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  1. Re: Latest version of KMS for iPhone and windows mobile

    I would recommend you to check whether your iPhone is working in the same way as it was working when you bought it, then you should consider yourself as protected as far as i know. But in case it is...
  2. Re: After installing VMware tools, windows 8 unusable

    The only way I was able to get any ability to use Windows 8 was to close the Green Hell. There are things you can install, but they come from Russia and require installation. 3. Something network....
  3. Re: How to build VMware 5.0 environment for home lab

    I am setting the ESXi 5.0 in my work environment for laboratory testing with the Cisco Nexus switches, firewalls, load balancers, web application firewalls, etc, and I'm going to use Dell Power Edge...
  4. Re: While running VMware workstation system freezes

    Well, move virtual machines to the folder that is excluded from real-time analysis helped the performance but did not stop with frost.

    I'll try the other suggestions to try to determine where...
  5. Re: Will fedora 15/gnome 3 work on VMware workstation 8

    However, as the previous report that does not work on a Fedora server, saying it does not work on a Mac server is still not a conclusive indication of whether a host is working on Windows 7, So the...
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    Re: Windows 7 IE9 Rendering broken with Fusion

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, both do not work. IE9 still changes the value of Software Fallback back to 0 when closing IE9.

    I think VMware should do something with its graphic driver. It...
  7. Re: VMware Fusion 4- Zoom Effects and Eye candy

    Finally I am happy that my problem got resolved and also I got code to get animation back.

    defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool YES
  8. Re: Can VMware viewstation/awd view client be encapsulated as ThinApp?

    Thank you all for your comments. Due to the complication of thinapping this application, we are putting on hold the project.
  9. Re: VPN Port Forwarding for Mac Server in Netgear FVS336GV2

    That difficulty now is that when my iPhone is to go through AT & T instead of the wireless does not work at all. As noted in the forum, this seems to be a problem for AT & T. Sounds like a plan the...
  10. Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    I can corroborate exactly the same trouble! I've also tried disabling 3D acceleration on the guest OS (Windows XP) and updating the virtual machine to the 8.0 format, this option solve the trouble....
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    Re: How to choose Digital Photo Frame?

    In this case I think that digital photo frames are the small display panels which are very similar to the one as the HDTVs. with the help of them you can also select the singal images constantly and...
  12. Re: Tips for making Video Games and Applications

    Hey I think that Video games are one of the best entertainment sources for the people who love the playing the games. I am having some tips that how to make the video games and also application. ...
  13. Re: Installing Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) on VMware fusion 4.0.1?

    Follow this step to install lion os

    In fusion, the menu bar, choose File> New.
    Choose Continue without disk.
    Drag and drop installation of Mac OS X Lion application disk operating system...
  14. Re: Looking for Virtual desktop infrastructure monitoring tool

    I like to thank every member who helped me in suggesting best vdi monitoring tool to me.i am glad finally I got the names of the best vdi monitoring software.
  15. Re: Unable to perform certain operations using quick time pro 7.6.6

    Check the status every time I upgrade either OS or QT version.I'd bet the problem lies with prefs (plists) but unless I know which one to delete I'm hesitant.

    In fact: QT Pro will at rest export...
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    Re: Lost connectivity in VMware view 4.6

    Thanks everyone for helping me throughout my difficulty. I have contacted VMware support system and I am waiting for their response.
  17. Re: Unable to recompose all my desktop pools using VMware view 4.5

    I had same problem and ended up calling support people to fix the bug. Looks like I need to reinstall composer setup a new id in sql for db and its get confused. Making new clone work but recomposing...
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    Re: PCoIP not working in VMware view 4

    A list of network control is recommended to be used for all implementations that can be downloaded from Google.
  19. Re: Looking for Virtual desktop infrastructure monitoring tool

    Nice to hear that you like it I'm using it for a few months now (full version) and it's a great tool for making management reports especially when you need more budget for additional resources
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    Re: What is the need to upgrade to VMware view 5?

    I'll let someone who has it in production to answer your questions and working with the product every day. Just wanted to add that I learned at VMworld if you already have licenses Premier perceive...
  21. Re: Can I save WD 1 TB HD from Passport SMART FAILURE?

    You can’t save the hard drive after a hardware failure but if you wish to save the data on that hard disk then you could use the data recovery methods and then you can take the backup of your data.
  22. Re: The photos that are imported are not showing and only grey boxes are shown.

    You can also try using the SD card recovery if you have never used your card again ever since it has happened, however there is no guarantee that the problem will be resolved. You can visit the card...
  23. Re: Edge gone with div-based animation in Adobe Edge over canvas and SVG

    Adobe edge is similar to Flash. The well known timeline and other tools are present in the Edge. Beside this edge is little bit different. By using JSON the animation in edge are created. And the...
  24. Re: WYSE P20 and ThinPrint has been behaving weird with the MAC OS

    Well let me try out to solve this problem hope I would be able to give you some hint when I was with all this at that time i disabled the virtual channel to get all this work. That would be the...
  25. Re: What things you like to see in VMware view 5.0

    I would like to observe a mechanism that could unite a session of "users for hold up requests. Dameware at present make use of to carry out this task, nevertheless other competitor is, and Citrix has...
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    Re: How to use Wyse v10Land safenet ikey 2032

    View 4 is seeing and just encountered the same problem. I seem to have gotten it to work as follows:

    client pc
    setupRainbow Ikey drivers
    disable the SmartCard service disable...
  27. Re: Is VMware fusion 3.1.3 supported while upgrading the existing server to lion os

    Call it a alter / explanation / hack / optimization luminous - next to the merely ,sometimes it is also the aspect of business risk.

    If VMware Fusion would need months to support Lion, I think one...
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    Re: Usb support for VMware fusion and OS X Lion

    Followed the instructions, and got into my USB and it works fine now.
  29. Re: VMware Fusion 3.1.3 installation fails in OS X Lion

    I am able to do some more testing

    Windows XP SP3 x86 - Error, Black Screen on Install
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 - Installs Correctly
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 - Error, Storage Not Found
  30. Re: DHCP is not working in bridged network on VMware fusion 3.1.3

    I reproduced this trouble with new downloads of Ubuntu iso, newly created on virtual machine. Install / reinstall with VMware tools into an existing image.
  31. Re: User time access denied – While integrating RSA with VDM

    You can temporarily give the rights to everyone group in the System32 directory. You may have blocked the configuration because it is a requirement to copy the SecurID file to the System32 from RSA...
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    re: Usb support for VMware fusion and OS X Lion

    Yes - I keep an installation of equally products; in view of the fact that they are generally leapfrog each other, especially when things break
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    Re: How to run VMware Fusion 3.1.3 in OS X Lion

    Interestingly, DHCP virtual machine works fine in my office. I'm going to restart the Airport Extreme at home and try again tonight. Curiously, our Macs have not had problems getting DHCP addresses...
  34. Re: DHCP is not working in bridged network on VMware fusion 3.1.3

    You know, but I think N / A for the Ubuntu server, which in actuality requires no tools to run on a host Mac / fusion for use as a local server lamp. If essential now to install the tools for a...
  35. Re: Which one is better gaming joystick or gaming keyboard

    According to me for racing and action types games the joystick will be better option than using keyboard. Moreover, Logitech 3D pro joystick will be much better option for playing games if it is not...
  36. Re: Error, while opening many files in my workspace 2010.

    Let me tell you that before you uninstall the Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, make sure that you have done with your following task:
    Saving a backup copy of your account.
    Saving a workspace as an...
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    Did you tried to find the same on Google Play....

    Did you tried to find the same on Google Play. That is the place where you can find the latest version of Core Player. I am using MX Player. It is one of the best multimedia player through which you...
  38. Re: Unable to delete Fun Web Products registry entries

    If above all solution won’t work to solve the pup.funwebproducts virus issue and after that I would like to suggest you to make contact with the technician and after that go through your issue and...
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    Re: want to know more about MBR vs GPT

    In short, not only can you not use it, you really have no reason to do so. Windows 7 can just boot from a GPT segment assuming that its IA64 version (doesn’t displayed) or running an EFI as a...
  40. Re: Problem with roaming profiles and Outlook 2010

    Hello i am not much aware of this but still have you check with Office 2010 customization tool. basically you will get option there to set the profiles of outlook. or you can follow the following...
  41. Re: Windows 2003 Server CA Problem and Automatic certificate enrollment

    Hello go with the following thread and see if its helpful for you. i am sure this will help you. and still if you are facing difficulty then post back your error message no when you are getting blue...
  42. Re: New Intel Rapid Storage Technology 9.6 fails the Random Drive?

    Well I was just surfing the internet I just have an eye on the article of the Intel updating the core logic set of the P55. When I went more in detail of the article and also checked the link that...
  43. Re: MySQL for database could not be used in Logitech Squeeze Box 7.6.0 or 7.6.1?

    I have also heard problem, but could not get the proper solution for it. Someone has told me that there is a switch in the advance settings. In that you can switch to MySQL from the SQLite. Well I...
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    Re: Unhappy No codecs to render this file.

    Hello i think you are using the old version of it. try to find about the most up to date version of it. and even its not working then i would suggest you to use Windows Media version 10. by using...
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    Re: Video chat software for Blackberry

    If above all solution not working at all and then I might suggest you to make contact with the Blackberry support and after that go through your issue and they will solve your issue. even I have...
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    Re: Lenovo ThinkPad X220 freezing

    It may be possible that the computer system is infected with viruses and other threats. So start the anti-virus software installed on your computer system and find and delete all viruses and remove...
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    Re: Open Office like software

    I really don’t understand is it why do you actually need free alternative for open office while OpenOffice itself is available for free never the less if you want to get new alternative for open...
  48. Re: step to install WD software on my WD Passport Essentials SE 1 TB Ext hard Disk.

    I had same issue as you, I also lost properties software of my WD hard disks. I will tell how to get back this first visit the official site of the WD then just give the your product...
  49. Re: Which software combination for computer security to be used?

    Hey have you heard of Microsoft Security Essentials if you are having this I don’t think you need any other software this is really very nice and would never ask you for any other software ever but...
  50. Re: During update of Bluetooth Driver (version my Operating system wiped out.

    During the update if your system wiped out, then there must be problem with your new software. Check the software again, confirm that it is the new version. I am not sure here that you are updating...
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