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  1. Re: Internet explorer: Ulead MP3 Codec v 1.0.18 pop up message keeps showing

    First ensure that your antivirus program is not responsible for the same. For start remove all the security toolbars that are added to the web browser. Disable them and then check back. If still the...
  2. Re: Why to have class other than RK in The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard?

    It could demonstrate that blue bar taking off to the accompanying level coming about because of the way that it actually exhibits the level you are settling around the same time as that time period....
  3. Re: Home Phone to make free Skype to Skype calls

    There are the special cordless phone are available for the Skype user, it function same as the regular cordless phone by using the matching router. There is no need for the computer to do that. The...
  4. Re: Gear of war 3: sandbar seems overpowered

    Well what I know about this is Ranked River swaps are the same 2 snipes/torque, 2 nades, Mortar and Boom, that is something really interesting and that would make you work fine.
  5. Re: Gear of war 3: Do you like true Flag Capture game type

    Gear of war has been separated by most of the shooter game by one of the feature that it is a team game you always need a good support from the team and a good team to play this game and win it. If...
  6. Re: Multiplayer COG and Locust you like in gear of wars 3

    In the beginning the COG I liked was Augustus Cole and the locust I like was Sniper and I was happily moving on with it but suddenly one day I changed the combination and tried something different...
  7. Re: What troubles you the most in PES 2012 demo?

    There is no problem with the demo. I played that a lot and I am very happy with that.
  8. Re: Configuring and check YM 11 Voicemail on your PC

    I am not sure about the YM 11 but still I would like to tell you how you can do this in YM 10 or lower than that.

    To utilize the Yahoo Messenger voicemail service, you first require setting up an...
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    Re: Help me roll back to old Facebook

    You have to go and change the language i.e. English(U.S.) should be changed to English (U.K.) and nothing else thats what you should be doing and hope that works out for you, so that’s it from my...
  10. Re: How can i get old Facebook Interface again

    Change the language from the English(U.S.) to English(U.K.) which you can find at the bottom of the page that’s it and nothing else. You will get the old interface back. That’s it.
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    Re: Do Skype group chat cost anything?

    there are too many useful tips for using this software, I would like to tell you some of them.

    To send a folder to everybody concerned in the chat, click the button with the icon of a part of...
  12. Re: Suggestion for Configuring a Tightly Secured Router with Wireless Routers

    Any wireless device which needs to unite to non- broadcast SSIDs should actively look for the connection. Since the mobile phones utilize a wireless network whenever feasible it needs to do so to....
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    Re: How to format Linksys E4200 USB NTFS

    If you want then you can just connect the drive with the router and then open the setup page of the router and the go to the Storage tab. If you want then you can format the disk as FAT32 then choose...
  14. Re: Opera had made silent update of Opera Mobile 11.1 for Symbian

    The opera mobile 11.1 has the following changes as reported on their website
    • Additional full screen local keyboard when writing Arabic or Hebrew on Symbian 3 devices
    • Additional Opera...
  15. re: Petition for exit button in opera mini by android users

    In this case, designers and usability engineers Android seem to think in a different way from other designers and usability engineers. There are number of software for Android, where there is...
  16. Re: Sony Ericsson neo mobile performance after expanding memory card size.

    The increased memory cannot affect the phones battery and cannot cause any problem. The xperia neo is having very good battery back up and works faster even though you expandes its memory up to...
  17. Re: Age Verification is required every time when I visit Steam store

    You are free to think what you want, but believe me that Valve’s hands are tied about this and they really cannot do anything about this.
  18. Re: Full Version of Google plus and script mishandling on Opera mini

    I also don’t think so that the full version of this Google plus are now present on this opera mini. You need to visit the official site. The expert person has knowledge about such kind of...
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    Re: IPad - Gmail mobile version on opera mini

    Like Opera Mini for Ipad, Opera Mini 6 allows users to fastly access web pages over slower connections. Opera Mini 6 provide the simple connectivity task. It is completely based on the simple...
  20. Re: Landscape mode of Opera mini offers only 9 speed dial

    For doing this task you need to visit the opera mini web browser and then hit the help option onto it. It shows you process to access all this speed dial of the browser. Normally there is not only 9...
  21. Re: Opera mini gives error "verification of server certificate failed"

    I also faced the similar kind of problem and that time I also try this reset task. Then it won’t work at all. The next step I use is an reboot this mobile phone and then I select "Opera for Phones"...
  22. Re: Feature of Opera Mini 6 Symbian Series 60

    These new release is really impressive. Also there exist some problems of web page text in mobile browser that they come with the plus (+) icon. So we have to unfold that (+) sign if we want to read...
  23. Re: Opera 11.50 not running Flash in BBC i-Player

    Go to the Menu and then to the Settings and then find the Preferences from there and then click on the Advanced afterward go to the Content, now select the blocked content and delete this...
  24. Re: Ways to remove avg 8 anti-virus from the pc as it doesn’t exists

    Why are you not trying to get the avg antivirus? I have been using avg antivirus since many years and I have full trust in the avg. I would say that always go for avg solutions only. They are most...
  25. Re: 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat powered by windows live messenger

    I would like to talk about the applications like ebuddy and nimbuzz which I have been using. I am always online on fb, yahoo, Gmail and all at a same time with ebuddy and not only with single account...
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    Re: hotmail certificate expired in windows xp

    This is a simple problem not a big deal I too faced this problem and tried so many thing and the problem remind without solving anything and I wasn’t even able to search for anything I dint got...
  27. Re: How to Add Windows Live Mail to Internet Explorer 9 toolbar

    Oh guys you don’t need to do all this, this is not at all a problem whenever you do update the application the unwanted changes which are not inbuilt just gets changed and you need to add it back I...
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    Re: RoboForm not work on updated Firefox 4

    I don't think there is any release of version 6 that works with Firefox 4 but the newly launched roboform password manager help to fix this problem. In that situation the better way is to be waiting...
  29. Re: How to completely remove the Firefox 6 default theme

    After set this system to the high contrast mode Open your Firefox web Browser. Put on address bar and hit Go to option. Then on left side choose "Themes". It...
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    re: Firefox prompting for saving PDF file

    Well the above users have told you the solution to do it, if then also it is not working then you can do one more method which will be sure and better to work for you, just uninstall the Firefox from...
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    Re: Best browser for Windows 7 64 bit

    As the users have told you about the some of the browsers, as the one user have told you about the Internet Explorer 9 which is good and also it best and always compatible with the windows operating...
  32. Re: How to remove Java Quick Starter Add-ons on Mozilla Firefox

    I had been through the same issue and I have followed the below steps to remove the Java Quick Starter. To do this open firefox and click on the tools go to option and after that click on the...
  33. Re: Cannot scroll to other tab in Firefox 4 with PDF opened

    Have you tried to start the Firefox 4 in the safe mode and see if that is showing you the same thing or not. So do that and let us know the result of that.
  34. Re: Firefox add-ons disabled after beta update

    Just go to the help section from the Firefox and from there you will get all the idea that how this can be done. This is the best way to get the answer for this.
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    Re: How to customize Firefox startup page

    I am agree with the above posted method that is using the option “manage search engine…” and that will do the work for you. If that is not working for you then there might be some problem with...
  36. Re: Firefox 5: CPU goes to 100% after each 5 mins

    I am not very sure about this but you can try by uninstalling and reinstalling the firefox again in your computer as I have seen many of the cases like this where reinstalling helps and so I am...
  37. Re: What are the ways of moving the address bar to the bottom in firefox 6?

    If you want move your navigation bar, tab bar and address bar down to the bottom, then you will have to place the following in your userChrome.css file so that you can move the tab bar to the bottom....
  38. Re: Middle click button not working in firefox 6

    Well I have gone through your query and I assume that it is a compatibility bug between greasemonkey and tab mix plus. Many people have both installed in their computer. To fix this issue of yours I...
  39. You said that you have to travel at different...

    You said that you have to travel at different places. You will be moving from place to place so you need a laptop that must not be heavy. You need a lightweight laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad T420s is not...
  40. Re: Google chrome 13 crashes while using Google search.

    From what I have observed in terms of crashes, the difficulty is related to Flash not Chrome. The precisely same difficulty occurs in Opera. specially, Flash crashes the browser, in some cases Chrome...
  41. Re: Accessing blocks site by using Text-Based Mirror

    I don't know whether this can help your not, but there is an web browser which is capable of showing you only the text version of a website. It is called as Lynx text only browser. The interface of...
  42. Re: How can I retrieve profiles that I have created in Chrome 13

    Actually you cannot do this in real, because, this feature is not currently in Chrome 13. It is now under the development phase. I hope future versions of chrome browser will have this feature...
  43. Re: Google Chrome v13 crashes on exit this visible on Events

    I am also facing the same problem and got the reason why is it so happening. Actually I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2012( on my windows 7 pc and apparently its...
  44. Re: How do I see saved passwords in Chrome 13.

    Well you can see the stored password via going through the wrench symbol=>Options=>Personal data=>which gives a tab with Synchronization, Passwords, Automatic capture, Navigation data, Themes.
  45. Re: YouTube awful rendering in Chrome 13 compared to IE 8

    The scene file data is passed to the rendering program to process to a digital image or raster graphics image file. The rendering equation doesn't report for all illumination phenomena, but is a...
  46. Re: Getting HTTP 403 forbidden error while accessing

    Your account gets banned by the site not sure why but there are the resons whythey ban the account . if you are trying to spam the site or if you are doing constant refresh to the site and other...
  47. Re: How to Synchronize Facebook and Twitter Events with Google Calendar

    Well the above user have told you the correct and also the best way, as I have done and it is working for me, so I would also suggest you to have a try on it.
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    Re: How to play live radio over http?

    Well you should have a streaming server at place :thumbup1: and also the streaming should be in that format so that it should match the device that is accepting it. so I hope you are understanding...
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    Re: How to make Google Instant off or on?

    I was also having the same query which you have mentioned over here and I have managed to fix the matter of mine by using following steps.

    You have to go for the Google Toolbar options and you...
  50. Re: How do you turned off Google's Instant feature

    I have found several threads on Google instant. Please go through this link for alternate methods.
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