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    Re: BCDEdit /set IncreaseUserVA 3072

    Yes it works. It modifies the ram usage to maximum 3072. The application can use more physical ram and your system performance will be improved to great extent. I am giving you a link that has ample...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HD 8.9" battery life

    I guess its 8 hours, not so sure about it but I have read in some reviews. Logically Kindle Fire HD 7" has 11 hours of battery life. So Kindle Fire HD 8.9" will surely have less battery life if they...
  3. How to recover photos from Kodak easyshare

    I have been using Kodak easyshare from a long time and I never had any issue with it. Today afternoon I don’t what went wrong with it, when I connected it to and tried transferring images from it...
  4. Re: "Do Not Disturb" feature not working in iOS 6 on 3GS

    I have been facing same issue after updating my iphone 4 to iOS 6, I am not sure but it appears as if iOS 6 has killed "Do Not Disturb" feature completely. I have found many people reporting this to...
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    Windows Mail asking for user id & password

    Hello I am using Windows Mail from quiet a long time before I got my hands on Vista. From past few days I am having very strange problem with my Windows Mail. When I start my Windows Mail it keep on...
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    Try to check for new updates and then test back....

    Try to check for new updates and then test back. I am sure that will fix the problem. You can try running new updates and then see whether the issue is gone or not. This is the just be beginning of...
  7. Solution for "cannot delete emails in Windows 7 Live"

    I recently bought a new Dell Desktop with i7 processor. It came pre-installed with Windows 7. Everything is working fine except as small problem in Windows Mail. Whenever I go to delete any mail, I...
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    RAM usage in Windows 7 64 bit

    My desktop was having Vista 32bit OS. It come pre-installed with that. I had upgraded the same to Windows 7 64bit. And increased the ram to 5GB. As 64bit operating system allows you to have a much...
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    Hello Karrma,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I did the above, and got the "Import Successful" message. Yay!

    Just so I completely understand, what is this certificate for? It happened when I released...
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    OK, I've verified that the system clock is correct. It's exactly the same as my other DC.

    I was able to download the cab file and Extract it on this computer.

    I have a very beginner's question....
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    Oh, OK, thanks.
    I thought it might have been WSUS reporting on another computer, since this is the server WSUS runs on. All my computers sync time to the DC, which syncs with an internet time...
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    Re: Failed to extract third party root list

    Hi Karrma
    Thanks for the reply.

    Is there a way to know which machine this message is referring to?
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    These command's helped me out. msiexec...

    These command's helped me out.
    msiexec /Unregister
    msiexec /regserver
    windows installer is working fine and i am not getting same error message in windowsupdate.log.
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    How to force a bigger screen resolution?

    I am having a HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y running with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. As my titles suggests, my highest resolution as of now is 1360x768 but I want to make it larger. FYI, I am using...
  15. Import .FLV files to Windows Movie Maker, Convert FLV to MSWMM, Edit FLV in WMM

    Friends you all can convert .FLV files to SWMM or Edit FLV in WMM using Windows Movie Maker. If you want to know how then you can go through below steps:

    Download and install Windows Movie Maker...
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    Re: Windows main executable has stopped working

    Not sure if this will help you out - but I was trying to download Screen Print 32 and I always received the main executable has stopped working error - in searching the net, I found a site that said...
  17. RE: Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

    Get Malwarebytes and go in Safe Mode by hitting F8 constantly on boot. In safe mode there are minimum applications which are running and it offers you dept scanning. If there are malware then this...
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    Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host issue

    Yesterday evening when I started my Windows Vista running laptop, I got prompted with the following error message:

    It appears everytime I restart my system. Is there any one who having any...
  19. I can offer you a bit description on OWA and on...

    I can offer you a bit description on OWA and on this error. First can you tell me that are you able to access OWA from SBS Domain Client. It is very important here. And again then check that you will...
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    Re: Configure the internet address

    Most probably the cause of the error is that SBS 2008 is not able to automatically configure the router-. You will need to configure the router manually. As SBS 2008 is taking over the SBS 2003 box,...
  21. Re: Cannot open Theme Settings, Display Settings, Screen Saver Settings, etc

    Me too facing the same problem with Toshiba laptop since past two months, tried everything but got nothing that helped me to fix the same. Hence using it in that way itself since then. But as I found...
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    My Windows XP system got MS Malicious Removal Tool installed automatically after running the windows updates yesterday. I don’t know why it is necessary when I already have AVG as well as Spybot or...
  23. There can be number of reason behind it. The card...

    There can be number of reason behind it. The card reader is not having appropriate drivers. The Upnp mode is disabled in your system or there can be cable fault. Change the usb port also. You can...
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    MS Project 2007 to 2003 Converter

    I have installed Microsoft Project 2003 on my system, Now whenever I open a Project file that was created in 2007. When I want to save it a "Help" screen opened recommending I download Service Pack 3...
  25. re: Virus affected Copy/Paste function in Windows XP

    Run Windows Update. That might help to some extent. Windows Update adds some critical security components which is very helpful in dealing with this kind of issues. It is not complicated to find fix,...
  26. There are around 10 computers which are on the...

    There are around 10 computers which are on the network. They are connected to a router and server which is the central part. You can simply try using the Active Directory as the physical server. This...
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    I am having a dell laptop. I bought it just a...

    I am having a dell laptop. I bought it just a month ago. It took sometime to get a proper internet connection. When the connection was active the net connectivity fluctuates a lot. When ping any site...
  28. Well heer is the solution for Outlook Error Code...

    Well heer is the solution for Outlook Error Code (0x80040119):

    1. Exit Outlook.
    2. Repair the PST files as MS recommends.
    2. Goto Control Panel>Mail>[Email account] settings> Disable cache mode...
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    RE: Windows Media Player 11 won't play Videos...

    Hey, even I am facing a very similar problem on Vista 32bit. I received a file in wave format in an email. Whenever I try to run Media Player freezes and give an error message saying “Windows Media...
  30. An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation.

    My system running windows XP Pro SP3 has started freezing all the time. I have gone through the Event Viewer and i see the below error message repeated there many times.
    An error was detected on...
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    PCI TV Tuner for Windows XP x64

    It is almost two years now my Windows XP system working very well. Now I am planing to add a TV Tuner card in my system. The OS that I have is Windows XP 64bit. The TV Tuner card that I am planing to...
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    You are getting this error because your system is...

    You are getting this error because your system is not getting a valid ip address. You must check that through ipconfig /all. Just launch cmd and type this command. Then hit enter and see whether you...
  33. Re: Document Image Writer print driver included in MS Office 2007?

    If you are using 64bit Windows then you will not get it because those apps are not compatible with 64bit version. If yours is 32bit then you can get it as optional installation features.
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    RE: Windows Vista media player 11 crash on start

    I thought I was alone with this problem but seems like there is some more people. I made few changes couple of days ago and since them whenever I launch WMP I crashes with the following information:...
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    Cannot read DVD on DVD-ROM drive

    My laptop with QSICDRW/DVD-ROM drive can read CD but not DVD. Actually it recognizes dvd and comes up with a drive for it as well, but when i open it i don't see any content, even though there are...
  36. Lost TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA drivers for Dell Vostro 1000

    I am not able to use TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA on my Dell Vostro 1000 laptop. I was working until I upgraded to Vista Home Basic. I can boot from that DVD drive, but in Vista it is not reading...
  37. Can Vista Media Center play clear QAM channels?

    I am not able to get clear QAM channels in my Xbox 360 using windows media center. Don't know what's wrong, i don't have any issue in watching clear QAM channels on my system via my TV tuner...
  38. How do I download wedding invitation templates on Publisher?

    I want to invite people for wedding, So I am just wondering How to download other publications to publishers. I don't have much options to work with so you can please help me. How I can move ahead ?
  39. SONY DCR-TRV14E Camera drivers for Windows Vista

    I am using a Windows Vista system. I have SONY DCR-TRV14E Digital Camera. I had upgraded my system from XP. So this is for sure that all old applications and drivers will be wiped out. Now the camera...
  40. re: Uninstall Microsoft Bluetooth Stack on Windows XP

    I think you use Bluesoleil directly over the existing one. It is not going to create any issue. I have a laptop where both are installed. Just at the time of usage you need to choose the right stack...
  41. Looking for Qualcomm USB Modem drivers for Windows Vista

    I am looking for driver of Qualcomm USB Modem. I am using a Windows Vista system. Can anyone help me to provide the same. It is a regular system and I had tried to find that through searching on...
  42. Vista not recognizing hard disk in My Computer, but available in Disk Manager

    After installing Vista I thought I can use something new in Windows. But I landed into a new problem. I have a HP D530 CMT laptop. It came with Windows XP. It was working quiet fine. I upgrade to...
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    How do I convert a Project page to pdf?

    Title says all, i want to know if it is possible to convert Microsoft Project pdf? If yes, then how. I have some Microsoft Project files and i have to send it to some one who don't have Microsoft...
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    Microsoft Project converter

    This is windows XP SP2 running laptop with MS Project 2003. I got few files in Project 2007 format which I need to work but those were not opening in my laptop. While searching for help I found a...
  45. Creative Zen V Plus MTP Driver Installation on Vista

    I am own a Creative Zen Plus player. It is almost a year old. Now as I had upgraded my system to Windows Vista last night my player has stopped working. In Windows XP I can just simply copy paste...
  46. They are provided on the official website. There...

    They are provided on the official website. There is no need to find the download at any other place. Microsoft's official website offers the free download. There are different kinds of game...
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    Poll: RE: Blue screen stop error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    The file referenced, ntndis.sys, is a malware-related file. Check the Technical Details and Solution tabs here:

  48. Access Denied error on Nvidia 8800GT driver update

    I cannot update Nvidia drivers on my system. I am having 2x8800GTX card on Sli mode. I am using LG L226WTQ LCD monitor. I found some new kind of drivers updates for the card. I want to add it in my...
  49. Windows update overwrites working nvidia sata driver with broken one

    After performing Windows Update m y system simply failed to boot properly. I had kept Automatic Update on so that some of the important updates are not missed. But I do not understand what happen. I...
  50. Always keep a backup of drivers. This are common...

    Always keep a backup of drivers. This are common issue which many people faces after installing. The drivers are the most complicated thing to find for old computers and due t which one of the...
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