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  1. Re: Lenovo A369i stuck on boot screen after flashing Nokia X rom

    Well, I am also doing a bit of testing on this old mobile phone and just recently on this forums I found list of guides which will surely help you in playing the device ROMS. Just refer the below...
  2. Re: Is there any Custom ROM available for Oppo R5

    I am also looking for the same yet and there is no rom provided. There is a stock rom with old build number. And it is working. You can flash that easily if you are testing custom rom on this model....
  3. Re: Is there any Custom ROM available for Oppo R5

    I am also looking for the same yet and there is no rom provided. There is a stock rom with old build number. And it is working. You can flash that easily if you are testing custom rom on this model....
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    Re: What is new in Huawei Honor 6 Plus

    Honor 6 Plus is a phablet and it was launched yesterday. The cost of this device is around Rs.10,500. It is a bit more high end device that brings many new features over the Honor 6. If you want to...
  5. Re: Copy photos from Sony DSC-RX100M3 E32 through Wifi/NFC

    It can be done through PlayMemories app. Without that you wont be able to see the photos. There is no Bluetooth in the camera. I am going to show you a simple process through which you can transfer...
  6. Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    I have an old system and recently bought a new Antec 750W power supply. I am looking for the best budget case available for my computer build. I am at a tight buget and want something in between $60...
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    getting 90% in 12th standard board exam

    I am looking for some suggestions or some tips for scoring good percentage in my upcoming 12th standard board exam. Can anyone tell me how am I suppose to prepare for the board examination for the...
  8. Counter-Strike Global Offensive dll error on Windows 7 64bit

    I am not able to install Counter-Strike Global Offensive on my system. I am having a Windows 7 64bit system. I had tried a lot to fix this issue but it is not working. Whenever I try to start the...
  9. How to play facebook games directly from Windows desktop

    Is there a application available through which we can play Facebook games directly from the desktop. I want some way to play poker. When I open that in the browser it freeze everything. I want to...
  10. How to get Vodafone prize on every prepaid recharge

    Every vodafone prepaid user might be knowing that vodafone recently launched 'Every Recharge wins' offer where it is offering each customer an assured prize. This means that if any prepaid customer...
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    Getting rid of Hathway Login Page

    I have recently taken the Hathway Docsis 3.0 broadband plan and its quite amazing. When I ran any torrent I was getting a maximum of 4-5mbps speed only. I wonder if they have capped the speed for...
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    Re: No picture on Dell UP3214Q monitor

    Even I am facing the same problem and am also getting blue screens when I am doing any soft on/off and resuming from the monitor standby. To get rid of the issue I have just disabled the monitor...
  13. Moto G screen flickering while playing games

    There is bit issue with new moto e android smartphone. The screen flickers when I am trying to play games on the same. It is getting more and more frequent. I am not able to figure out why my screen...
  14. Flash based site slow after Windows 8.1 update

    After updating to windows 8.1 I am having a bit issue with surfing website. I am unable to visit flash based site. They are very slow and looks like sluggish. Whenever I try to play a few videos...
  15. Flash based site slow after Windows 8.1 update

    After updating to windows 8.1 I am having a bit issue with surfing website. I am unable to visit flash based site. They are very slow and looks like sluggish. Whenever I try to play a few videos...
  16. How to overclock without modifying BIOS settings

    Can anyone tell me whether there is any safe mode to overclock the processor without changing any settings in the BIOS? I am using a old stock motherboard that came with the computer case and there...
  17. Can Windows Auto-import will import duplicate pictures

    How can I allow windows to import duplicate files in My Documents. I am looking for a way for doing. Many time I connect my camera and I do not really remember the last time when I had imported my...
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    Antec 500W for R9 270X card

    I am looking to purchase a new graphics card for my machine that has Antec 500watt power supply. I am looking to buy the Radeon R9 270X graphics card which is coming in my budget. I will also buy a...
  19. Application to remove malware apps from Windows 7 pc

    I want some effective malware remover for my system. I had tried to find but I can get antivirus only. I want uninstallers that can scan my system and remove all malware applications from the system....
  20. Planning to buy Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard

    Razor BlackWidow Ultimate looks amazing mechanical keyboards. I am willing to buy this but unable to decide that should I go for so costly keyboard. I am always looking for a good one. I found this...
  21. ISRO entrance exam syllabus and job question

    I am currently pursuing computer engineering and I am in the third year (GTU) now. I have always dreamed to join ISRO and therefore I want to know what is the syllabus for ISRO exam in computer...
  22. Bluescreen on Windows 8 after Norton Ghost recovery

    I had made a system image of Windows 8 through Norton Ghost. I had upgraded my system from Windows 7 to Windows 8. After that I made this recovery file so that in case of any issue I can restore...
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    Samsung Galaxy S5 with FM radio

    I wanted to know if Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will have FM radio support in it? I have checked the official technica specifications of Galaxy S5 but cannot find anything whether it has FM radio or...
  24. Kingston SSDNow V300 and Samsung SSD 840 EVO

    I am looking to buy a new SSD for my computer rig. I am actually planning to buy from the kingston brand because it is much cheaper as compared to others. However, I also noticed that the Samsung 840...
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    Advice for gaming motherboard

    I want to buy the latest gaming motherboard. I had seen a few models on web but not able to understand which is the best one. Some board comes with dual bios, while some has military grade...
  26. WD My Book Live Dual very slow on backup

    My office has Western Digital MyBook Live Duo 2TB hard drive configured on my lan network. This drive is shared for people to keep files. Also it is connected to an automated backup software. Almost...
  27. Re: How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

    I have recently purchased a new Buffalo WCR-GN router and I am looking to configure this router with my Airtel 450TC1 in WDS mode. While trying to search for some solutions for my querie I came to...
  28. Help to convert hand written html codes to digital for college project

    I want some help to get a digital conversion of handwritten html tool. My brother got some project from his college. In this text book he has all the html codes. I think they are around 50 pages. Now...
  29. joining CS course after completing B.Com

    I am currently in the final standard of B.Com that is, 15th standard, and am going to give my final exam. After this I am looking to join CS course, so can anyone tell me what is the procedure for...
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    Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    Is there anyone who can tell me whether the basic model of Kindle ebook reader will support Hindi text fine? I am looking to buy an ereader that not only supports English but Hindi Text also. If the...
  31. Which is the best Wii game for this year

    I need the best Wii game for this year. There are very few releases this year. Wii does not has much vast choice of games. My cousin has purchased a new console and I want to gift some games to him....
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    Battlefield 4 Save game for PC download

    I recently purchased a second hand copy of Battlefield 4 for PC. I installed it and played it on my computer without any issues. But today, when I was at the 4th chapter of this game, then due to a...
  33. Galaxy Note 3 Camera bug when wifi is on

    I recently got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from a local store at my place. It costed me Rs. 45000 and I am really enjoying it. But one thing that I have noticed in this phone is that if I turn on the...
  34. set old Windows 8 background in Windows 8.1

    I have recently upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 preview and I dont like the background of Windows 8.1. Hence I am looking for a way to get back the old Windows 8 background in Windows 8.1...
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    video editing with GTX 600 video cards

    I wanted to buy a new video card and was going to buy a new GTX 650 graphics card. But one of my friend told me that the 600 series graphics card are not good for video editing though it will be able...
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    Noctua 120mm NF-S12A for my new build

    What about adding a few Noctua 120mm NF-S12A fan on my new build. I am making a gaming pc where I am planning to add some set of new coolers to make it more better and cooler. I went on web and found...
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    Any way to use extra 240w ATX PSU

    I have a atx power supply. It is kept as useless. I had upgraded the existing one on my system.I was having a 240w which I had upgraded to 440w and the second one is kept aside. I need some help to...
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    How to share song library on Android

    How to share a song library on Android. In my laptop has more than 400songs. I had added them to Media Player library and it is already shared with other devices. To access my music I just have to...
  39. HD video playback lag on Lava Iris 455 Android phone

    I am trying to play some hd videos on Lava Iris 455. The videos are working but they lag in between. One video is completely black. I can only hear the background noise. Nothing else work on it. I...
  40. bios options in Gigabyte motherboard grayed out

    I am using a Gigabyte GA-M69GM-S2H motherboard and I have built a new system recently. After when I went into the Bios setting to check some what are the different options given I noticed that most...
  41. Impact of tablet and mobile gaming on consoles

    Don't you think that the portable device gaming can impact sales of gaming consoles. Here we have a more portable solution to play games. Like Nvidia is going to release its Tegra Note tablet which...
  42. Agro 5.0 the budget Quad Core smartphone

    Agro 5.0 is a new budget quad core mobile phone which is released recently. I am trying to find out its price in India. I do not much about that, but I had seen this device in a news which says it is...
  43. AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Crashing on Windows 7

    I am not able to understand why AMD Catalyst is crashing on my system. The version is 13.9 which is the latest one and there is some issue with it. I am trying to update the same but it is not...
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    Re: How is Tikona 2mbps plan in mumbai

    Hi, thanks for the information. Can you tell me how much download speed and upload speed you are getting and which Tikona broadband plan you are talking about, is it this 2mbps one only?
  45. What free apps are provided in the new iPhone 5S

    Apple has released its new variation of iPhone. It is 5S. This time Apple looks a bit weak in marketing. I am unable to find anything great in the device. There are certain upgrades that's all. It...
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    best graphics card for Adobe CS

    I dont have enough knowledge on Graphics Card and therefore I needed some help. Can anyone tell me which graphics card is the best for Adobe CS? Should I go with Amd or Nvidia manufacturer's for the...
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    How is Tikona 2mbps plan in mumbai

    Hello, I am bored with the bsnl broadband that keeps dropping any time at my place. So I am now looking to switch to another broadband connection. I was looking at the Tikona 2mbps plan that is...
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    using Idea 3g net with Airtel

    I got a new Idea 3G RC46 net that I am using with Airtel 3G Dongle that I have unlocked. But the problem that I am facing is that I am getting only 1 hour upload net instead of 2 hours and the...
  49. Portable scanner for scanning A4 size paper

    Which is better to buy. A portable scanner or a full size one. I need scanner frequently to scan some pages and visiting card. I had seen portable scanners on web. Some of them are only meant for...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Screen freezes

    I recently got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet from my sister as my birthday present. I have noticed that if I am using the tablet for more than 1-2 hours continuously then its screen will start...
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