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Thread: ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank

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    ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank

    Power banks are handy portable devices that can hold upto a few hours to charge for your Smartphone or tablet. It is very common that many of us worry about using their device when you rarely find any charging point. Especially when we are travelling, in party, outdoor trips, vacation, etc. Power banks give you full dependency. There is no need to locate any power source and then wait back there to charge your device. I am talking about a massive capacity power bank which is portable and good enough to charge two devices simultaneously. Massive capacity means 10400mAH of battery package. Once fully charged you can use it for days. The model is called ADATA PV110. It is a good durable power bank that comes with dual usb support through which you can charge two devices at the same time. We had seen a number of portable power banks that starts from lowest to highest above 3000mAH. But it is essential that you buy something durable. You can easily find a 2600MAh portable charger for Rs.500 on the web. But I am not sure about the durability. After testing ADATA PV110 I can recommend you this.

    The cost of this portable charger is around Rs.1700 approx. It is not very costly. It has dual usb and a single micro usb part. If you want to charge your Apple devices with this then you have to buy a separate adapter. In the box there is a single micro usb to usb cable available. ADATA PV110 has a good design and it is also a bit heavy. This can be due to large capacity batteries in the same. But it looks durable. There is no leakage as it is a well built model. It can speed up your charging through the new usb 3.0 interface. Both the usb ports offer you a total of 3.1A output. And if you go with single one, then the first one gives you 2.1A and the second one 1A. 2.1A is for tablets and big size devices while the other one is ideal for Smartphone's. Another issue with portable chargers is that they heat up when you are charging them. This happens due to charging for a long period or sometimes due to current fluctuation. In ADATA PV110 you get an extra layer of Positive Temperature Coefficient protection. It protects the battery from getting damaged due to high temperature. A few features make it a unique product. Before checking it out in full details let’s have a look on features and specification.

    • Stylish look and 4 Color choices.
    • Colorful Metal Design.
    • Dual usb ports with simultaneous charging. (1A+2.1A)
    • High capacity charger.
    • Portable design.
    • Increase charging 5 times more
    • Turns off in 10 seconds when not in use.
    • LED Indicator for power left.
    • Six Fold Protection - OTP – Over-Temperature Protection / SCP – Short Circuit Protection / OVP – Over-Voltage Protection / OCP – Overcharge Protection ODP – Over-Discharge Protection / OCP - Over-Current Protection.
    • Positive Temperature Coefficient

    • Battery - Li-ion (18650)
    • Colors - Titanium / Golden / Pink / Blue
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 102 x 77 x 21.5mm / 4.0 x 3.0 x 0.8in
    • Weight - 260g / 9.2oz
    • Input - DC 5V 1.5A (Micro USB)
    • Output - DC 5V 1A (Type-A USB). DC 5V 2.1A (Type-A USB)
    • Battery Capacity - 10400 mAh
    • Certification - FCC, CE, BSMI, VCCI, KC, PSE, EAC and NOM for safety usage.
    • Warranty - 1 Year


    ADATA PV110 comes with minimal accessories. In package you will find the power bank, a micro-usb cable and few manuals. It was good if ADATA can add more cable adapter for iOS and other devices also.

    ADATA PV110 PowerBank


    ADATA 10400mAh Powerbank

    ADATA PV110 comes packed in a metal cashing with brushed aluminum coating on the same. It has an attractive design. It is a bit heavy to carry in pocket. The best thing you can do is keep the same in a bag. You can choose from 4 different colors. They are Titanium/Golden/Pink/Blue. The model that we are testing is Golden. It is right to say that ADATA PV110 has a premium design. It does not look cheap from any angle, nor on touching you might feel a thin plastic material. This makes the charge a bit durable in design but not waterproof or shock proof.

    ADATA PV110

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    Re: ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank

    At the top you can see the finish. ADATA logo is placed at the bottom center. It shines under direct light. At the backside you can see a few cautions. It is clearly written that you must not charge the power bank for long period. This power bank gives you led indicator to find out the amount of power left.

    ADATA Powerbank

    At the bottom you can see a power cable. Next to that is the led indicator that glows in blue light. Below that there is a Micro USB port that is used for charging this power bank. And next to that there are two usb ports with different voltage output. You can connect two devices at the same time to charge. The top parts give you the specification of this power bank like model, capacity, input voltage, etc.

     ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank


    ADATA Powerbank

    ADATA PV110 has a curved shape design from the sides. It is not flat. Above you can see in the images it has nice rounds from the left and right that reduce the thickness. If it was flat then it would look more bulky. ADATA PV110 is smartly designed to give you comfortable holding. Due to this curved design it is also not slippery to hold. But it is a thick power bank. And you can feel the weight if you keep that in your pocket. It will fit well in your bag or brief case. It will be beneficial if there was a cable holder attached to the design. The Micro USB cable that comes with it is completely separate. It will help us to keep it attached with the power bank.


    ADATA PV110 is not like a regular power bank. It is a value for money product. With features, ADATA has also worked on the safety part. The power bank once turned on will switch off automatically within 10 seconds if it not being attached to any device. In this way a lot of voltage is saved. Many power banks have a physical button that you have to press for turning them on. And you have press it back to turn them off. This is a complete manual work. In ADATA PV110 things are automatic. So you don't have to worry about leaving the power bank turned on all time. It will turn off automatically. Device can be charged with the two usb ports. These are usb 3.0 ports that can increase your charging time a lot faster than the regular usb 2.0 cable. A total of 3.1A output is good enough for day to day usage. One USB offers you 1A output and other one 2.1A. For bigger devices that have high battery capacity, you can go with the 2.1A port. 10400mAH is a big size battery bank. Once fully charged I am quite sure you can use it for few couple of days without worrying.

    ADATA PV110

    On the other hand the LED indicator on the body helps you to find out how much power is left. The power bank has six fold protections. This increases the life of power bank and also of the device. This consists of Over-Temperature Protection. When the battery gets heated up the charger stops working avoiding any damage. It also has a Short Circuit Protection and Over-Voltage Protection that again helps the battery to perform well under all circumstances. It also comes with Overcharge Protection, Over-Discharge Protection and Over-Current Protection. All this elements play a vital role giving you a long lasting product. All you have to do is maintain it properly. Don't use the charger roughly, don't drop it and avoid any water contact with the same. I had tested it on Galaxy Note 2 where it worked well. But still it will take a few couple of charges to fill the device battery completely.


    ADATA PV110 is an amazing portable charger. 10,400 mAh battery is more than enough. High capacity means more battery life and smart features at the same time. It is ideal choice for a professional who has to travel continuously and finding a charging point at every place is not possible. You can charge your Smartphone, tablet, digital camera, mp4 players and variety of devices. It works well. Dual usb port helps you to charge two devices at the same time. ADATA PV110 comes for Rs.1700 which is not at all costly. You might sometimes find it heavy to carry but that is not a big issue here. To use it effectively let the battery finish completely and then keep the charger for charging until it gets full.

    • High battery capacity
    • Good Design
    • Smart features

    • No Usb Cable for Apple devices.
    • Heavy

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    Re: ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank

    i have such a product. but i am hearing a shhhhhh sound from the power bank when charging and power button little heats up. is this normal?

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    Re: ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank

    Quote Originally Posted by mathewjputhiyaparamb View Post
    i have such a product. but i am hearing a shhhhhh sound from the power bank when charging and power button little heats up. is this normal?
    It might be possible that the transformer in the power bank could be making the noise because it might be failing. Your power bank will work for sometime but it will be good to contact its manufacturer to exchange it if it is under warranty.

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