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    Re: Can’t change password on Windows Server 2008.

    The problem lies due to password complexity. Your current password does not meets the requirement due to which you are facing the problem. It looks some tough policy is configured. Instead of...
  2. Thread: C00D1199

    by WarRen!


    This is XP Media Center PC. Recently I have downloaded few music files using File Sharing on my system. There was no problem in downloading but when I try to play a downloaded file in .rar extension...
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    Windows XP Firewall XP close port

    Am just here to know a bit about Windows XP firewall. I just wanted to know how can I closed the specified port that is using the firewall?

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: Computer won't go into sleep mode...

    Nope there is nothing to do in registry for this. Is both the accounts have same settings but it is not working on your account that means there would be something running in the background which is...
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    Re: Express Recovery 2 - Gigabyte

    It looks like the size of recovery is quiet large compare the partition size due to which you are facing problem. You have to allot more diskpace and then try back. Second thing at the time of...
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    Re: can't empty "Deleted Items"folder in Outlook

    Thanks for the help and URL friend but that is not my problem. As I stated above, mine messages get deleted from inbox but they come back again after a restart. I don’t think this update can fix my...
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    can't empty "Deleted Items"folder in Outlook

    I am using Outlook Express one of my Vista based laptop. There is no problem in receiving or sending mails but the problem is with deleting mails. This started two days ago. Whenever I delete any...
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    Lost Password Windows 2000 Professional

    I am having Compaq Armada 1590DMT laptop. Now the laptop has a password in it. It was used by my uncle who no longer wants it. He has not used this system for over a year. I need some help to get...
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    Re: export account details from an OU

    Thank you very much for the help Chapal but as being the first time, can you please also tell me where do i need to run this query?

    Thanks again.
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    export account details from an OU

    Hey guys I need some urgent help from you all. Due to some reasons I need to export a data of my OU to CSV format. Let me tell you that this OU also contains some more OU’s which I also need to be...
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    Comcast NewsGroup Service going to end soon

    Comcast is going to turn off its newsgroup service at the end of october. The newsgroup offers a common platform for many to find solution based on number of different queries. I hope there would be...
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    I am giving you a kb article link that will offer...

    I am giving you a kb article link that will offer you a more detail solution on stuff that you are trying to do. There is a hotfix available on the link below that will allow you to fix the issue...
  13. Getting 0x8000ffff error when I try to install Windows Live messenger

    Whenever I try to run setup of Windows Live I am getting error 0x8000ffff. I am not able to run the setup. I need some help to run the installation. I am using a Vista PC and I had seen that Windows...
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    how do i stop office 2007 configuring startup

    I had installed Microsoft Office 2007 on two computer. There was no issue at all at the time of installation. But somehow I found that whenever I start Microsoft Office 2007, it starts configuring...
  15. The problem can be due to power failure due to...

    The problem can be due to power failure due to which windows is not able to find ntoskrnl.exe. I think as mentioned above repair is the only way that will work. You have to boot from recovery mode...
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    AVG 8.0 update failed with Error 0x80070005

    I need some help to upgrade AVG. I am using AVG 7.5 in my system and wants to upgrade that to AVG 8.0. I had downloaded the new edition and when I run the setup I am getting a error 0x80070005. It is...
  17. Windows 2008 CA can't issue certificate to Windows 2003 server

    I had setup a Windows 2008 server over Windows 2003. I find a bit issue with server configuration here. The server that we had created unable to issue certificate to Windows 2003 Server and other XP...
  18. How to replace a Server 2003 domain controller with a new, better,faster piece of hardware?

    I am in a process of upgrading my existing server to a better hardware. I am planing to replace the current one with much better hardware which can offer higher storage space and more performance....
  19. How do I turn off or remove Group Policy on an XP Pro computer?

    I need some help here to restore settings of a client computer that I am using. I had installed Windows Live One Care. After the installation I cannot access any settings to configure file sharing...
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    What's the best antivirus for XP?

    I am looking for a good antivirus for my XP system. I had used Norton so please do not recommend that. It makes the system very slow. The XP system is used as default mailbox at my workplace. I am...
  21. This is how You Disable Dcom & close Down Port 135

    Ample of time people ignore open ports in their system. This raises the risk of security threats in the system. One among them is Port 135. If your firewall is not blocking this port, then there is...
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    Re: SP1 for Vista won't install

    You are not alone with this problem friend, there are many more getting the same error code while installing SP1 on vista. Anyways, I found a KB Article describing the problem with SP1 installation...
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    Google search results redirected??

    Whenever I search something on Google, I am redirected to other website. For example if I search ebay and open it, Google takes to some other page. I am not sure about what it the issue, but it is...
  24. Re: Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

    Thanks for your reply HudSon. Yes, I have selected correct printer in word and outlook. Also tried making it default again but still the problem remains. But I don’t think that is the reason...
  25. Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

    I’m using this HP Printer and Office 2007 since past 6 months. There was no problem so far but now, something went wrong. I’m able to print anything from MS Excel, Publisher, etc but all prints...
  26. Embedded Album Art with WMP 11 On Windows Vista 32bit

    On Windows Media Player 11 embedded album art is not working. I am using Windows Vista here. I had downloaded album art for all songs from the web. They are stored in the folder where all audio files...
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    Re: Increase bandwidth for VPN users

    That is not actually a solution. You are asking to switch to RWW instead of VPN. I hope to get a much faster connection on VPN only so that is the point where I am looking for solution. In my case,...
  28. Re: XP SP2: Only Safe Mode doesn't work - normal system start works perfect!?

    Ok, it seems like managed to fix half of the problem. Meanwhile i was doing searches on web and luckily found an article which helped me to atleast understand why the normal mode works and Safe Mode...
  29. XP SP2: Only Safe Mode doesn't work - normal system start works perfect!?

    I need some urgent help from you all. This is Windows XP Service Pack 2. Actually the problem is very strange for me hence i came here. My system works good in normal mode but when i try to enter...
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    Try to go in Microsoft Office folder and in that...

    Try to go in Microsoft Office folder and in that click on Office Tools. There you can find Language settings. In that you can configure the default language and then check back. It would be working...
  31. Router settings shows IP in defaulty gateway

    This is a bit weird. On my lan network my friend connected his Vista laptop. At start he was getting error for the connectivity. So verified the settings and found that there is a in the...
  32. Re: Unprotect document in Word 2007 that was protected in 2003 ver

    I am bit confused here. I am having around 10 to 20 excel sheets that are protected. I tried to remove the same but still not able to modify the excel files.
  33. Vista Ultimate 32-bit IR Hardware not detected

    There is some issue with Windows Vista. I have a 32bit system and bought a MCE Remote control. It is a official remote sold by Microsoft. I am trying to set up Media Center Tv. But somehow there is...
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    Cannot exit Paint Shop Pro on Windows Vista

    I am using Paint Shop Pro in my system. I had purchased a new computer with Windows Vista on the same. I had first installed Paint Shop Pro 8. It did not worked well. The system freezed when I try to...
  35. Borland Database Engine Stopping Microsoft Outlook from Working

    I am using a Windows Vista laptop. I am using Microsoft Outlook on the same. I had installed Office 2007 and Core 9. The setup failed with Borland Database Engine Could not be installed. I tried to...
  36. The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now

    I am getting this error when I try to eject usb drive from my server. I use it for data backup. I copied some file and then in My Computer when I try to eject it, the usb stucked on the error. It is...
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    Can't print from Dos program within Vista?

    I am using a Rbase program from longtime. I had upgraded my system to Windows Vista. Everything is working fine except the printing. I use to print from dos in XP. The printer I am using is HP960c...
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    You can get those files by using a live cd. There...

    You can get those files by using a live cd. There are ample of free LIVE CD software available through which you can scan your pc and collect the files that you are looking for. I am sure it is...
  39. I had done with AVG setup. I am using AVG 8....

    I had done with AVG setup. I am using AVG 8. There are two workstation in my office. The first one is Vista Home Premium SP1 and the second one has Windows XP SP3. Both system are newly configured. I...
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    Thanks for the sharing the fix agarwalm11, it...

    Thanks for the sharing the fix agarwalm11, it really works. After selecting the English language I selected always check
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    spell check fix.

    I am using Windows Vista Home edition with Windows mail as my default email client. Since yesterday don’t know what went wrong it is not checking any spell errors. Whenever I create new email and...
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    Block Windows Remote Shutdown on a Domain

    I need some help to find option to block remote connectivity on the domains. I run a IT institution and just teach my students about configuring remote setup on domain. I had notice a number of...
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    Re: Netgear Adapter and Error Message

    Hey even I’m struggling with the same problem. Did anyone found working solution for the same? As per research on Google and various other sites, it seems like there is some IRQ or I/O conflict....
  44. SBS 2003 Premium R2 server becomes more unstable, page file grows to enormous size

    I had gone through a series of article on this but still not able to find out the problem. My SBS 2003 Server is getting unstable day by day. I am not able to get into the exact cause, but it looks...
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    Error "Windows Cannot Create Network Map"

    I am facing a bit issue on Windows. Network mapping is not working at all. When I try to start the same I am getting a error that Windows Cannot Create Network Map. I am constantly getting the same...
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    TaskBar not working on Windows Vista

    I am using Windows Vista. It is working fine and there is no issue with that. But there is some issue with the system recently. I cannot run Task Manager. When I right click on the Task Bar it shows...
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    Office Customization Tool for Office 2007

    I am using Office Customization tool to install Office 2007. I had made changes to number of different settings so that all the workstations should have a standard installation. Now the issue lies...
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    computer goes into sleep mode

    Hi friends, I need some urgent help from you all.

    I started facing problem with my E-Machines E190 running with Windows XP - SP2 couple of days ago. Whenever I start the system about 5 minutes...
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    I think the problem lies with the service...

    I think the problem lies with the service provider. I do not think you will need to modify the mail server configuration. You just need to check out the mail settings and then try back. The rcpthosts...
  50. Partition and format to FAT32 on an USB external hard drive

    I am have bought a new 250GB USB hard drive. At the time of purchased it came with a single partition. It was formatted in FA32 format. I want some to re-partition the same. I want to create a set of...
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