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Thread: Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker

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    Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker

    Portable speakers are usually small in size with Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio port connectivity. They give you a decent audio to enjoy your favorite music and videos. Things are limited on a small size. And when it comes to good audio with big size, then we have to go with quality. So here we are going to check out the MUVO series by Creative that consist of three speaker models. The first one is MUVO Mini, which is a portable water resistance speaker with upto 10 hours of battery life. The second one is MUVO 10 which we are going to review today. It is a big size speaker that offers you high volume audio output with upto 8hrs of battery. And the last one is MUVO 20, which is almost identical to MUVO 10, but is bigger in size. Creative MUVO series is designed to give you maximum comfort and good audio. Only MUVO Mini in this series is water resistant. Others are not. All this three models are unique and loaded with smart audio technology. Like the BasXPort. It helps you to get a decent party type sound performance. MUVO 10 is a decent size speaker whose dimension is 105.0 x 320.0 x 113.0 mm. It is enough to cover a major part of your computer desk. The weight is around 925g.

    It is a big size speaker with full range drivers and further supported by BasXPort technology deliver. This enhances the sound and can let you enjoy your music and videos with your phone. The design also makes it easy to move. Creative added a handle type layout on the speaker that does not need any separate bag to carry. Design is not very catchy, but looks like durable. Most of the portable speakers come with flat horizontal placement. It has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. And there is a 3.5mm audio jack also. Connectivity is not a big issue here. It was launched for Rs.8000, but you can find that on Snapdeal for Rs.4000 approx. The cost changes depending on the online seller. It is a bit costly product under a portable speaker category. I first thought the entire MUVO series is water resistant. This can help you to carry the speaker near pool. Only MUVO Mini brings you water resistant design. The speaker comes with 8 hours of battery backup, which is enough for an entire day usage. We will checkout MUVO in more details, but first let's have a look on the features and specification.

    • Portable Wireless Speaker
    • Bluetooth and NFC support
    • BasXPort Technology
    • 3 Full-range drivers
    • Upto 8 hours of battery backup
    • Clean Bass
    • 12degree baffle angle for better audio dispersion
    • Speakerphone

    • Dimensions Speaker : 105.0 x 320.0 x 113.0 mm (4.1 x 12.6 x 4.5 inches)
    • Weight : 925g (32.63oz)
    • Color: Black, Blue & Green
    • Wireless Streaming: Yes
    • Controls / Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth ProfileA2DP. AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control). HFP (Hands-Free profile)
    • Supported Codec's: SBC
    • Near Field Communication (NFC): Yes
    • Connector: TypeAux-In
    • Volume Level Control: Yes
    • Microphone: Built-in
    • Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion up to 8 hours battery life


    Creative Muvo 10

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    Re: Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker


    Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker is big in size with different color choices. It comes in Black, Green and Blue colors. The model that we will be testing today is Black. Creative MUVO 10 comes with simple connectivity and setup. It has NFC and Bluetooth. Through Bluetooth you can pair it to your device permanently or you can use the one touch NFC that is faster. Creative MUVO 10 has minimal design. It is built for giving you long lasting audio output.


    Creative Muvo 10 Speaker

    The front side of this speaker brings a professional design. It has common buttons placed on the front side. At the front lie 3 Full-range drivers. The speaker grills is unique that covers them. You can see tiny triangle based grill with buttons smartly placed at the center. At the extreme right lies a handle that is molded into the body of Creative MUVO 10. This makes it easy to carry. It is a kind of smart design that can help you to carry the speaker easily in outdoors. There is no need to carry any extra bag for this. The speaker is not water resistant like MUVO Mini. So you have to take care while using it near the pool.

    Creative Muvo 10 Speaker

    At the center lies the Bluetooth button. To start pairing you have to hold this for few seconds and a led light which is placed next to it will start blinking. Next to that there are two buttons which is for volume control. There are no keys for changing songs or for play/pause. Atleast there must be a play/pause button. This speaker has a built in microphone through which you can use it like a speaker phone. You have to completely rely on your mobile phone for managing your calls. A play/pause button can help to receive or disconnect the call. The front design features a 12degree baffle angle for better audio dispersion. Sound is loud and clear at a decent volume.

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    Re: Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker


    Creative Muvo 10

    NFC chip is placed on the top side in the center area. Through NFC you can instantly connect to the speaker without waiting. Just turn on your NFC on the device and bring it near to the top part and done. It will be connected and will start streaming audio. It is a helpful feature for home theater systems.


    Creative Muvo 10

    The power button is placed on the backside. Next to that lies a 3.5mm audio jack. This can be used to connect the speaker directly to any Smartphone, tablet or device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. They can be used to connect the speaker to a pc or laptop. At the end there is a micro usb port that is used for the charging purpose. Battery indicator light is placed at the front side above Creative Logo. That turns on to red when you connect the speaker for charging.


    Creative Muvo 10

    Performance wise Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker will not dissatisfy you much. NFC, Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack are the most common connectivity options you have. You can connect the speaker to various devices and enjoy a smooth and quality audio streaming. The speaker works well up to 8 hours once charged and if not playing the audio at a high volume. The sound gets a bit messed up at max volume. This can be due to the driver limitation. But if you are having some good quality beats in the songs, the audio output remains perfect. Sound effects also work well on this if you are playing your songs through a PC. Equalizer settings can help you to get clear sound with less dispersion. I will recommend you to play sound at a decent level if you really want to enjoy the bass output. Even after having BasXPort technology the audio gets bad at maximum volume and the entire bass is a mess. I found the speaker amazing for portable devices. Overall being a branded product, you have to worry less about the quality. But if this can be a waterproof design like MUVO Mini, then it can help us to use it in different conditions.


    Creative MUVO 10 Portable Wireless Speaker is an amazing loud speaker for outdoors. It can be your entertainment solution for picnics, pool party, outing, etc. A big size speaker also needs space to keep it well before carrying. The design is not so strong to handle shock or water. Those things you have to check. It has an easy handle in the body that can let you to carry it easily and play music at the same time. The range is quite well here. The cost of this speaker lies around Rs.4000 approx. I did not find the speaker costly in terms of price. Sound quality is what makes it a good product and if you want more audio then you can check out MUVO 20 which is bigger than MUVO 10. And if you are looking for a portable solution then you can checkout Creative Woof. It is a cute little speaker at Rs.2500.

    • Loud and Clear Audio
    • NFC Connectivity
    • Good Design

    • No play/pause button
    • Not waterproof

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