MacBook

    You might get the solution or the method to do it on the internet and also you can just follow the method which the above users have told you to do it and also I think it will be work for you.
  5. Re: Mac OSX X v10.7 Lion performing poorly after waking from sleep

    I have also have faced this problem with the update. I have witnessed a huge graphic performance after my system wakes after sleep. Few days back I was using iphoto in full screen and I was just...
  6. Re: macbook pro drains battery quickly after updating mac OS X Lion

    apart from the entire mentioned one, there is another issue as well that I have found with the machine as while we put the machine in sleep mode, then also it cause battery draining very quicker.
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    Re: Finder window crashes on mac OS x Lion

    happened sporadically, more often than not while carrying out searches via Finder or Spotlight, or when affecting files among folders.
    steps taken to fix issue (via Apple Support):

    1. You can...
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    Re: stop the rearranging of icons on OS X Lion

    If your icons are not being displayed and you have difficulty in sorting your images you should try some steps that I have mentioned:
    Try using "Use as Defaults"? Which will set it to default...
  9. Re: My Mac OS X is deleting Emails, please help.

    In this case, I would like to say that if you are using the SpamSieve or other 3rd party spam filter then this will caused by them only. And if so then you will need to check the Spam folder for...
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    Re: Apple Mac freezes for approximately 2 minutes

    We'll have approximately closely the same trouble, the addition of AD 2003, but we are connecting to an EMC NS120 as our primary file server. So you can try it and get it done.
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    re: MAMP/XAMPP set up local host

    The simple example for creating the local host for the Mac:
    • First develop your Application page
    • Then store it in the server application which you have install
    • Now go to that folder...
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    re: Error Message at Processor startup.

    The same problem even I have also faced but finally I have overcome that issue. For that I have upgraded the BIOS with the latest version of application and finally this type of error I have not seen...
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    Re: Does not found anything great in Windows 8

    There will be surely many shortcomings for Windows 7 on release. The beta version is still pending. It was stated that whatever apps and drivers of Windows 7 will work in Windows 8. This was a fail...
  14. Re: Permission denied message while trying to modify music file properties

    Use iTunes for this purpose. I found a similar guide for what you want to do. This is called as Tagging your music files. iTunes has more easier options for this purpose. So look on the link below...
  15. Re: Windows XP User pasword screen freezed on Emachine 422

    You can live cd to get backup of your data. There are many free live cd you can use. Just run and boot from the same and then copy the data from it. Live CD are better way for data copy.
  16. Re: Error code 8003, while trying to empty Trash in Intel Imac.

    In this case, I will suggest you do as directed below:

    While you are trying to choose the Empty Trash at that time only hold down the option key.
    And after that restarting and also trying with...
  17. Re: Cannot get access to other users account in Windows 7

    I could not tell is the alternate USERID was 'alternate user' or not, but there are others that do displayed, for example GUEST. In the event that you are running as Administrator, or log on as the...
  18. Re: Centos 5 In Vmware Workstation don't gives desired resolution

    I am agree with the above user as Centos 5 and Red Hat use the Xen kernel which is not supported by Vmware tools and thus You will have to reboot machine to a non-xen kernel from Grub. Then eliminate...
  19. Re: After upgrading to Lion the icons won’t stay put

    I possess the same correct issue where both my Mac Book Pro and my Mac Pro have lost icon arrangement at irregular each so regularly. This NEVER happened before Lion, and it is now a HUGE issue for...
  20. Re: Launching Applications in OS X using Keyboard Shortcut

    I too dislike utilizing the rodent on my macbook, I united a duplicate of the applications I utilize on a general support to my desktop and afterward joined a Keyboard shortcut under the discoverer...
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    Re: Powerpoint Office 2011 works very slow on LAN

    I faced a similar issue when I was running an shared powerpoint file. The file was very slow and it was not opening up at all. There are number troubleshooting tips you can perform here :

  22. re: How to fix reverse arrow key function on Mac Office 2011

    That loos a bit more functional than what we got on regular office. The best thing about open source is that you are not limited to software editions.
  23. Re: How to Remove Address text in Windows Explorer on windows XP

    Actually it is the freeware utility which allows the user to do the changes on to the windows and also it changes many of the others, as I have also gone through the article for the tool, but I think...
  24. Re: Segmentation Error while Installing Ubuntu LTS on Vmware

    Why don't you try some other type of operating system instead of Ubuntu. It is possible that due to incompatibility you are facing the issue. Try some other operating system and if you get the same...
  25. Re: Mouse cursor flashing “busy” in windows vista x64

    I would suggest you to install the drivers again. Download the drivers form the internet if you don’t have the drivers. I think this might resolve the issue of yours.
  26. Re: What is the meaning of "64 bit" version of Windows 7?

    Not each requisition stands to profit from the x64 building design, and it will require significant investment for 64-bit releases of Windows to increase across the board appropriation, but the...
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    Re: Windows 7 Theme vs Windows 8 Theme

    I think so most of the information are given above the major difference that you will see is the interface and nothing much I hope you are understanding what I am saying here, so that’s what I want...
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    Re: How do you find Windows 8 Theme?

    Basically all the choices do depend upon the people with what they want to go as of now I haven’t found any complains with the windows 8 theme it is said that all of them are working fine no issues...
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    Re: Where to download Themes for Windows 8

    Have you checked out the simple windows 8 theme and also the transformation pack. you should check it out dude. Of the both I felt the simple on was the most simplest and quite descent and hence I...
  30. Re: 3GB ram memory been used constantly in windows 7 64 bit

    Ya look out for other applications been working on your system and other then that I would be saying that these days some of the application has been responding really worst. Like the newest version...
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    Re: Windows 8 Server PC

    If I am not wrong than I have come to know about the another thing that is there is another feature is included into the operating system. It will allow you to deploy full Windows 8 environments on...
  32. Re: Working of Windows Live Mesh with Apple OS 10.7 (Lion)

    Try to update Windows Live interconnect to be update in order to work with Snow Leopard (Mac 10.6). Accordingly I can say that, numerous software companies are approaching out with reorganized...
  33. Re: Not able to install Vmware Workstation on Fedora

    I found an Fedora 8 VMware Image. You can get that from the below link. Download this and run it. There are many changes done to this version. As the operating system is open source, the image is...
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    Re: Gaming support on Microsoft Windows 8

    Pc gaming will surely be relaunched in Windows 8. In the other operating system we do not find any direct support for multiplayer gaming. Surely Microsoft ti s planing for something here.
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    Re: Is it necessary to have Page File in Windows

    It is simple, page file uses the empty space of your hard drive and convert the same to temporary ram. So settings do related to direct performance of your system.
  36. Re: crashes with VMPlayer 3.0.0 causing X on host.

    I had precisely similar issue with VMPlayer 3 and 2.5.3 I had VMPlayer 2.x installed and all the things were working smoothly. The problem started to begin after installation of VMPlayer 3.0 it was...
  37. Re: Having trouble with installing “Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac” gives error “no mountable file systems”

    I was also getting the same error and I don’t know why I deleted the set up file from the hard disk and then downloaded it again in the in the external USB drive and that actually worked for me so...
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    Re: When will be GUI grub2 editor available?

    I am happy we are still on 1.97beta4. The 1.97 last turned out right on time. I know that we began with 1.96 (irrevocable) in 9.10alpha2, as worked over for Ubuntu. It did not do some things it need...
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    Re: FOSS for low end system is worth or not

    I too recommend Slackware. I had worked on this for an small work where the laptop was extremely old. There was no camera and just usb support. This operating system is very low but nice for basic...
  40. Re: Need help on editing grub.cfg for dual boot with windows 7: Ubuntu.

    Well I would say that If the new grub has just been installed you should not be editing the grub.cfg. There are multiple no of files that get their place in the into grub.cfg on each update or...
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    Re: how can I use smartcam in ubuntu

    There is also the latest version of it is out 1.4 which is available for download so try to download it from the sourceforge since it has solved the many of the issues which are in the version 1.3 .
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    Re: install OS X on asus p5qpl-vm epu motherboard

    I think it seems that you haven’t even search about the same on this forum ever before, because this is already mentioned over here. Thus you should just go through the following link below.
  43. Re: Menus fails in Menubar while using Ubuntu 11.04 release

    Since I’m that much of professional to do this, but you should try this one may be it work for you and help you to overcome the problems, you just try to disable the global menu completely by...
  44. Re: Invalid Signature error when booting Windows in the GRUB

    I think you have recently performed the update task on it and possibly that there was a bug in a recent updates that caused the ntfs error. Hence I suggest to you for performing the correct upgrade...
  45. Re: Unable to boot Ubuntu 9.10 with No init found

    Booting into "Recovery Mode" as well as choosing the other kernels will be provide the facility to perform this problem solving task on it. Try this and check the real performance of your system.
  46. Re: Cannot connect internet in Puget system using windows 7

    you can also try to solve this problem by disabling the power management option in adapter setting and after disabling that your problem will get solved and you will not get any issue.
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    Re: How to change GDM theme in Ubuntu 10.04?

    Ubuntu Tweak is really a good application, but all the things that you can do with that application can also be done manually also. But, of course, Ubuntu Tweak makes finding the options much simpler...
  48. Re: Error message Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr during boot Ubuntu

    I have exactly the same problem. I use a wubi to solve this problem. Wubi is at best a way to test ubuntu for a few days. Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users. This wubi...
  49. Re: getting Error splicing file: Input/output error while copying file in ubuntu

    I have checked any other file and this problem is coming with all the files in my computer and I have also tried to solve this issue by changing the USB cable and connecting the hard drive with...
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    Re: Glib-WARNING**: getpwuid_r() failed on Ubuntu

    On encrypted system with plymouth I get this error. Then I read the related articles of this laptop. These articles provide me the guidance to perform such kind of error fixing technique. In this...
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