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Thread: AsiaPower PowerSound 405 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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    AsiaPower PowerSound 405 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    AsiaPower PowerSound 405 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with speaker phone support. Its official cost is around Rs.2000, but on some online site like Snapdeal you can get this around Rs.1100 approx. PowerSound 405 is a stylish small speaker that brings decent audio quality for mobile phone and tablets. It is not fair to expect much on the sound quality here. Due to small size, there are various things which are limited. But still PowerSound 405 is able to fulfill your music requirements. It lacks features like sound effects, good bass output and sometime a bit of voice clarity on maximum volume. This is the most common issue I had seen in portable speakers. At maximum volume it does not perform well. But at a decent sound level it is clear and nice. The speaker also comes with rechargeable battery, so that you can use it while traveling also. Max playback time can be around 2 to 3 hours on full volume. That might be low compared to few good speakers which offer much higher output. PowerSound 405 comes in three colors. Blue, Red and Black. It is small and works with simple Bluetooth connectivity.

    • 3 Watt Speaker
    • A2DP Function
    • Hands free calling
    • Water Resistant Rubber Oil finish
    • 400mAH rechargeable battery
    • More than 2 hrs of playback
    • Operating frequency 2.4-2.48Ghz
    • Range 10mm max
    • Aux in function


    AsiaPower 405 Speaker

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    Re: AsiaPower PowerSound 405 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


    AsiaPower PowerSound 405 is portable and fits well in your bags as well. Carrying it in your pocket is not possible due to its thick size. To add a bit of durability, the speaker comes with Rubberize cover. That does not mean it is a waterproof model. This is just the outer layer. The body is mostly made form plastic. A 400watt speaker is placed on the top side. There are few connectivity options on the body.

    AsiaPower 405 Speaker

    A micro USB port, mic and 3.5mm audio jack is on the backside. Once fully charged you can use it for 2 to 3 hours of full volume. On low volume it will work for longer period. Controls are at the bottom side. There is a power button. With that there are four buttons. This includes volume and song change button and play-pause button. The speaker phone button is at bottom side. It is a bit inconvenient to access. Each time to pick or to disconnect a call you have to lift the speaker up.

    AsiaPower 405 Speaker


    AsiaPower PowerSound 405 is more like an entry level speaker. It comes with all required options to use it like a speaker phone for conference or just for listening music. It can be a kind of extended audio support for your device. It is very easy to connect this speaker through Bluetooth. The range is also fine. But I am not very happy with maximum audio output. It looks to be less effective when you are playing music at maximum volume. The speaker also lacks sound effects. It can be a great choice for conference. Another issue is with the battery life of AsiaPower PowerSound 405. It has a 400mAH battery which is limited.


    If you are willing to buy this speaker then just try to have a look on the price. Various sellers online are selling it for different price. There are maximum chances that you might get this below Rs.1000. The speaker is ideal for those who are not expecting much from a portable speaker. AsiaPower PowerSound 405 gives you loud volume but sound effects are missing here. It has stiff competitive models under the price range. One of the biggest plus point is that it is not sold for the cost it carries on the box.

    • Speaker Phone
    • Good Design
    • Good Audio Volume

    • Missing Sound Effects
    • Poor battery life

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