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    Re: Runas error 1326

    There is an extra option or netonly for the runas command that allows running the local application as a domain user usually on a non-domain machine. When I ran it on Windows 7 Pro then it was...
  2. Re: BSOD on windows 8 while playing Deus Ex Human Revolution

    There are different causes of “bad_pool_caller” Can you post the complete details that you see on BSOD??? That will help us to find the most effective solution for your issue.
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    Re: Motherboard + Processor under 8000 Rs

    I will suggest you to get GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2P v3.1 and AMD Phenom II X4 840. They both will be available at local shops and you won’t have to keep checking online sites for the same.
    As far as I...
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    Re: Best Ebook for learning Joomla

    These are the must have ebooks for Joomla newbies, so you should definitely check them out.
    Joomla 2.5 - Beginner's Guide
    Joomla 2.5 Made Easy
    The best of
    They are available for...
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    Re: Counter Strike GO – Screen tearing

    Try this:
    Turn on vsync ingame
    Turn on vsync in control panel with triple buffering
    Some people like you have complained that simply turning on vsync ingame settings was not making any difference...
  6. re: Light free video game recording software for windows 8

    You can get Game Cam, it’s a free screen capture software for recording real-time in-game movies. It searches for games installed in your system automatically and creates an individual recording...
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    Re: Best 2.1 speakers under Rs 2000

    If you can spend 100 more then I will suggest you to get “F&D A-520 2.1 Multimedia Speakers” not because I have them but they are really one of the best 2.1 speakers as per my experience.
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    Re: Best DNS for BSNL Dataone Broadband

    You can use any of the below Free Public DNS Server:
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    Re: Best speakers for game sound

    You can check out below ones as well, they fall within your budget.
    Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System (CA-SP211NA) - $200
    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified...
  10. Re: can't stretch 4:3 aspect ratio video on windows media player?

    You can try following below steps for changing aspect ratio of video in windows media player.

    Insert your DVD, launch Windows Media Player and play your video.
    After that Right-click on "Now...
  11. Re: Loading settings fails (Access is denied) for domain accounts

    It seems as if you are having similar issue mentioned in the below thread:
    Cannot load profile Event ID: 1500
    If yes, than you can try out the solution that i have mentioned there. Post back if it...
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    Re: Cannot load profile Event ID: 1500

    I am not sure if this will but you can surely give it a try.

    First log in to your computer as administrator and create a new user called "default user"
    Now log off as administrator and login...
  13. Re: Windows 7 desktop gadgets appearing as white squares

    I will suggest you to run sfc /scannow command, there are possibilities that some system file might have got corrupted. In such cases sfc /scannow command will carry out a small scanning process and...
  14. Re: Skype gives an error while shutting down windows 8

    Which version of skype are you using?? Since you are getting memory reference error, I wanted to know if you have tried increasing virtual memory. If not, than you can try increasing it. I haven’t...
  15. Re: Intel Core i7-3930K or Intel Xeon E5-2643 ?

    +1 For Intel Core i7-3930K from my side as well, I don’t think you should have any confusion in deciding the best between these two. Task like video rendering, AutoCAD rendering are quite resource...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III vs Nokia Lumia 920

    I don’t know why everyone is just talking about high price of Lumia 920, they have really come up with some good features this time. I mean pureview camera, hd motion plus display and wireless...
  17. Silent Hunter 5 Battle of the Atlantic Save game and new patch download

    Hello, One of my friend gave me his DVD of a game called Silent Hunter 5 Battle of the Atlantic that I have installed successfully on my pc. It runs decently on my pc, but the problem is that if I...
  18. Problem with Domain user as local administrator

    I am having some issue with the authentication of users to access services. There is a domain with me with Windows 2008 and all servers are Windows 2008. I would like to add a domain user as local...
  19. Re: Stop:0x0000007b(0x81e03ba0,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0 x00000000)

    I had faced same error previously after a month of installing vista , in my case Vista was not able to recognize the drive as ACPI had got set to "auto" rather than "compatible". I dont know how, may...
  20. Re: How do I draw resource histogram for all resources

    I haven’t tried it yet but I think it is possible with the following procedure. Just give it a try:

    Split window
    Select ˜Resource Usage view in the top pane
    Select ˜Resource Graph view...
  21. Windows 7 Ultimate "This copy of Windows is not genuine"

    My friend works for a company and he got a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from some tech day that he visited at some place. So he gave that to me and I installed it on my machine cleanly. Now after...
  22. Windows Live Communications Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Recently I installed the latest version of MSN on my vista ultimate machine. The installation was fine but after launching the software I got an error message saying that "Windows Live Communications...
  23. Thread: FTP Hacking

    by Jasonholt

    Re: FTP Hacking

    Even I agree with the above reply, FileZilla FTP client offers a free and simple interface to use, that will also allow both beginners and advanced users to connect remotely to a server in order to...
  24. I dont think there is any issue to promote an...

    I dont think there is any issue to promote an additional DC in the existing domain. If the Operating System version is the same then no schema upgrade is needed, otherwise this has to be done first.
  25. header tabs of Task Manager lost in Windows 7

    Recently the header tabs of task manager was lost which was used to move from applications to processes. If I restart my pc then it comes back but after sometime it again disappears. I have...
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    left 4 dead 2 save game needed

    Hello, I have a very nice computer build which runs this game Left 4 Dead 2 perfectly. Recently, my pc got crashed and due to which I had to reformat it and install a new OS. I installed Windows XP...
  27. Windows 7 Blue Screen, Bug Check Code : 0x000000e4

    I did a upgrade from Vista Home premium to Windows 7 and in between I was getting slight blue screen but not continously. But soon after some time I was getting blue screen continously and I was not...
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    restoring Windows Live Movie Maker

    I recently came accross Windows Live Movie Maker and it seems that it does not uses the old storyboard mode that helps us editing video very fast. I was wodering if I can have the old storyboard type...
  29. Re: configuration process runs every time start Word 2007

    At the time you installed Microsoft Office, then have you tried to choose Run from Disc or install on hard drive options?
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    Re: Exchange Mailbox Store size limit.

    I think that even with massive deletions the size of the DB won't shrink unless you do an offline defrag because Exchange just keeps it as white space until reused.
  31. Changing the primary domain DNS name of this computer

    I am using the 2003 native domain and forest functional mode and I have 5 DCs spread across 3 AD sites, 4 out of the 6 DC are running Windows 2008 SP1. Just some time ago, I am getting some...
  32. Re: Difference between Norton Internet Security 2009 & Norton 360version 3.0

    There are some better option than Norton Internet Security 2009 & Norton 360version 3.0:

    NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.437
    Avira Antivir Free
    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM)
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    Code 19 - USB not working in vista

    I have a dell machine which is running on Windows Vista and all of a sudden my usb ports have stopped working. For each of the Usb controllers in device manager there is a yellow exclamation mark...
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    why can't i use google on my computer

    The browsers that I use is either Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3 and if I am trying to type something in the search box of google then i get a weird error message like this:

    We're sorry...
  35. Did you check it in Programs and Features under...

    Did you check it in Programs and Features under Control Panel. See if it is listed over there.

    Alternatively if it is not allowing you to remove manually, you can try out some third party...
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    korean video games stats

    I have heard that korean video game stats is uncomparable with any other county's video game stats? They have a good market place for developing video games, testing it, and even competiting for it?...
  37. The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: PxHelp20

    I got an error message in my event viewer: Event Id 7026, Error, "The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: PxHelp20". And now my dvd/cd rom started to act weird and gave me...
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    Re: Not receiving Mail in sbs 2008

    I don’t think the problem is with SBS 2008 because as you said you are able to telnet internally and not externally, SBS is listening and waiting for connections. According to this there could be...
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    Re: Toshiba Bluetooth Headphones Manual needed

    Hi i have a problem with my Mic on the headsets FE-605MV.. all this time until now my mic decided not to work and work when unplugg it, speakers are working fine.. im using a Acer with Windows Vista...
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    Ps3 game downloads

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought a new Playstation 3 and I usually download games directly from playstation store online by paying for it. I only have 60gb internal hard drive space to store...
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    re: hp pavilion desktop xp/vista?

    Well buddy, it seems like your hard drive is failing. Do you have any built-in HP diagnostics tools? If yes, run the same, and if not, then you will need to connect the hard drive on some another...
  42. Why can't i log onto the internet in safe mode

    To perform some test in my computer I want to login to the internet in safe mode. So I restarted my computer and pressed the F8 key to boot into "Safe Mode with Networking". But if I try to connect...
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    How to remove winpc malware

    I dont know how but my computer was recently attacked by winpc hijacker. I have tried to remove it with my AVG Antivirus but this bugger still comes back. Can anyone tell me how to...
  44. Re: setup runs every time I start an Office 2007 component

    Well the working Advice is very simple. You will need to uninstall all office products along with the Activation Assistant from your system and than install Office 2007 purchased copy. Such problem...
  45. How to Uninstall Multiple Database Instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2005

    I have installed 2 different Multiple Database Instances on my Microsoft SQL 2005 Server and I want to remove onle of these instances, so if anyone cna help me out in removing one of this...
  46. How to import txt file contents into lists in python

    I have a test.txt file and by using python I want it to be read its each line into a list and after that I want to print another text file so that list number 3 comes first. I was not able to find...
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    Re: SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem

    Did you allowed SBS 2008 BPA to be integrated into the console at the time of installation? If not, then simply download and update the same and then run a scan. See it is able to find any problems....
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    How to change Video Card Cooler

    Hello, I have this old graphic card nvidia quadro 980 XGL and nowhere on the net I can find cooler ad hoc for it. Can anyone tell me what can I replace for it? Thank you
  49. Can I delete Files on C:\Windows\Installer ?

    Is it safe to delete the Files on C:\Windows\Installer ? I'm having just a little space on C: and I just noticed with filePro there was almost 1GB of data in that folder. Thank you
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    Yes it is mostly browser related, rather than...

    Yes it is mostly browser related, rather than uninstalling and reinstalling your browser i will suggest you to reset it. I have come across some people who were getting redirected to that site while...
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