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Thread: AsiaPower PowerClick 198 Wireless Mouse

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    AsiaPower PowerClick 198 Wireless Mouse

    AsiaPower PowerClick 198 is a handy wireless mouse that works through USB Bluetooth dongle. The mouse offers easy connectivity and common features. It runs on 2.4 GHz bandwidth that tries to maintain a good mouse control from long range. The cost of this mouse is around Rs.499. The design mostly has plastic body. It is light in weight also. The mouse comes in black and red color combination that makes it a bit attractive in looks. It can be a comfortable mouse for laptops, net books, pc, etc. Due to portable size you can also carry it with you. It goes to sleep mode automatically when you are not using the mouse. And to switch it on back you just have to press right click or left click. PowerClick 198 has a very traditional look. We had seen quite stylish wireless mouse at the same price range that is why we do not find it effective in terms of looks. Usage is easy here. Just connect the Bluetooth dongle to your pc and let it run. It runs on a AA size battery. A single battery is enough to give long usage. Sleek ergonomic design adds maximum comfort in using. But I found the buttons a bit hard to press when you use it for the first time. Eventually it gets smoother on its own as you keep on using it. It is a good choice for day to day usage. Due to wireless connectivity, the mouse can also be used from a long distance. Ideal for HTPC.

    • Sleek ergonomic design
    • Accurate Optical Orientation technology
    • Optical technology for precise tracking
    • Comfortable grip for long term use
    • 1200 DPI optical wireless mouse
    • Plug and play with nano receiver mouse, no driver required
    • Super long switch working life of 1 million clicks
    • Lower power consumption, AA long life battery included


    AsiaPower Powerclick 198 Wireless Mouse


    AsiaPower PowerClick 198 comes in single color of red/black combination. The top part consists of a red panel that has glossy finish with black layout on sides and bottom. It does not look like a cheap model from any angle. It looks great from all angles and also has sturdy body elements.

    AsiaPower Powerclick 198

    At the top part as usually there are three regular keys. That consists of right click and left click. A scroll wheel sits in the center which is also clickable. There is a dpi control button also near to scroll wheel. The dpi button allows you to adjust mouse precision instantly. It offers you max 1200dpi. The higher it is the faster the mouse will work.

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    Re: AsiaPower PowerClick 198 Wireless Mouse

    AsiaPower Powerclick 198 Mouse

    The sides feature an ergonomic design that allows you to hold it firmly. It is not like a regular shape mouse. Due to curvy design you can have maximum grip while using the same. The sides’ part does not have any rubber coating. You can comfortably place your hands on it.

    AsiaPower Powerclick 198 Mouse

    The bottom part consists of on/off button. At lower side lies the battery panel. It works on AA battery. And a separate slot to keep the nano receiver. Overall PowerClick 198 is a nice mouse. The nano receiver offers you decent range to use the same. The switches offer you a lifetime of 1 million clicks. Due to low power consumption it might not ask early battery replacement.


    AsiaPower PowerClick 198 Wireless Mouse works well with all kind of system. It is a plug and play device that works well with any system that accepts a USB dongle. There is no need to worry about drivers also. After using it the first thing I found the left click button very hard to press. That can be because it is a new mouse and it gets smoother as I keep on using the same. Due to small size you can fit it well on a table or any place where you sit. Being a laser mouse it does not really need a mouse pad or a rough surface. It works well from anywhere. It is not a waterproof mouse. The range is fine here. To preserve the battery the mouse goes on sleep mode within few minutes when you stop using it. To turn it on back you just have to press the left click. It is back on job. This kind of mouse is best for presentation purpose. You can sit back and explain things on big screen. It is capable of offering you a 10m of flexible range.


    AsiaPower PowerClick 198 is a reasonable mouse with decent design. Being a wireless mouse you are having an option to use it through a distant range of 10meter. It comes with 2.4Ghz bandwidth which allows you accurate usage from long distance also. AA battery is long enough to give months of usage. Still the mouse comes with a simple sleep mode that switches it off when not using. Thus this preserves the battery from getting wasted. You can hold it easily at the time of usage. The mouse does not come with waterproof design. It works well on different surfaces due to accurate laser. DPI button on the body lets you to manage the speed of mouse. The MRP cost of this mouse is around Rs.499.

    • Portable Design
    • 10M Range
    • Dpi button

    • No color choices
    • Hard left and right clicks

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