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  1. Re: Hybrid drive with 8GB SSD enough for performance

    Instead of getting a hybrid drive I prefer to go with a SSD only. Kingston has some budge drive with a powerful caching software. You can look under SSDNow series that are designed for performance...
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    Re: Good Cpu cooler with 120 or 140mm fan

    Deepcool Ice Warrior Cooler is a worth buying product. It is a kind of good fan for those who want a decent cooling solution. But it is costly on the same hand. By adding some more money you can go...
  3. Re: Microsoft Wireless TV Display Adapter not working on Windows 8.1

    The only way you can use Microsoft Display Adapter is first checking whether your TV is compatible with it or not. If it is not compatible then there is nothing you can do. While Chromecast is bit...
  4. Re: Which are the most recent Logitech gaming keyboards in the market

    I think G19 is the new series by Logitech. This are very costly keyboards which are deigned for gaming usage. The cost is above Rs.18000 for a model. And you get the best keyboard model here. If you...
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    Re: Hdd Not Detected In System

    A few things you can try to find whether the drive is working or not. First replace the power cable that you are connected to the hard drive. A psu has multiple sata power connectors. Try a different...
  6. Re: Are there any devices with next generation usb

    Micro usb ports are going to get common on pen drive soon. But for that a huge upgrade in needed in the pc hardware. Or else it wont be easy. In netbooks we might be seeing this micro usb port which...
  7. Re: How to fix reverse sound on gaming headphone

    Very few people has this kind of issue and this occur when you are using some kind of adapter on your headphone. You will have to remove the adapter and then try to attach it back again or you have...
  8. Re: How to add a printer under parental control in Mac

    The above solution is great for office. But for home there is a different settings that you can try out. You can try using a integrated Parental Control feature in Mac which will help you a lot. You...
  9. Re: HP Deskjet 1512 All-in-One Printer slow scanning

    If the dpi is not a problem here then the issue can be with the cable you have. Due to lack of proper cables the scanning does not work well. You can try changing that once. Do this before...
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    Re: How to use a motion controller on a pc

    I do not think so. Most of them option controlling things are limited to consoles. You can go with PS Move if you are looking for great gesture based control. But for pc we have to wait back. Because...
  11. Re: Silent Pro Gold 600w noise at the time of playing games

    Silent Pro Gold 600w is a good psu. I had seen this in few pc where it does not make any sound. Sound issue is common when your psu is very old. It happen sometime the bearing is loose. Due to which...
  12. Re: Windows 8 USB Device not recognize error on connecting usb speaker

    Check the connection. Most of this speaker comes with a micro usb to usb connection. See that the connection is proper. You have to change the usb ports also if you are still getting the same error....
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    Re: How does Eyefi wireless SD card works

    Yes this card has a unique feature of wireless sharing. But here your files are stored on the Eyefi cloud. You just have to install the app and done. Your files are online and anyone can view it. The...
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    Re: Clicking sound on 650w Corsair psu

    I got this issue long back in a 250w psu. I was not sure what really happened, but the psu started making clicking sound first. Then suddenly the pc went off and it was not working. I carried smps to...
  15. Re: Cooling problem with Nepton 280 L liquid cooler

    I think it is a fitting issue. You can make it work by re-fixing. You have to clean the heat-sink on the bottom and apply a better one. There are sticker type heat-sink available. You can place that...
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    Re: Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    If you are using the sound card in your system then it means there is a bit problem with the installation. It is a compact sound card and provide amazing audio output. you might have not installed it...
  17. Re: Can cooling pad will keep my laptop safe from overheating

    I do not think cooling pad will help you. You need better cooling solution for your system. Try to carry it to the service center it if is under warranty. There are chances the fan has failed or it...
  18. Re: How to setup Corsair H90 Liquid Cooler on Intel Core i5 processor

    Refer the manual. Each of this liquid cooler comes with a manual that has full processor of setting up the cooler. It is bit easy to setup. Corsair H90 is one of the most simplest cooler to fit on...
  19. Re: Need explanation on different psu certification

    Most of them are marked as 80plus. This are good one and more efficient in terms of providing constant power to your system. It works really well and does not lag or freeze at all. 80plus is a kind...
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    Re: Reliable heatsink for old pc

    You can buy any regular stock cooler. It will allow you to have simple cooling solution.And the cost might be around Rs.500. For a old pc it is not worth enough to buy a costly cooler. If you go...
  21. Re: UPS stopped working after connecting a Laser printer

    I too think the battery blew up. This is a common issue with ups. Now here you had connected too many stuff on your ups. Why you need a spike guard on it. Whichever device which runs on battery does...
  22. Re: Usb hub stops working after adding a memory card on it

    My usb hub also stopped working. I had purchased that online. It is some china model. It is just a waste of money. Later I bought another one from flipkart. The mode is Quantum QHM 5095. It cost...
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    Re: Antec kuhler 620 or Corsair h55 cooler

    There is no great price difference between them. They almost comes at the same price. And in terms of specification and output also they do not look so different. You can choose the one that you find...
  24. Re: Good Hardware Diagnostic Tool for Windows XP

    I do not trust this self diagnostic tools. None of them is intact. I had ran many of them. In the name of system diagnostic I can mostly find memory test tools or hard drive diagnostic software....
  25. Re: Unable to install HP OfficeJet 5610v printer in Windows 8

    When I downloaded the drivers for HP OfficeJet 5610v printer in my PC, instead of English language, I got Hebrew language. I think it is some problem with the website or the servers of the HP that is...
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    Re: Android Open Source Project on Nexus Q?

    If Android Open Source Project is made to be supported by Nexus Q, the first thing type of app I would like to develop is to have a slideshow on computer which is connected to the projector. An...
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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    If you are going for Thermal paste, see to it that you are applying it uniformly all over the flat surface properly. You shouldn’t leave any excess granules or bumps in the layer of this thermal...
  28. Re: Firmware CC4H download for Barracuda 1TB/disk platform

    There is no doubt that the firmware CC4H is released and also being used by all Seagate users. But let me tell you that this update is unfortunately not for all Seagate hard drive users. There are...
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    Re: MSI cx623 is freezing on startup

    There are possibilities that your system might have got affected by virus. If there would have been issue with the number of startup programs then limiting them would have surely helped you out....
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    Re: Is 365w Power Supply enough for 1GB GPU

    I dont think your current power supply will be enough for your system once you upgrade it with 1GB graphic card. Because its just 350W and already powering a Dual core CPU, 2RAM, and two hard disks....
  31. Re: WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB beeping and connection problem

    It could be probably the power supply issue. I think your external hard drive is not getting proper power supply. There could be many more reasons for the problem you stated above but before doing...
  32. Re: After Cold Start, Corsair AX850 won’t turn on immediately

    I think that the PSU that you are using is faulty and so it is showing you this weird behavior. To confirm this, just open the case so that you can observe the motherboard. Now connect the power and...
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    Re: Is it worth to purchase B&W P3 headphones

    I do agree the headphone which you are looking to purchase seems to be a good option in my opinion. Aluminum and high quality rubber is used to manufacture the same so there would be great sound...
  34. Re: Need power cord for WD My Book Essential HDD

    You will have to get this one Model: WDPS037RNN:

    This is compatible with the below storage systems:

    My Book Essential (WDH1Uxxxx), (WDBAAFxxxx), (WDBACWxxxx)...
  35. Re: Unable to mount WD My Passport hard drive with Ubuntu

    In this particular situation you should look for program which is known as mountmanager into repositories. Even you can do the same by running below mentioned command.

    sudo apt-get update...
  36. Poll: Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    As far as I know Seasonic X series is same as that of Corsair AX series. Hence there would not be any issue if you select any of them. Personally I used seasonic and it was working like Charm. It was...
  37. Re: Need help making computer compatible for Diablo 3

    I guess you have enough budget, even the build around 450 $ will able to run this game on constant 55 fps on the minimum settings at 1920x1090. So here is what I recommend that will help you to make...
  38. Re: Why external My passport drive is showing up as Local disk?

    As you are getting your external hard drive as local disk it means that Windows had enabled write caching on it. So you are not going to an option that allow you to Safely remove hard drive when...
  39. Re: Dell 1815dn printer’s sheet feeder jams constantly

    Do you know anything about the sensor flag if not then you can check it out yourself what you should do is open the ADF lid look to the left of the ADF feed rollers you will find the sensor flag out...
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    Re: PCI-E 3.0 vs PCI-E 2.0

    In practical terms, PCI Express 3.0 delivers double the bandwidth as compared to PCI Express 2.0, or 16 GB / s per direction for a theoretical device in x16 mode instead of 8. However, you will...
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    Re: How to Change Language for HP Deskjet 3050

    Ok, so guys if you are not clear with the above solutions, I will one clarify which buttons to press. So make use of the buttons on the RIGHT side of the pop-up screen only. Don’t press buttons...
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    Re: Suggestion for Dell Dimension 4700 PSU

    You better go with the coolmaster eXtreme Power Plus 600W, which will be the best option for you and be able to play games on your card. The Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600W measures 140mm deep...
  43. re: when ever installing device driver software, hpzsetup.exe keeps popping up

    Yes, you are saying it right as you are on the right track. After you have tried with services.msc in run option, you will be then with an HP Digital Imaging Monitor which will start on reboot....
  44. Re: Internet explorer does not open in Dell inspiron 530

    Yes uninstalling the updates will help you to get rid of this problem. I was also having same problem with my computer also after performing windows updates and then I have open program and features...
  45. Re: Seagate Momentus 7200.3 ST9160411ASG and Fujitsu MHY2120BH Password locked?

    As far as your Seagate Momentus is concerned I will suggest you to try to unlock it MHDD tool. First of all you have to download MHDD tool from internet. MHDD tool is a test tool for low-level hard...
  46. Re: How to fix bad sectors or clusters on hard drive ?

    Bad sectors can be fixed by using a third party tool. Many manufacturers provide boot utility for their products. This utility helps you to fix the mbr, restore data, upgrade firmware, etc. For...
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    Re: Lenovo T500 bluetooth issue

    So if you are saying that the connection is not working with your laptop only then something has to do with your laptop only. First of all have your device checked in the nearest service center and...
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    Re: Cannot use Firefox 12 on multiple desktops

    The Firefox 12 offers several improvements and correction of more than 1800 bugs. Mozilla highlights the move to simplify the update now where the user is not asked. The administration console is...
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    re: HDMI vs Displayport vs DVI for better output

    There is one good thing that I liked regarding the Digital (HDMI and DVI) as it is noise tolerant. This works with the analog line to bring you the perfect picture. The voltage on the handset would...
  50. re: Asus Xonar DX and Windows 7 system sounds not playing starting part of an audio file

    As you are saying that this problem occurs only in softwares that are not manufactured or inbuilt feature of Windows Operating System. So that means that this error occurs in applications that use...
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