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  1. Re: Mobile friend theme or plugins for Wordpress

    There are many plugins that you can use for making your site mobile friendly. And Wordpress is also having paid solutions. So there is nothing to much worry. If a plugins is discontinued you can...
  2. Re: What to do with missing entry errors of WordPress

    There are certain fixes on the web that you can try out. This fixes require to make changes in the single.php file. You just have to replace a code there and it might start working. You have to play...
  3. Re: Adobe Acrobat application error on Windows 8.1

    Well, it seems that you are trying to install a very old version of Adobe Acrobat reader on your new Windows 8.1 operating system which might be the cause of this problem. You can try to check out...
  4. Re: How to dump stock rom of any android phone

    The process is not easy. Because once you are done with dumping a rom you have to test that whether it is going to work or not. Developers who have knowledge in doing this are expert and they know...
  5. Re: Creating simple form to get educational qualification of users

    I think you must try out Ninja Forms. It is a simple free to use plugin for WordPress that works well for creating forms. This plugin will allow you to create various forms and you can just add...
  6. Re: How to lock all download files on Wordpress

    There is one more thing you can do. There is a plugin through which you can lock the download link. No need to lock the entire file. I am not really sure about the name, but I had seen this plugin...
  7. Re: How to easily develop games for Android

    There is a course available by kilobolt. You can go on the official site and understand the complete process of making games. The course provided will clear your basic first. It will give you a...
  8. Re: Which text editor will be great for writing website codes

    I think Notepad++ is one of the best text editor available for writing codes. It is a wide choice of many people. I had seen people using it, especial programmers. It offers you to open different...
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    Re: How to build a database driven website

    The best framework for all this kind of stuff is wordpress. You can create ample of static pages through this framework. It is heavily customizable and offers hundreds of plugins for different work....
  10. Re: What is JAVA BufferStrategy and how it works

    I will recommend you to go for some beginners guide. You cannot just jump upon any term and learn JAVA easily. It is necessary that you follow a track to understand how it actually works. There are...
  11. Re: What does Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit offer?

    Recently we saw the launch of Nokia Pureview 808 which has a camera of 41 megapixels. So this shows that there is a lot of development going on in the cameras for the smartphones. So that is why...
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    Poll: Re: CakePHP vs. Ruby on Rails

    The caching part in CakePHP is very weak as compared to Ruby on Rails. You will not find much information about caching in CakePHP which means that you yourself have to find it out and learn it....
  13. Re: Getting error when opening excel file using a VB script

    If in case you aren’t able to still get the problem solved then I would suggest you to try out the following R&D and note down the difference:

    Firstly for a safer side update your antivirus
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    Re: Good Resources for Android Development

    You must have some knowledge about the hardware too, especially the one used in portable devices working on Android operating system. If you are developing and utility for Android, then it might...
  15. Re: Exporting or importing global variables from a DLL to an EXE

    Yes it is possible to share global variable between DLLs and exe fil. We know that, one can implement global variables by using programming languages such as C and C++. Hence you need write a code to...
  16. Re: Need C# script to Read and Write Lines over large database

    Ok, I am not sure whether you will like my suggestion but definitely it might help you in the best way possible. As already suggested above having to read just single line would really make your work...
  17. Re: Updating driver for AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+

    Updating drivers is very simple. You just need to go to the official website of your product and select the model number, and select the drivers you want to update. Just click on the this URL to...
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    Re: How do the ordinary People Use Windows 8

    I am not certain albeit it works well on mobile devices, the name it gets on the desktop might cause plenty of individuals to avoid any product with Win eight on it (even tablets and phones where...
  19. Re: Use AppleScript to Restore Multiple Partitions through Disk Utility

    TestDisk is OpenSource software that works fixing the serious problems of your disk. Tasks Performed:

    Fix partition table and recover a dropped table.
    Recover boot sector otherwise boot from...
  20. Re: Need help for corrupted online MSDN Library

    If you are installing the Visual Studio .NET (VS NET) otherwise its component which is having MSDN library then issues can be happen while installation or when you are accessing the VS .NET or MSDN...
  21. Re: How to check all the checkboxes by using JavaScript?

    Normally giving a same name to the checkboxes is not a good practice. If the form data is going to use in the php script then they are not corrected. same name is given to the group of radio...
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    Poll: Re: Best DVD burner for Windows 7

    CDBurner XP
    It 'a very valuable free burning program that supports many functions, equal to many programs competing for a fee, including the writing of DVD Video (with some limitations), Audio CDs,...
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    Re: Windows Movie Maker or iMovie

    For those of you who have knowledge , the Mac is that the platform of selection for video editing. The Mac remains the primary selection for skilled video editors therefore the offer of Windows Movie...
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    Re: Suggestions for making good Photobooks

    Yeah I know about that software After installing the software start it, select the type of book and wait for the wizard opens SmileBooks. Start the building process with a double click on the icon...
  25. Poll: Re: Which is the best technology for web development

    This is what I found out

    Ease of use: Ruby, PHP, Flex

    Convenience package: Ruby, Python, Powershell

    Scalability: Python, PHP, Perl

    Manageability: Ruby, PHP, Python
  26. Re: getting red underline under "if (IsAuthenticated)" Error on Line 19 in program.

    I have found this error and you can try with this one. You need to change the line by bool IsAuthenticated = IsAuthenticated(DomainName, TextBox3.Text, TextBox5.Text); and it will eb solved. It...
  27. Re: How to get free unique content for the website

    If it is the blog that you are looking for then you can find some free and unique content that will pass Google from free wordpress plug-in. or you can also try the Article writers and pay them...
  28. Re: Which type of content is easiest to crawl?

    Just the quality content that doesn’t have the grammatical error , keyword stuffing, relevant to keywords, and Unique. The Google and the panda will favor the quality and unique content and if ...
  29. Re: Windows media player error on sample music

    From where did you download the music file from. If it was a proper site then you need to make sure that the license is still there on your computer. Incase you have downloaded the music from some...
  30. Re: How to install pending system files of windows 2000

    I am booting commencing from the HDD, then utilizing the CD to re-install, selecting repair when it identify the existing installation. It stops commencing from side to side the message to facilitate...
  31. Re: Windows vista system restore is not working

    try this procedure open any folder, tools, Folder Options, View, check Show hidden files and folders, right, right click new shortcut on the desktop, browse, and then successively c, windows, system...
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    Re: How to run java applet program using cmd

    According to my information you have to first compile your source code that you have created, so for that you just have to make use of the cmd and then go to the proper directory where you have save...
  33. Re: is there any possible way to create a Hover Button on Joomla

    I should say in this case as if you are making use of the default editor, then you will face problems accordingly. But according to me if you make use of maybe JCE –which is a popular one will...
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    Re: Are HTML Tags available in Hindi

    If you want to add a language other than your main site, you must check the Enable multilingual management on my site. You will then have the option to add the language of your choice, choose the...
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    Re: Need help with spring mvc project

    Spring MVC is a integration of the DispatcherServlet. Spring - MVC is one of the modules of the Spring Framework and as its name indicates implements an architecture Model - View - Controller whch...
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    Re: Read one line at a time using fgets in C

    fseek () is mostly used when opening the file in binary mode. Now here it is opened in text mode, since it is opened with "r" (by the way it would be clearer to write "rt"). To read the second line,...
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    Re: How to generate a WAR file ?

    On the site of Apache Ant is open source book under the Apache License. So you can, if not already done, recreate a jar from one of these sources ie the Ant API . most of the company now...
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    Re: How to make a simple Android game

    To develop on Android, it is necessary to know Java. Once you master the main concepts of Java, you can you start to learn the API of Android. To develop, you can use Eclipse with the Android SDK...
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    Re: What are the benefits of using Meta Tag?

    This is one of the important Tags that help you to determine the main Keyword that will help you website to come in the ranking list in the Google search.

    This is helpful Tag for the SEO based...
  40. re: Windows 7 not working in the Gateway C-140XL tablet

    See if you are having trouble with the C-140XL tablet then one thing you should do is that try restarting the tab when it happens.
  41. Re: How to create Unique Title for Article writing

    The simple way to create the best and the unique title for any of the Articles is having the complete information about that Articles, that means that whatever the Articles that you are trying to...
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    Re: How to create a Website Using GIMP

    The first thing that the user should have if he want to create the website is that he should have the basic knowledge of the HTML and CSS and one Word based application should be there in the System...
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    Re: Where to start in web design?

    If you are in opinion regarding working on your own you may be doing a bit of everything. You appear to include the design side sorted. It would be helpful for you to familiar with some additional...
  44. Re: I don’t want my .AVI files associated with Nero Kwik Media

    Ok, let me tell you all that during the Nero 10 or KwikMedia installation, they will ask you that you want to associate media files to KwikMedia, and at that time if you are selecting yes then files...
  45. Re: what is keyword stuffing and what is the benefit of it?

    Yes Keyword stuffing is using the same keyword in different ways in a statement or the content by using the small and the capital letters and using their singular and plural in the keyword tag for a...
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    Re: Nokia not supporting adobe flash 10.x

    Initially you have to convince Adobe to create Flash 10 for Symbian. Once that's get care of, I'm in no doubt it'll be a great deal easier for Nokia to put it on their phones. And that’s because...
  47. Re: Something is wrong with my C++ code. Plz help

    Are you sure its a C++ code. according to my knowledge its a C code. please correct me if i am wrong...
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    Re: expected error

    Hello according to my knowledge this error occurs if there is any issue with the imports file. I think you forget to initialize some imports file. And even if the initialization is not proper in...
  49. Re: Nuclear Dawn game stuck on 800x600 Resolution

    I am aware of this problem and many users are experiencing this issue. according to information from the developer side they are working on this issue. temporary I have solution to change the...
  50. Re: Downloader.EXE file of Luvinia is crashing

    If you are still having the same problem after trying above solution also then I will suggest you to do the clean boot of the computer and after doing the clean boot you have to try to install the...
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