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Thread: Microsoft SideWinder Mouse

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    Microsoft SideWinder Mouse

    SideWinder? Microsofts amount to its first love? While the mark SideWinder not been used since accordingly beautiful, Microsoft is relaunching with a brand new mouse full functions, and for dedicated players. Contrary to the Habu, the SideWinder Mouse is not a Razer mouse masked, but indeed a product made in 100% Microsoft.

    Among the functions, one can note the presence of a button "Quick Turn" that allows you to perform one-click half a lap at 180 degrees (angle adjustable), which earn precious hundredths of a second to respond another player in a deathmatch for example. The mouse also includes an LCD screen that allows another to know which it is set sensitivity. The sensitivity of the SideWinder Mouse can be adjusted on the fly via three buttons behind the wheel.

    The five buttons "classic" of the mice are obviously a desire configurable one, and Microsoft wants to push the cap further that it should be able to change the weight . For this, the mouse has a small weight that you can not remove or to render it more or less light, but also different with skates.

    With all this, if you can not set the SideWinder Mouse, you may need to change hands. Only small flat, sensitivity is 2000 dpi, where Logitech offers 3200 dpi with its G9.


    -- Unique Design
    -- Dpi has stolen (from 400 to 2000 dpi)
    -- LCD (to indicate IPR or command MACRO used)
    -- 5 buttons fully customizable
    -- A metal knob and multidirectional (Mode smoothed)
    -- Buttons below the 2-inch metal, accessible without needing to move the finger
    -- A button shortcut for games
    -- A function "Quick turn" (which allows you to a half lap in a single click, with adjustable angle)
    -- The macro functions
    -- Frequency of 500Hz
    -- Box for adjusting the cable
    -- 3 Types of skates
    -- Weight Adjustable

    Price For appox. Rs. 6500.

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    the system weight is creative who invented it

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    Logitech has no LCD on their mouse but this one does, wow

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    see the all new Microsoft BLUETRACK mouse review:

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