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Thread: AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick

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    AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick

    AsiaPower PowerTV 303 is a portable external TV Tuner card. This device is easy to use and works well with many systems. You can connect your Cable TV or regular antenna wire on the same and stream the content on your laptop or desktop. It is a simple to use TV Tuner device. It connects through USB port. And it is a bit hard to setup if you are having a short cable. Because you have to pull that near to your laptop or pc for connectivity. The same is applicable with the Set Top Box. Otherwise it is a nice product. The cost of AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick is around Rs.2300. This TV tuner card also allows you to record the videos of streaming content in different file format such as VCG, DVD, MPEG1 & MPEG2. AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick offers you the simplest way of having a TV Tuner support. In Desktop you usually have to buy a separate TV Tuner card. But through AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick you can enjoy all your programs on the same. The remote that comes in package is not very effective. It is just for basic usage. Compared to that other TV Tuner cards are having full size remote. The one that comes with AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick gives you option to adjust volume, and to change channel only.

    • Unique USB design, small & easy to carry.
    • Perfect companion for notebooks.
    • Embedded 10 bit video decoder to achieve high quality picture & crisp colors.
    • Favorite channels group & rename function.
    • Record video in MPEG1/2 VCD or DVD format.
    • Record video in MPEG1/2 VCD or DVD format.
    • Scheduled recording & still image capture.


    AsiaPower PowerTV 3030


    AsiaPower PowerTV 3030

    AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick is extremely portable. You can carry this with you in your pocket or in your bag quite easily. And there are some cables which are needed. You just have to carry a Set Top Box cable with you. And an antenna connector is on the USB port directly. On the body it has a micro USB port. This port is used for connecting a setup box. There is a separate microUSB to Set Top Box cable in it. And for antenna you have to connect the same directly on the backside of USB. It is more like a USB video capture device. As it supports both antenna and Set Top Box you can use it wisely. As I said there are some issue with connectivity here. Being a USB cable if you connect that on a desktop PC or laptop, you have to bring the setup box near to it. As the existing cable provided is very short. It is possible to find a longer one in the market.

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    Re: AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick


    Through AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick you can stream video in Windowed or Full Screen mode easily. And you can also turn on recording. It has a signal booster that simply tries to enhance the reception quality. So that you get a clear and continuous connection. For recording it features PVR which allows you to record various TV programs on the hard drive with DVD quality. It is also possible to set a recording time. That means you have to leave it on and it will simply record the program on the set time. This schedule feature is very helpful. You don't have to sit on the front of your pc for recording the same. It will just do the same on the set time. The software that comes with it also has a still image capture feature. That means you can take picture of a live show while watching.


    AsiaPower PowerTV 303 USB TV stick costs around Rs.2300. In the package you will get few cables for usage. But as I said that sometime connectivity is an issue due to short cable. Also you have to take care when you are using it you should not move your system. Any interference can affect the recording. Schedule feature is good here. Most of the time you don't have to sit for recording. Just connect it and everything is done. It will do the job. Portable USB stick design allows you to carry it with you. There are limited things you have to do. Most of the operating is done through the software that comes with in a CD. Overall it is a nice portable product but a bit costly according to me.

    1. Good quality video recording
    2. Simple to use
    3. Portable

    • Short Cable
    • Limited Functions.

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