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    Re: Error Reading File - Photo Editor

    There can be issue with file. I think you must first try to open the same on a ms paint or any other photo applications. If it does not open then the issue simply lies with the file. Or if it works...
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    Domain controllers wont replicate

    I need some help with DC replication. I am new on this and stuck at one place. I joined a new company and I found that the primary DC is not replicating with others. There are two domain here. The...
  3. How do I insert a check box (voting box) in word

    How to add a voting box in Microsoft Word. I am not able to find any option to do the same. I want to add some graphics also. I had upgraded to Office 2007. There are many new options that has made...
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    XP problems when installing AVG 9

    My cousin just called me about a problem in his pc related to AVG 8. He is having a Windows XP PC. When he is trying to install the same there is a error that file name S3GSetup is not compatible....
  5. RE: LDAP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) will be unavailable at this t

    Here is some more info. I tried using the certificate enrollment tool on my read only DC. I get a new Template error whenever i try requesting a certificate:

    "The permissions on the certificate...
  6. Re: LDAP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) will be unavailable at th

    I think you are correct dude because it looks like thats the situation on my server and AD. Thanks for your reply. when i checked local cert store (personal) i found there are no certificates. But...
  7. LDAP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) will be unavailable at this t

    HI, I’m running a Windows Server 2008 running at Server 2k3 operational level with Domain Controller. I’m also having a Server 2008 DC. Everything was working fine on this system since a year but...
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    Re: Synaptics Touchpad Advanced Problems

    Did you tried to update the drivers back again. Just go in the device manager and right click on the touchpad. Click on Properties and then click on details. You will find ample of information on the...
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    Error installing KB960082 on SBS 2003 R2 Std

    I was just installing some patches on SBS 2003. I am working on test server. I am going to migrate the same to the final but before I have to find out any bug or error generated after applying the...
  10. Mapi error when attempting to send as attachment from word/excel

    I am facing a MAPI error on my system. I am not able to work on Office 2003. When I try to send a email as attachment I am getting that error and word crashes. I cannot move any further nor I am able...
  11. how do I open a odt file sent by email as attachhment.

    I need some help here to open a odt file in Microsoft Office. Someone has sent me that through mail and I am not able to find out how to view that in Office. I had tried using Word but that did not...
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    SBS 2008: virtualisation using Vmware

    I am using Windows Server 2008 Premium. I had installed Virtualizatoin software on it. It is provided by Microsoft. I am also having a SBS Standard edition. Now here I am trying to work on...
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    Disable Router DMZ?

    I wanted to install Office 2007 on my laptop which is connected to internet via a router. When I started downloading I received a message saying me to disable my router's DMZ as it can corrupt files....
  14. Microsoft Office Word Not Installed For Current User

    I’m using Windows Vista, recently installed Office 2007 on the same. Installation went fine but when I try using any Office app, for example MS Word, it gives me an error message saying: ...
  15. Removing the Ribbon

    There must be some way to minimize the ribbon completely. I am sure it is possible by modifying the settings of word. I had checked everywhere but still not able to find related settings. I am using...
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    Screen Saver group policy

    Need help to enable screen saver timeout policy. Also when the screen saver run I want the screen to get locked. I want to do this on to some limited computers in the group not to all. So I am trying...
  17. Microsoft Office 2007 Convertor failed to save file

    I had downloaded a Office convertor from web. It can convert a Office 2007 file to Office 2003. I am not having Office 2007 on my system but received some mails recently which has new files attached....
  18. "Some dangerous trojan horses detected in your system" Error

    I am getting a constant error message on my screen related to some virus problem. The error that I am getting on my screen is "Attention Kit! Some dangerous trojan horses detected in your system....
  19. The connection to the Remote Web Workplace is frequently interrupted or lost.

    There are around 4 different remote computers which are in my network. Now they all are in different location. Now among them 2 are not working on RWW. When I try to log in I am getting a error that...
  20. How to create a custom passfilt.dll for Windows 2003 DC

    I am looking for some solution that can help me to modify the Password Complexity in Active Directory. I searched on web for some simple solution bu not able to find anything on it. It looks that the...
  21. Endpoint mapper error when joining a computer to domain

    I am getting a constant endpoint mapper error on my setup. I am facing the problem when I am trying to join a domain. I had done this before also where things use to work fine. There was no issue at...
  22. Re: Keyboard layout and character set (code page)

    Thank you very much friend.

    Got some important leads from the Wikipedia page.

  23. Keyboard layout and character set (code page)

    Hi, I am a Windows XP user since past 5 years. Now I’m excited to learn about keyboard layouts, character sets, fonts, Unicode, etc. I have read some books as well regarding these and have got some...
  24. exception processing message-c0000013 parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf

    I need some help here to deal with a error that I am facing. The system fails to startup problem. I am not able to understand what is the problem here. Which thing caused the failure. The error is...
  25. Activating 2007 Pro trial (from MS) with OEM key doesn't work

    I bought a pc that came with Microsoft Office 2007 Pro. It is a trail edition. Now I want some help to activate that using a OEM key. The backup media that I got with the system has the office setup...
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    Excel 2000 - Change Default Cell Fill Color

    I need some help to change the cell color in Microsoft Excel. I am using a bit old version of Office here. It is Office 2000. I cannot find option to change that. What I want to is to keep a...
  27. SBS 2003 Stuck on Preparing network connections for over 24 hours

    I am using HP Proliant ML 330 SBS 2003 server. It is a new configuration. The server is proper. There are all new updates and patches installed. I had connected the same to a network of 20 pc. And...
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    Increase bandwidth for VPN users

    I need some help with increasing the vpn bandwidth on SBS 2003 R2 Environment. The server that I am using is just a few year old. It is working on Xeon processor with 4GB of RAM. As per me it is more...
  29. How to protect a ppt presentation from being copied?

    I am having many powerpoint files. This are the presentation files that are created for our office training purpose. I want some help to make they protected. I want to share it on web with many...
  30. Office 2003 and Vista - End-User License Agreement Problem

    I had just bought a cd of Office Professional package. I am installing that on Vista Home Premium laptop. The installation was good on the start but somehow it looks that there is issue with end user...
  31. SQL writer message error sqldumper failed to initialize

    I am getting SQL writer message error sqldumper failed to initialize error on my screen. It appear each time when I restart the pc. There is a application in my system which is using SQL and looks...
  32. Word closes with message "Microsoft Office has stopped working"

    I am using Office 2007. The programs that I use frequently is Powerpoint. It looks that it freezes when I work on it. And suddenly the application crashes. While other programs are really working...
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    Downloading U-tube videos?

    I need some help to download U-Tube videos. I am not able to find any solution for the same. I also want help to download them and to cover them in the format I need. I tried some online websites...
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    Group Policy sometimes not being applied.

    I am facing a serious problem with group policy configuration. The issue mostly lies with network drives. The mapping fails everytime here. To add the access again on them it takes a long time. I am...
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    Can't change desktop background

    I need some help with changing desktop background in my pc. I am using Windows XP. Recently I had installed a few number of themes. Some of them worked and some them crashed with error. So I removed...
  36. Windows XP audio device disappears from audio properties, suspected .dll problem

    I am facing problem with Windows XP here. I am not able to work with some audio files. When I try to play some mp3 files there was no audio at all. The device simply disappeared. I checked inside...
  37. Re: Error Message "Error Loading C:\Windows\System32\csgina.dll"

    Ooops, i am really sorry for the incomplete information. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and it is Cisco VPN Client.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  38. Error Message "Error Loading C:\Windows\System32\csgina.dll"

    I bought a brand new laptop last month which came per-installed with Windows Vista. I am facing a problem with this since past a week now and not able to figure it out. Whenever i try to install VPN...
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    Windows encountered a problem copying file

    I am facing a problem while I am trying to copy files from a CD/DVD. I am having some set of disc here. There are videos here. When I tried to copy the file there is a error saying that Windows...
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    GPO - Access Denied (Security Filtering)

    I am not able to use a GPO on my setup. I am having one GPO as Accounting Users Policy. I am facing problem when I try to filter via custom distribution group. I am getting access denied error on my...
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    Virtual Memory Low

    I am getting a constant virtual memory low error on my screen. I was running a backup software when the error appear. I thought the issue was with the tool so I restarted my pc. But now again when I...
  42. Re: SymplisIT Software - Driver Magic, Defrag Magic, etc., WARNING

    I appreciate your help Mr Walter but the site i am talking about is no way a small temporary guy. You can check their website. Its huge company. I have never expected they will turn into like this. I...
  43. SymplisIT Software - Driver Magic, Defrag Magic, etc., WARNING!!!

    I need an urgent help from you all. Can anyone here please tell him if they are aware of a website where we can report a site on which you've personally been scammed out of a refund of the purchase...
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    CERTSVC_DCOM_ACCESS missing...

    I am not able to find this group in my server. I am using Windows 2003 Server and it looks there is some problem with groups in it. I had checked everything. I am having around 3 domain controller...
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    Re: Sudeki Vista Problems

    I appreciate your helps guys, but none of your suggestions worked for me.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Sudeki Vista Problems

    We were having a Windows XP computer earlier when we bought Sudeki game and were able to play it fine without any problem. Recently I upgraded my system to Windows Vista, everything went fine but the...
  47. How to safely delete all System Information Volume content/System restore points ?

    I need some help with Windows XP installation. I had disabled system restore on all the hard drives. Later on just enabled the same back on C drive. So just in case if there is a problem I can...
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    How to convert to normal.dotm

    Is it possible to convert to normal.dotm. I am talking about converting a template of Office 2003 version to Office 2007. I think this is possible. I found it a bit complicated to work on...
  49. After installing Office 2007 I can no longer view MDI files

    There are number of mdi files on my system. I had saved them from Office 2003. Now after performing a Office 2007 update I found that no longer I can open mdi files. They are not working at all. None...
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    Multiple password policies for ONE domain?

    I need some help here to configure multiple password policies on the same domain. I am unable to find anything. I am going to use a gpo object here at the domain level. But to some extent I am not...
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