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Thread: AsiaPower Power Sound 504 Earphone

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    AsiaPower Power Sound 504 Earphone

    AsiaPower Power Sound 504 is a reasonable earphone that comes with good sound quality. It is a budget headphone that costs round Rs.300. But it can be cheaper. I had seen this for Rs.250 on Flipkart and Rs.173 on Shopclues. It is better to check the prices properly before buying. You might get a lot cheaper deal. AsiaPower Power Sound 504 is a good performance headphone. It is not very attractive in looks. The headphone comes with long wire and simple control button at the center. It is also having a decent mic. It is ideal for daily usage and for multimedia usage also. Sound quality here is very nice especially the bass output when set to max. You can just have some party type effect on your music by properly configuring the equalizer. It is a handy earphone that has thin cable and has a single black color skin. Earbuds are small and holds nice grip over the ear.

    It covers the ear hole properly so that you won't get much disturbed from outdoor noise. At max volume also it performs really well, but it is sometime pain to hear. The best thing you can do is keep your equalizer settings on high bass or bass boost and then listening music at high volume is impressive. It is not a very costly headphone. One thing I notice in such headphones is that it works well on devices that are having good audio chip. Like Moto E and Galaxy Note 2. If you use the same on a low end or entry level phone then the output is worst. So there is no use of blaming the headphone if you won't get any good audio output.

    • Driver Unit 10mm
    • Sensitivity 93 +- 3dB
    • Impedance 16 ohm
    • Frequency Range 20Hz-20KHz
    • Flat wire cable 1.2M
    • Plug 3.5mm
    • MIC Driver Unit 6.0mm*5.0mm
    • MIC Sensitivity - 40dB
    • S/N ratio 58dB

    Package -

    Asiapower 504 Headphone

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    Re: AsiaPower Power Sound 504 Earphone


    AsiaPower Power Sound 504 has decent looks. It comes with a 1.2m thin cable and it is somehow tangled free. But that does not work mostly. If you roll up the earphone and keep that in pocket it will anyhow get tangled. The cable does not come with any special stuff. Being a budget earphone it will fulfill all your required needs for a decent audio quality. It comes in single black color with small ear buds that fits well. 1.2meter cable is long enough to give you comfortable usage. Either you use it on your pc or just keep the phone in your pocket.

    Asiapower Power Sound 504

    AsiaPower Power Sound 504 is not having a durable cable. So you must take care while using the same. Do not push it hard or else I think it can get damage quite easily. The ear buds are having nice grip while using it. If there were some extra cover of ear buds then it would help a lot for adjustment. But that is missing in the package. Under this price range there are many models that give you extra ear buds cover. Similarly, AsiaPower Power Sound 501 which we had reviewed recently, AsiaPower Power Sound 504 also has a single control button with mic at the center. The button is used to play/pause a song and it can also be used for picking or for disconnecting a call. There is no volume control panel with that.

    Power Sound headphone

    Audio Output:

    AsiaPower Power Sound 504 audio quality depends on the basis of device that you are using. The audio is great if you are having good equalizer settings. Like in Moto E this headphone works awesome. The sound settings are easily reflected. Like you can configure Bass boost and get party type effects on the same. And if you have an entry level phone with less audio power, then the sound quality is not as good as I was expecting. The same headphone gives a poor audio output on an entry level phone like Lenovo A369i. AsiaPower Power Sound 504 is a good choice for those who want a decent headphone for music and for calling. I am not quite satisfied with the control button in center which is only limited to picking and rejecting a call. There must be a volume control that can extend the usage.


    AsiaPower Power Sound 504 comes for Rs.170 approximately depending on the seller. The max cost is around Rs.250. This one is a good headphone choice if you are getting it for less than Rs.200. I will not recommend you to buy it if the cost is higher. Under the range of Rs.300 there are some amazing models which are lot better in terms of volume and come with extra accessories also. In terms of audio quality, AsiaPower Power Sound 504 is not bad from any angle.

    • Good Audio Quality
    • Stylish Look

    • No Extra Earbuds
    • No Volume Control

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