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  1. Want a skin and a case for my LG Chocolate Touch

    I just purchased a LG Chocolate Touch. I am searching for it cases, skins, faceplates, attempting to locate it what would be the most excellent for this phone. I do not fancy having phone clipped...
  2. Re: Game breaking problems with Steam in Fallout New Vegas

    I think that, the Steam has nothing to do with the saving system. The saving part is not being Handled by the steamworks. I think you problem might be related with the graphic card, so i will advice...
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    Re: windows 7 64 bit twain drivers

    It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and...
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    Re: Small issue with my windows 7 OS

    This are some of the tips which you should follow. First make sure that all drivers are up to date. I you have installed the third party software then make sure that the software which you have...
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    Re: WiFi problem with Blackberry torch

    To connect to WIFI There are several possible type on a Freebox, the pb does not come from himself but wifi encryption that will be associated. Example: WEP, WPA, etc. BlackBerry does not support...
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    Re: Blackberry Wallpaper folder

    Simply put subfolders to: private / business / dog-cat-mouse / my-my car-boot my house. Manage all do about the mass storage mode the memory card (see picture below), per cent, and so can the...
  7. Re: How to setup of Blackberry Enterprise Server

    So actually I bypassed the problem by plugging in the USB port on a Blackberry server which works much better that way. I have confirmed that activation of peripheral-mail went very badly. So now...
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    Re: BlackBerry DHCP problem

    Change OS that requires a desire to cheat and read the procedure (address in my signature: changing OS. For choice: read what was said before changing. I have no experience of the curve and I do not...
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    Re: Simple programming for SPI series

    Slipped information that some are written in Flash correctly only to the reduced voltage, so he faced a similar situation. Winbond W25X40 sewed with errors at 3.2v. Dropped food to 2.8 (with power...
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    Re: Simple programming for SPI series

    The scheme simplifies the hike up to 50-100% (depending on the cheek), the best option 74NS244. One is a flash and with flash cards for a couple of experiments? I guess this is correct and it has...
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    Re: System requirement for IE9

    Internet Explorer 9 uses most of the graphics and performance of sub-layers that were introduced with Windows Vista and later collected by Windows 7. Windows XP does not support IE9.IE9 To use the...
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    Re: Problem installing IE9

    For the rest of the browser, I saw 2 / 3 stuff around:

    -The ClearType option in "internet options-Advanced tab" still validated even when the tick is removed and restarted IE9
    -Impossible to...
  13. Re: My 444002-001 motherboard needs repairing

    Even i am facing the same problem with my notebook. I model of my notebook is HP dv9410us. But i am not sure that the problem is from the motherboard, the problem can even be related with the power...
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    Re: How to use MTP device

    To recognize and manage my walkman by Rhythmbox or Banshee, as well as for the ability to mount a file system and manage it in Nautilus, I had to install some additional software (see below) and...
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    Re: Problem with the 3D Vision VESA cable

    I am very much in need of help as i want to make the connection of my samsung plasma 3D vision port with the VESA port. I want to buy a VESA cable and want the information about this VESA cable. Can...
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    Re: 4x VS 8x Blu-Ray Drive

    I am know about the 4x blu-ray. It has the ability to read and write Blu-ray discs at a speed of 10x, DVDs at 16x and CDs at 40x. Also it storage capacity is more, it provided the ability to store...
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    Re: Error 1335 and Error 2350

    I think you have not deleted the temporary files from your computer. To do so follow these steps
    -> start button
    -> run
    -> type 'cmd'
    -> click ok

    Now you will see an command prompt /...
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    Re: Problem in opening my local drive D

    I think that there is a virus problem into your PC ,that is why you are not able to open your D drive .I suggest you to download a fresh copy of good anti-virus such as Quick-hill, Norton etc .After...
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    Re: USB Network Printer Adapter

    In the DHCP router table defined with the hostname HVPD54422. "D54422" - the last digit MAC-address. I suspect that without a DHCP-server in the network will not work. Web-based interface is not...
  20. Re: Aspire 5020 - Windows 7 Launch Manager does not work

    Does anyone now a solution for this? I stand for more than a week before the same problem! The key for the wireless shows only "button on the wifi. Have all possible versions of Launch Manager...
  21. Re: No drivers for PCI Simple Communications Controller

    I looked at the settings but the map is marked as in the manager. It is not even physically I'm not the only modem card is a card add works very well, elsewhere in the area very well work, but I want...
  22. Re: How to recover the BIOS on Toshiba Satellite

    I think you should download the latest firmware for this model of laptop from the site of Toshiba. Create a bootable usb-flash (2GB) with Crysis Disk c files BIOS.WPH MINIDOS.COM PHLASH16.EXE....
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    Re: A14 BIOS upgrade problem

    Each time, the problem was identical, starts the BIOS setup and nickel reached a given block, more progress. I had waited in vain to stop the disk activity, like 45 minutes, thinking it was a freeze...
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    Re: Increase boot up speed for Windows

    If you have a large number of applications that Windows is loaded at startup, you may have noticed that your Windows startup is very slow. Earlier I wrote about speeding up your PC by the MSCONFIG...
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    Re: Core i5 750 max temperature

    Ba to reassure you a little before my q6600 + cooler home I was in 45 ° idle and I climbed a 70 ° burn. I change my cooler for a Zalman 9700 and the trial of OC 600MHz more is at 40 degrees idle...
  26. Re: Best Task Killer Application for Mobile

    I use version 2.0 is impeccable in standby most of the gadget I added an organizer of the memory Auto Memory Manager "it works beautifully with the app that consumes memory and easy to manage. Please...
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    Re: How to recover iPod

    At the same time the iPod is not really designed as an external drive backup, iTunes will synchronize files (music, videos, pictures) by adjusting (re-compressing) to consult on it, not for archiving...
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    Re: Firefox problem with perl script

    Your question is not a problem with HTML and PERL. Your HTML script is full of errors, such as unfinished form, no title page, no form name, and the header does not seem to me correct. In any HTML...
  29. Re: Flash Player killed after upgrade to Firefox 3.6.8

    Yes, I agree with the above post and would like to add to it, outsourced to a separate plugin container only (as reported). This stability problem has unfortunately not done. Same time, you will now...
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    Re: Required Micromax G4 PC suite

    When you purchased the phone, did you get an CD or DVD with the box? The PC suite can found on that CD. After you have installed the PC suite you will need to fill up the required information...
  31. Re: How to create and jar files in java

    Absolutely, nothing like making a small jar to himself in the hand at least we are sure that it works, and we know what is wrong when it does not. It's as if you were forced to open VB to launch your...
  32. Re: Cannot edit video in Windows Live Movie Maker

    I'm on vista and had just near the same problem. Try this: Control Panel-uninstall a program installation Windows Live-delete-continue. In the window that appears, you choose all programs...
  33. Re: Windows Movie Maker compatible with Windows 7?

    Windows Live Movie Maker is a beta for now. I think it will change soon. However Movie Maker 2.6 is available for Vista and works fine in Seven (I tested). You can download it here on the website of...
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    Re: Windows Live Sync for Mac OS X

    Windows Live Sync replacing the old version of the service Windows Live FolderShare, now available for users of Windows, and for Mac OS X. Customers who just chose to go with FolderShare, must...
  35. Re: Cannot uninstall Flash and Silverlight

    Silverlight is sympathetic to me as a Flash . Least once open and transparent. Even the updates are great on Windows to update. That should make some money really well with times for Flash. What...
  36. Re: Problem installing skype on Windows Mobile

    I would ask you if you've found an app allowing you to recover your contacts Sim. It just happened to me the same thing during a sync and htc has focused my Outlook contacts that were not updated 1...
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    Re: Tools to record Skype conferences.

    Have you tried the Pamela viewed? Where multiple solutions are summarized in a tool. The Pro version should possibly meet your requirements, but I am not sure that this is free. If you are...
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    Re: Run Windows Powershell from Java

    Let the whole time in a Java program to run, which is not running in a JBoss or Tomcat. You may reach through the container any restrictions on access to local resources. A "normal" VM is fairly...
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    Re: Junit - mock static method

    I found was PowerMock. PowerMock is actually an extension for the popular mocking frameworks EasyMock and Mockito. PowerMock provides additional functionality especially for testing “legacy...
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    Re: How to use function file_get_contents?

    Here is the code you are looking for

    $ temp = file_get_contents('temp.php');
    $ temp = preg_replace('# ^ $ # blah', 'kikou', $ temp),
    $ ctr=stripslashes($...
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    Re: SocketPermission in java

    I think this is mis understood by you

    1) you can create your own with keytool certificates - it costs nothing, but it works anyway
    2) you can buy certificates (versigin etc.)

    Problem with...
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    Re: Converting java class to java bean class

    You know what a java bean? And what is jsp? In my opinion, you should just try to find a quick example on the net before asking your question. I recommend you some of the tutorial about java bean and...
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    Re: How to configure JMS?

    I love your template, your question, you just have to create your 4 templates, install them. Then you go to the tab page, template management, you SelecTone one of your new template and you can...
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    Re: Editing JTable cells

    Even easier if you do not want to create an additional class for various reasons:

    JTable tb = new JTable (ls, cls) (

    public boolean isCellEditable (int r, int c) (

    return false;

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    Re: How to Clear Java Console?

    alternatively you can try the following

    void clear () (Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime (); String args [] = ("bin / sh", "-c", "clear") try (final Process p = Runtime.exec (args);)...
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    Re: Java Console does not start

    Output from Java applets can Be a real bread to see if you use the Java Plugin Settings to enable / disable the console Because You Have to Quit And Then restart your browser to see it the console....
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    Re: How to remove personal security

    To remove Personal Security (Uninstall Personal Security)
    - Download and extract this free removal tool for Personal Security
    - Launch
    - Click on the delete button

    Personal Security Will Be...
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    Re: Best battery for dell mini

    A Li-ion battery, let it be loaded when you do not use it for some time. This type of battery that must always retain a minimum charge of failing to contain the electronic circuit is not powered and...
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    Re: Adobe Audition with M-Audio Fast Track

    I had the same problem with a tascam ld-74. This type of microphone requires phantom power (specific micro amp (48v)) sometimes included in the sound card sometimes not. I have not seen the pro...
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    Re: Imaging Software for Dell Mini

    The backup tool SyncBack from 2BrightSparks is very simple to use but extremely powerful backup tool. However, this software is free and surprisingly compact can always do a normal backup, along with...
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