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  1. 0x8004ff01 Error When Installing MSE on XP SP3 Machine

    I am running windows XP with SP3 on my thinkpad laptop. I am the only Admin of this system, and I must say that its completely virus free. Since yesterday I am trying to install Microsoft Security...
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    Plays too fast in Powerpoint

    I am using Windows Vista and Office 2007. I have an AVI video that runs fine in Windows Media player. But when I play the same video in Powerpoint it plays the video in 10x faster speed. I don’t know...
  3. Re: Configure Microsoft Active Directory for SSL Access

    It seems like i fixed the problem. Yesterday i came across this knowledge base I came to know that the problem was with the certificate. SO i simply removed...
  4. Re: Configure Microsoft Active Directory for SSL Access

    Thank you very much for the help RaAbi. Yes, I have attempted 389 and it worked. I even attempted 636 without ssl but that dint worked. I ran this test in the forest root DC, also the certificate...
  5. Configure Microsoft Active Directory for SSL Access

    As my title states everything, I was trying to configure LDAP over SSL using the steps provided at one website but it dint helped. As mentioned over there I also configured a stand-alone CA on the...
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    Windows Installer Clean Up Application

    Last week I installed Windows Vista on one more desktop at my office. Installation went fine and system is also working without any problem. But am getting issues while running Windows Installer...
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    wireless network printer offline

    I am using Windows Vista on Dell laptop, connected with Dell wireless printer server 3300 and Dell printer. There is also Windows XP laptop connected on this Network. I don’t have any problem...
  8. Re: Error 80004005: Cannot create video capture filter

    First of all you haven’t mentioned the name/model of your webcam even once in your post? Can you provide its link so that we can see if the cam has some compatibility problem with your XP computer....
  9. Re: Windows XP freezes during install when detecting/installing devices

    I appreciate your help Mr Frances but there is a problem. After posting my above post i simply thought to re-install Windows to get the problem solved. But during installation when Windows restarts...
  10. Windows XP freezes during install when detecting/installing devices

    This is HP laptop running with Windows XP. Its been 1.5 years since I bought the laptop and it worked fine so far but from past couple of weeks I am facing problem while installing any device like...
  11. RE: cannot uninstall or reinstall NETGEAR WG111T wireless adapter

    I appreciate and thank you for the help and suggestion JUSTICE. But the problem is am not so tech freak and hence I don’t know what is NIC and how can we pull it out. Can you please tell me its...
  12. cannot uninstall or reinstall NETGEAR WG111T wireless adapter

    Using windows Vista and facing some problem with my Netgear router. I’m using NETGEAR WG111T wireless adapter since I installed Vista on this computer and is working fine. But now when I’m trying...
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    Windows Mail Error 0x800CCC0E

    I am using Windows Vista 64 Bit Edition, I am trying to setup a new email account with windows mail. I haven't found any issues with the setup and configuring it, now when I am trying to send a new...
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    registration key for AVG and/or Avast

    Hi, I already have a desktop computer running with Windows XP SP2 and recently bought 2 new laptops as well. I am using Avast on my existing desktop with serial key. Now I wanted to know what to do...
  15. Distribution Groups - export lists and members

    I need a small piece of information from you. I’m running 38 AD servers and 22 Exchange servers around 20 states. Now as it is spread all over, I wanted to know if there is any way I can export he...
  16. Problems sending out mails with Windows Mail: Error Number: 0x800C

    Hi, I setup windows mail on my brand new Vista Home edition laptop. Configured mail with few my pop3 accounts. though there were no errors while setting up the same now when I try to send emails, I...
  17. Windows cannot load profile when logging on.

    I’m using this Windows XP SP2 desktop since past 1 year and it was working great so far. Now from last 4 days it is not loading my profile anymore. I dint made any changes to the system, dint...
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    Re: Deleting files in CSC (Offline Files)

    I appreciate your help Landon for providing the KB. I will go through the same later tonight and will surely let you know the results. By the way i tried moving the My Documents folder as you said...
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    Re: Deleting files in CSC (Offline Files)

    Thank you very much for your helps guys. Actually the CSC folder is a hidden folder located in the Windows directory. It's holding the offline data. This is about 8GB and i am unable to delete the...
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    Deleting files in CSC (Offline Files)

    Hey guys, i need some urgent help from you all. I am having some problems with my Offline files which has now become upto 16GB and stored in My Documents folder. Somehow i was able to disable the the...
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    Printer has not yet responded

    I have a very short query, hoping to get helped. Using Windows XP with MS Office 2007. Whenever I try printing anything from Word I get this “Printer has not yet responded.”

    Can anyone please...
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