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  1. Re: error code 0x8007064a while installing Microsoft Security Essentials

    I would suggest you to fist download the OneCare Utility clean up tool from this link - and save...
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    Re: removing Tuvaro virus

    If still the above solution doesnt work for you then download and install Malwarebytes Antimalware software in your pc. This software can be used to scan disks and devices in your computer for all...
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    Re: infected with s3amazonaws virus

    You should download AdwCleaner software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning of your PC and make it faster and optimize its performance. This is a very handy tool that allows you to...
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    Re: removing PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!AJ

    I would also suggest you to download a tool called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware software. This program allows you to fight against any kind of malware, spyware, spam and trojans. You can do a quick...
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    Re: removing GS Supporter 1.8

    I would recommend you to download a tool called AdwCleaner. It is a free software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning of your PC and make it faster and optimize its performance. This...
  6. Re: Getting only 2kbps of download speed on 1mbps internet connection

    There is a big issue with MTNL. I do not know why but most of the time the internet does not work well. That is why I had switched to TATA Photon where it works really well. There is no problem in...
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    Re: getting rid of Dmwu.exe IBUpdaterService

    Download a tool called AdwCleaner by searching it on the internet and install it in your pc. This is a free software that will allow you to make a good system cleaning of your PC and make it faster...
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    Re: Nation Zoom Homepage Hijacker removal

    Even my computer got infected with this same virus and it is really a pain to remove this nasty. But after a lot of testing I was finally able to remove it from my system. So to uninstall this...
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    Re: getting rid of QuickShare program

    Sometime back I was also suffering from this problem and after a lot of search on the web I found that this has something to do with the registry editor. So, I immediately downloaded CCleaner and...
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    Re: What does a rootkit virus do

    McAfee RootkitRemover is a very effective software to get rid of rookits. It is an amazing piece of software that you must keep in your pen drive always. And you must run that in the pc which you...
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    Re: Is swt-win32-3740.dll file virus?

    Even in my pc this file just recently started to appear and I dont even have anything installed in my pc for quite some time except for something from my motherboard manufacturer's website and it...
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    Re: How to remove BrowserProtect by Bit89 Inc

    There is another tool called AdwCleaner which will remove that nasty from your pc easily. AdwCleaner will give you the ability to remove annoying toolbars, spyware and all kinds of malicious element...
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    Re: Localhost not working on Windows 8.1

    There are many utilities like this. That allow you to create and configure different web servers online. Like AMPPS. It works similar to Xampp and has
    almost the same kind of features. It is easy...
  14. Re: How does folder redirection works in windows server

    One of the most common thing that people face is disappearing folder redirection. Even after applying the settings the folder settings will disappear and you wont be able to get saved profile. It is...
  15. Re: How to remove Conduit Malware with Microsoft Security Essentials

    Conduit is not a malware but a PUP (potentially unwanted program) which gets installed with the free programs available on the internet for download without you knowing anything. You can term it as...
  16. Re: Nook GlowLight eReader freezes all the time

    Well, have you tried to do a master clear in your ebook reader. To do that go into Settings and then under Device Info you can see an option there to 'Erase and reregister'. If this doesnt work and...
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    Re: How to get rid of PortaldoSites?

    If you are using Firefox browser then open it first and go to Tools > Addons. After that select Extensions > and click uninstall. Now go to Tools > Options and finally reset the...
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    Re: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    I think that because this software comes in the free downloaded programs which is nothing but potentially unwanted programs, so it will be best to remove them. So, try to download the Malwarebytes...
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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 reboot cycle

    Yes, I agree to the above, I was having more than 2000 books in my Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader and it used to freeze when I was looking for books in the library which was set to show book covers in it....
  20. Re: Asus RT-AC68U reboots when I am trying to use my printer over Airprint

    Go on YouTube and checkout some tutorial video. I think that will be more helpful for you to understand how this Airprint actually works. You might be doing some wrong Settings. Due to which you are...
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    Re: Kobo Glo ebook reader crashing continuously

    There could be also some problems with the different language books that you have downloaded and put it in your ebook reader. What was the source from where you downloaded it? Try to redownload them...
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    Re: enterprise.ww\ during install

    I think that the file could be damaged, so what you can do is copy the entire Office CD in your hard drive and then try to run the setup from there. Also check the digital signature and...
  23. Re: Pre-Authentication Failed - Type 0x0 - Code 0x19 - Event ID 675

    If you want to solve the 675 error that you are getting then you can try to force your operating system to use previous authentication steps. To do that you need to create the below registry value on...
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    Re: ntBackup event ID 8019

    To fix this issue you will need to register VSS system files. For that you don't have to go with manual process. There is a hotfix available for the same. I am giving you a link below. Download the...
  25. Re: Acer Aspire won't connect to wireless network

    Can you tell us whether you are on a dynamic or static IP address? Incase you have done the setup with the modem directly to your computer then you might need to clone the Mac address of the pc into...
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    Re: Pre-Authentication Failure

    This error was something that I was also getting. The source client was on a Windows 7 pc running Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR). I had been using a Usb hard drive long back that was...
  27. Re: windows cannot start cluster service in local computer

    Try to reinstall the Failover Clustering feature. To do that go to every computer that you want to make a cluster node and then use the Server Manager console to remove the Failover Clustering...
  28. Re: Accessing "http://companyweb/default.aspx" From remote location

    First of try to run Internet Explorer with no Addons. After that reset the IE settings and check the results. To do that click Start and then go to Control Panel. After that change to Classic View on...
  29. Re: Want help to choose a good tactical shooter game

    I had seen a article on Norton that says about other hackers who can peep through your webcam. It is not right to say that webcam are completely secure. Through malware it is possible that your...
  30. Re: Is it safe to use banking sites no cyber cafe

    Never use them. It is not at all recommended. Never use internet banking logins and credit card on public system. Your data can be misused by any. Even banking website do not recommend you to do the...
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    Re: want to buy Sony PRS-T3 ebook reader

    Yes, I agree with the above post, Sony PRS-T3 ebook reader will not be launched in the United States. This PRS-T3 that comes with a built-in cover and quick charge feature will be only offered in the...
  32. Re: Confuse between different antivirus programs

    I am using Quickheal. This is one of the best antivirus. I am using this from long time and the system does not slow down at all. It works fine and has smooth output also. I found the features also...
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    Re: removing iLivid malware

    Even after removing it from the Uninstall Program, it will still reside in the Internet Browser and you will need to remove it from there as well. So, to uninstall iLivid from Firefox, go to Firefox...
  34. Re: How to get rid of system progressive protection virus

    There are many free alternative scanners that you can use in your pc and it will also not interfere with any antivirus software that is pre-installed in your pc. But you should run this free scanners...
  35. Re: what all different apps compatible with Nook HD+ eReader

    You can ascertain that Zinio and Kindle to work fine on the Nook HD+ ebook reader. As per the Play Store website all the apps that you have listed are also compatible with this eReader but I havent...
  36. Re: Is it possible that virus can enter pc via wallpapers

    If you download files from trusted sources then you will not face this kind of problem. There are number of popular sites which provide you secure download. You can download files from them. They are...
  37. Re: Is it possible that virus can enter pc via wallpapers

    If you download files from trusted sources then you will not face this kind of problem. There are number of popular sites which provide you secure download.
    You can download files from them. They...
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    Re: Sony Reader PRS-T1 wifi problem

    Even I was having issues connecting my Sony Reader PRS-T1 to the wifi from my router. But later on I found out that the router settings protected setup was turned off, so I simply turned it on and...
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    Re: Sendori virus infection

    If Sendori is not listed in the Add or Remove Programs then try to download and install the IObit Advanced System Care software on your pc. After that restart in Safe Mode and then open the program...
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    Re: What is otshot? How do I remove it?

    You will need to uninstall the Otshot from the Control Panel only. Just try to open the Task Manager and then end the process called OtShot.exe. This way you can simply quit the program running in...
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    Re: removing malware

    There is another tool called Anvi Ad Blocker that can be used to block the pop-up ads in your computer. Anvi Ad Blocker allows you to navigate safely and comfortably. The program...
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    Re: How to uninstall Smart HDD Virus

    If the above method doesnt wotk, then try to restart your pc in Safe Mode with Networking. After that remove the bad proxy servers that are added by this Smart HDD virus from your browser like IE,...
  43. Re: Android security application that consume less battery

    I am using the free edition of Bitdefender. This antivirus is really cool. I am not having any battery issue on HTC One. You can run the scan and keep the app running in the background. I think this...
  44. Re: Wireless Network problem after installing Windows 8.1 Preview

    Can you get into the Device Manager and then try to disable and then re-enable the wireless card and see if that works. Another thing you can do is remove the driver completely from your computer and...
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    Re: How to remove virus from services.exe?

    Since the Microsoft Safety Scanner is not able to remove the virus even after detecting it, then you can try to use the Windows Defender Offline and see if that works. You can easily install it on a...
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    Re: install third party apps on Nook HD Tablets

    I am using the same tablet and let me assure you that you can easily install any type of third party apps on the Nook HD tablet without rooting it. You can even install the Amazon appstore if you...
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    Re: internet browser hijacked by

    Try to opem Task Manager and then search for the processes and right click on them and end it all. After that click on the Start menu and then click on Search bar and try to search for the...
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    Re: Onyx Boox M92 eReader frozen

    Well, can you try to use an older firmware for Onyx Boox M92 and see if that works. I usually update my eReaders by connecting it to the pc via usb cable. You can try to put the old firmware on the...
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    Re: ! My Picture.SCR virus removal

    Even I was infected by this "! My Picture.SCR" virus in my computer. What I did to get rid of it was I first started Task Manager and then I ended its process that was associated with the internet...
  50. Re: blocked by Norton Internet Security 2013

    Even I was getting this same problem but after latest installing the latest updates released for Norton Internet Security 2013, this problem seems to have been solved. Now am able to open
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