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Thread: ADATA UC330 32GB USB OTG Flash Drive

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    ADATA UC330 32GB USB OTG Flash Drive

    OTG flash drive comes loaded with dual benefits. At one side you can use it with your pc or any system that has USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports and on the other side; you can use it with device that have a Micro USB port. We will be checking out ADATA UC330 32GB OTG Flash Drive. A tiny model that looks amazing and cute. The pen drive comes in different variants and supports OStoGo feature. Due to dual ports on both the side, it is very convenient to use. OTG drives only works on that device which supports them. For example older version of Android OS does not have an OTG support. Most of the devices like Smartphone's, tablets, blu-ray players, HDTV, etc; come with USB or MicroUSB port. That adds an extra benefit of mounting external storage under budget. For smartphone if you are having a 4GB or 8GB internal storage model, then upgrading that is almost not possible. But through a high speed OTG drive like ADATA UC330 you can get that easily. The drive comes in 4 different size options. They are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB.

     ADATA UC330 32GB OTG Flash Drive

    The cost of 8GB drive lies around Rs.550, 16GB comes for Rs.775 and Rs.1400 approx for the 32GB version. We will be testing the 32GB model here. ADATA UC330 flash drive is designed for portable devices. The transfer speed is enough to stream HD videos and music files through this. Below you can find a test report about the file transfer speed on different platforms.

    • On the Go MicroUSB Interface
    • Good data transfer speed
    • Extremely portable design
    • Silver zinc body & black cap
    • USB 2.0
    • Works on Android 4.1 or higher

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    Re: ADATA UC330 32GB USB OTG Flash Drive


    ADATA UC330 features usb 2.0 interface. It gives a decent read and write speed. For pc it will be a bit slower because today we can easily find a usb 3.0 flash drive at a cheaper price. The drive would be more effective if it would have a usb 3.0 interface for pc and the regular micro usb for portable devices. The drive is very small and compact. Easy to lose. So better add a strap on it. It can easily get mixed with other things in your box and pocket. And it will be not easy to find the drive. Adding a key chain on it will help you to easily locate it. ADATA UC330 has a silver zinc body. A few usb drive in the same category I had seen recently came with plastic body. That makes them less durable. Sliver Zinc body is strong and further at the backside it has a black cap. This cap can be used to cover the MicroUSB port or the regular usb port.

    ADATA UC330

    From design point of view the drive looks quite cute. It is very easy to forget it if you are busy in something. There are no light indicators on the body. The small size is a plus point if you are using the drive on a portable device like a Smartphone or a Tablet. It sits well on the bottom or top side. You have to manually mount the storage in Android to turn it on. Then through a media player app you can stream the content. It is also an ideal backup solution. Some digital camera today supports OTG drives. You can copy all your photos to the pen drive and clean the empty storage. For those who own mobile or tablet which has storage of 4GB or less won't have to rely on SD Card.


    ADATA UC330 has a usb 2.0 interface. So the speed remains limited here. Below you can see the benchmarking test of ADATA UC330 done through CrytalDiskmark on USB 2.0 port. It shows 27mb/s of max read speed which is good for multimedia streaming. The write speed is less here. It is limited to 13mb/s. This was tested on pc. A separate test is available for Smartphone's. It takes a quite long time to move a big size file in the usb. That is the reason usb 3.0 drives are more preferred option for backup. On manual copy paste the file transfer speed remains around 10 to 15mb/s.

    ADATA UC330 Speed test

    To use this type of usb on a tablet or pc, you have to check in the specification whether the device supports USB OTG or not. If not then you can still use it by rooting the device. Many budget phones which are under Rs.10000 that runs on Android Kitkat phone will not detect the pen drive. While all high end phones by default support OTG drives. We had tested the drive on Galaxy Note 2. It worked really well on that. 32GB usb storage acts as an expandable space where you can store all your HD videos. You can get around 10mb/s of transfer speed within a mobile or tablet. You can either move data from the usb to mobile phone or from mobile storage to the pen drive. For internal storage I am getting around 10 to 15mb/s second. If you are having high speed SD card then you might get more. The max I had seen is 25mb/s. The drive works well and gives you a simple expandable storage but it does get hot while using on portable devices.

    ADATA UC330 Speed test


    ADATA UC330 32GB is a multipurpose drive. It offers you 4 storage space choices. The one that we had tested today was a 32GB version that cost around Rs.1400 approx. There are cheaper models in the market but they come with plastic body. Here ADATA UC330 32GB USB OTG Flash Drive has a silver zinc body design that makes it durable and a bit strong also. It is small in size. USB 2.0 interface restrict the read and write speed cue to which if you are moving a large amount of data then you have to sit back for some time. Also extremely small size makes it easy to lose.

    • Good Design
    • Micro USB port

    • Costly
    • Slow on write speed

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