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Thread: AsiaPower PowerSound 402 Bluetooth Speaker

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    AsiaPower PowerSound 402 Bluetooth Speaker

    Portable speakers are handy when it comes to enjoying music through your Smartphone's and Tablet's. Usability is more extended if there is a speaker phone feature in it. Today we will be seeing a similar model that is very handy and comes with decent audio quality. The model is AsiaPower PowerSound 402. It is a portable oval shape bluetooth speaker. Audio projection is from the top side that tries to maintain a good sound quality. It is a good entry level speaker with attractive design. The cost of this speaker lies around Rs.1600 approx. On the box the MRP is marked at Rs.2000. I found AsiaPower PowerSound 402 a costly speaker. Under a price range of Rs.2000 there are ample of high performing models which beat AsiaPower PowerSound 402 on terms of volume and bass quality.

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402 would be a lot better model if the price was bit low. It gives you almost all features that you are looking for in a portable model. Also it is having attractive design. It is heavy in weight. The design reminds me more of Creative Woof, which is a portable heavy speaker due to its steel casing. Similar to that PowerSound 402 is also portable and heavy. Similar to other portable speakers this one also comes with a good rechargeable battery which gives it long hours of non-stop usage. You can operate the speaker through your Smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. The range is around 10 meters. Due to speaker phone support, it is also good for conference calling. We will be checking out the speaker in more details below. Before that let's have a look on its primary features.

    • Speaker Phone
    • 3.5 Audio port
    • 3 hours of music playback
    • Upto 10m Bluetooth range

    • Power output: 3W.
    • Battery capacity: 600mAH rechargeable Lithium polymer.
    • Charging voltage: 5V DC.
    • Charging time: 3 hours.
    • Aux in: support.
    • Operates at 2.4 GHz frequency.
    • Playback time of 3 hours at 75% volume.

    Package -

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402

    Design -

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402 comes in single black color. It would be better to have more color choices here. The black color is not very attractive, but looks decent. The audio from the speaker comes from the top side. It has a regular size mid range drive which produces clear audio with minimum bass output. This can be due to lack of sound amplifier or a small woofer in the same.

    Front -

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402

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    Re: AsiaPower PowerSound 402 Bluetooth Speaker

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402 is a round shape speaker which has few control buttons and connectivity ports on the front side. There is a MicroUSB port on the side which is used for charging purpose only. AsiaPower PowerSound 402 runs on 600mAh battery that offers 3 hours of maximum usage. The charging also takes some time. There is an aux audio port. You can connect the speaker to your pc through this. A 3.5mm audio cable comes in the package.

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402

    At the front there are two buttons. This is multifunctional key which works mostly when the speaker is connected to a Smartphone or Tablet through Bluetooth. First two keys are used for controlling volume as well as for changing songs. There is a speaker phone button just next to that. When you get any call you can press the button to receive it. Next to that lies the Mic. Mic range is good here. You can keep the speaker on your desk and talk on phone. The mic is able to capture your voice from standard distance.

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402

    Just above there is a led light. This light changes color on the basis of connectivity. If you had connected the speaker on charging the light glows to red. When it is connected to pc through 3.5mm audio cable then it turns to yellow and blue when it is connected to Smartphone or Tablet through Bluetooth. There is a very disturbing humming noise from the speaker when you play audio through aux and connect the same to charging. The same noise does not output when you play audio on Bluetooth and charge at the same time.

    Top -

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402

    Speaker is on the top while Mic is at the bottom. You get maximum audio as it is projected towards top side. The placement of audio driver boosts the sound more. It has high volume. But the audio quality gets messed up at maximum. It is better to keep that at a mid level. AsiaPower PowerSound 402 lacks bass output on full volume. Also there is sound distortion and audio quality is weak at high volume. For speaker phone the audio output is fine. Call button is placed at the bottom. It would be comfortable if it is on the top or on the top side somewhere.

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    Re: AsiaPower PowerSound 402 Bluetooth Speaker

    Bottom -

    The power button is placed at the bottom. By default the speaker goes in sleep mode when you are not using it. And you can turn it on back through your mobile phone by playing an audio.

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402

    Overall AsiaPower PowerSound 402 is a good and attractive speaker. But in terms of audio, at high volume it is somehow weak. It is not quite easy to listen to song on maximum volume. I think it is best to keep below 75% of its full audio. It is also great for desktop usage. Due to Aux port, you can connect it to your laptop or to devices which are not having Bluetooth connectivity. NFC would have made it more valuable.

    Audio Performance -

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402 is a good companion for outdoor usage. The design is nice and also it produces decent audio. But as I had already tested Creative Muvo Mini recently, which also falls in the same range, it comes with amplified driver which is able to preserve the bass output at maximum volume. This thing seriously lacks in AsiaPower PowerSound 402. If you are not much serious about audio effects then AsiaPower PowerSound 402 will be a good to go model. There is enough audio that can cover up an entire room. Small size allows you to it keep it anywhere as per your need. You can place it on the desk or at any place and it will give a decent sound quality.
    Conclusion -

    AsiaPower PowerSound 402 is costly since its price lies around at Rs.1600. There are lot more portable speakers which are much cheaper and ideal for day to day usage. If this speaker can hold a good bass output, then it would be a very competitive model. Also the battery life is not very high. 3 Hours is not enough. Some portable speaker at the same price range brings a power bank feature also that allows you to charge your device by connecting to the speakers. So here major features are missing in AsiaPower PowerSound 402. Still not bad at a mid sound level. Speaker phone support makes it more useful.

    • Good Design
    • Good Bluetooth Range
    • High on treble

    • Poor Bass
    • Average Battery
    • Sound Quality not good on high volume

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