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    Re: My Macbook A1342 dies during sleep

    I will advise you to do the following things on your system. Try to reinstall the operating system and also try to reinstall the driver on your system. I hope that is you try this it will definitely...
  2. Re: My windows Domain account blocks after installing Windows Live Sync beta

    I will recommend you to disable the remote access to your computer. You can try this thing for a short -term. In order to disable the remote access you will require going to the Remote tab. Try this...
  3. I also want to do the same thing on my Windows...

    I also want to do the same thing on my Windows Phone 7. I have purchased it in the last month and i am trying to do this thing from the day i have purchased. Till now i have not succeeded in doing...
  4. Re: Fallout New Vegas - Will there be a stand-alone patch ?

    What i feel is that the the patch was released in order to fix the issue of steam. It only solves stream related issues. As you have also ask for a stand-alone patch, i think that till now no...
  5. Re: Microsoft Antimalware Script Scanner is shown as disabled in IE

    I think there is problem with your Internet explorer 9, because as you said that with Internet explorer 8 all the things were working fine. Your software copy must not be a licensed one. I will...
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    Re: Want RDP enabled linux

    I will advice you to get a DSL Linux. Once you get the software then, you will require to install it to the hard drive. Once it starts booting, then it will open a dillo browser . You need to open a...
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    Re: windows 7 64 bit twain drivers

    Is there a driver for the EPSON TWAIN scanner under windows 7 64bit? TWAIN driver for 32bit win7 (and Vista) are not suitable, because can not be established. Laptop (Dell XPS M1330) my scanner Epson...
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    Re: Small issue with my windows 7 OS

    Even i have the same problem as you are facing. The problem is quite frustrating for me. This problem is being faced by me from the last 2 months. Even there are not much software installed on my...
  9. Re: DX58SO keyboard problem after bios update

    I have read in other forums that it should have helped to change the USB port so that the keyboard then went to the next reboot, although I am also not really innovative solution. Also, I do not...
  10. Re: Getting Fatal Error in the mobile phone

    I think that there is problem with your phone. I will advise you to contact with the Sony service center. As you told that your mobile phone is 10 days old so it is in the warranty period. They will...
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    Re: HTC HD2 without flash

    As for flashing the entire board here always seem the most diverse issues and problems, I will when I next time Flash times trying to make a video step-by-step tutorial, so that the final hammer out...
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    Re: HTC Hero email settings

    Freenet needs encryption? Choose times when possible from TLS. If that does not try then with the other encryption. Otherwise, the data control again maybe also look at the data from third parties. I...
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    Re: wireless network printer offline

    Just try our this, right-mouse-clicking on the printer, and toggle the printer online - printer offline command. When this is online, everything works again. Apparently the installation of the...
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    Re: Connecting VGA to HDMI LCD

    I'm in the same case as you. I only have one VGA output and an LCD Philips also. THE Converter VGA / DVI cable plus DVI / HDMI this will cost you few dollars. The solution I adopted, but I am not if...
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    Re: Sony Ericsson K800i Keypad Problem

    Most likely water damage. Turn off the phone, remove battery and SIM and leave the phone in a warm, dry place (like an airing cupboard or something similar) for a couple of days. Put it all back...
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    Re: iPad and calendar sync with MobileMe

    The solution:

    1. Delete iCal sync in MobileMe
    2. On your iPad, go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    3. Add Account
    4. Choose "Other"
    5. Add a CalDAV account
    6. Enter the following data:...
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    Re: Backup to rescue iPad

    Apart from clicking the close box, I do not see any thing else wrong. You must have an application problem. I had that on an iPhone. I reinstalled everything and since then the backups are "normal."
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    Re: Install ifort compiler on Mac

    For ifort -> binary compiled on IA32 -> Kernel Against GNU / Linux libc + elf + storage Environment and you wonder if you can run on darwin X11. Is there are gap between you two programs? Please...
  19. Re: Does not hear sound due to pci device

    You need to right click on the yellow exclamation mark and then click to uninstall it .Make sure that you are having the correct driver when it searches for one after it pops up a window, with "new...
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    Re: USB Network Printer Adapter

    In any case, recall that the problem of "HP LJ 1018 and his ilk + Printservers" lies in the fact that the printer's firmware is not stored within it, and loaded before printing via USB. When...
  21. Re: Internet connection problem on Virtual Machine

    In response to all your questions, I say it is possible to get internet on Virtual computer. If you use a box type freebox Livebox you must choose the option Shared Network (NAT). Yes, your machine...
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    Re: Firefox problem with perl script

    You can use this

    use CGI:: Upload;
    my $ upld = CGI:: Upload->new;
    my $ flnm = $ upld-> flnm ('field');
    my $ file_type = $ upld-> file_type ('field');
    $ Upload->...
  23. Re: Difference between Visual Basic and Access

    Please do not get confused with both the software's, as Visual Basic is a programming language and Access is a database management system. So, if I am not wrong then both these software are not the...
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    Re: Firefox 3.6.8 crashes at startup

    Theoretically yes, but against the Kaspersky theory is clear to me that the problem on two servers attached thereto (without TS, but also 2008R2 etc. pp.) Yet not once has occurred. This is where...
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    Re: Problem with sound on a DELL PC


    Getting started:
    - The jack on the speakers it is making good on the sound card?
    - The sound is not muted there?

    Check the following two points first and then if you still have the...
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    Re: WHS Acer H340 Squeezebox & Radio

    Of course I also monitor the file in my LO version. The button "More" to me is not just noticed. Whom I have just seen a picture in the developers corner and thought, let's see if I have to also....
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    Re: How to set Express Card and RAID

    I think this is quite simply change your disk to save a superior? that a less costly and will only motivate you two "not at all" your port Express card. I guess this will work for you. If you have...
  28. Re: Cannot install Microsoft SQL Server 2008

    Microsoft that is contained in the Knowledge Base articles and information as a service performance. Microsoft makes no warranty, Advanced Search, and more when used with the desired results. The...
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    Re: Error in mounting /dev/sda

    Why mount / dev / sda (x) rather than anything? We must not confuse the device / dev / sda or / dev / hdb or and its mounting point. Any empty directory can serve as a mount point. In my case, for...
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    Re: Install GD Library for php

    Try some thing like this

    ; Extension = php_gd.dll
    extension = php_gd2.dll

    I mean really, that should be sufficient php_gd2.dll ... So check it out out and tell whether it still is an error...
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    Re: Slow Authentication on Linux

    I made an installation of GLPI 0.71.1 FC9 on a server, apache is configured with kerberos on a Win2k3 AD domain. Equivalent to your authentication ntlm / apache. I applied this level authentication /...
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    Re: How is the Audio quality of iPod?

    Personally, I do not think the analog audio is bad, but I'm not hearing a very demanding. For predictions, my crystal ball tells me that integrated:

    1 / iPod Classic should not disappear because...
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    Re: Windows Live Sync for Mac OS X

    The market share files on a private network is growing and the experiences are multiplying. FolderShare, society ByteTaxi is a leader in this area and Microsoft has understood by acquiring and...
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    Re: Firefox script problem with Gmail

    For my part, I also had the problem. And after having hacked together a little, it turned out that it was the module AdBlock Plus. Once disabled, no need to switch to simplified. As there was no...
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    Re: WHS Acer H340 Squeezebox & Radio

    The behavior is exactly right. However, now remains of the servers at the time. This is because the radio is never entirely out. That is, with all the Squeezebox players so the case. Here is the tool...
  36. Re: Setup WHS VMware as host and Server 2008 as client

    yes, this works so far. Whether the processing power of HP's sure enough, I can not answer you. The RAM should in any case be beyond the 2 GB. This is my configuration and on this, it works very...
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    Re: Bad Password on WHS Connector

    There were several cases where it was not clear during the installation and then I installed the times to keep a trial basis and the additional function of PTBSync it is interesting to see how time...
  38. Re: LAN problem with Windows 7 and Windows XP

    Most likely, it complains that which includes with windows xp and windows 7 un compatibility, XP-scale is the name conveys. Tried to access rights (reviews) that is solved, but permits are full, a...
  39. Re: How to validate user's password with PasswordEncryptor in java?

    int year = c1.get (Calendar.YEAR) for the year (2009)
    int = nm c1.get (Calendar.MONTH) for the month (3 because the No. of months back is a value from 0 to 11) and
    int day = c1.get...
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    Re: Photoshop not working with windows 7

    Nothing to do with your hard drive, Adobe CS4 is a professional software is very resource-hungry processor, memory, RAM, graphics card, nothing to do with the capacity of hard drive it very little or...
  41. Re: Microsoft Picture it! cannot be recognised

    I can run it with vista Picture. I love this software very complete, very easy to use. you just avoid register the finished product, the photogenic "save as" and simply press "Save" ... if it gets...
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    Re: Install Netmeeting under windows 7

    According to an article in MS-Netmeeting can only Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate installed: A hotfix is available to install NetMeeting 3.02 on computers that are running Windows Vista....
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    Re: Sync Palm with Windows Live

    If it works under vista, it works in 7 necessarily. So I think you should look next to your PALM manufacturer and search for other software or 7, or Vista if you do not find. I think they will be...
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    Re: Extra tools for Skype

    I constantly use EpyxMobile, this tool is created the possibility for using this free version, Skype users About the phone call to. The key advantage here is that the Talk. About transmission of...
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    Re: Cannot resolve JRE error

    If your JAVA_HOME has the path to your JRE 1.5, so you can try in Eclipse to go into Window> Preferences ... > Java> Installed JRES and there you choose the JRE that you want. Compile then verify...
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    Re: CDMA vs GPRS

    GPRS is a packet-switched service for GSM mobile phones. It is among 2G (second generation mobile telephony) 3G means it is the third Generation of mobile communications. UMTS is a way to do this....
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    Re: How to handle Java Runtime exception

    Actually I have access to my page you must use the url corresponding to the mapping of the servlet:

    http:/ / localhost: 8080/example/faces/index.jsp
    And if you want element the "faces" in the...
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    Re: Use Java code in PHP

    The user does not need to download the program, it must turn on the local server. It runs continuously and must be visible from just a web page as it is a graphics application. Any more information...
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    Re: Problem install Glassfish Server

    You should not have problems on Solaris, I have a very similar config. The message "Java Bridge for GNOME loaded Accessibility" is normal, it is bound to swing open a window that asks you to validate...
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    Re: Exception in Java Web Start

    1) no problem to place an application in java web start ... it need only be packaged in jar (and signed if it acceded to the network (other than the server start) or the system)

    2) it's not really...
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