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Thread: BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV Review

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    BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV Review

    Ample of choices are available for flat panel HD TV set in the market and I had seen people prefer to stick with 40inch screen size. Models under 32inch LED or LCD TV starts from Rs.16, 000 in the market that is loaded with required features and exceeds Rs.40, 000 easily. Major aspect is to find the right model that fits your needs and satisfy your movie experience. We are here going to discuss on one of the reasonable 32inch LED TV by BenQ. The design features simple elements that makes it a bit cheaper model in look, but as per viewing experience it is not disappointing. BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV offers true HD movie output with elegant design. Not so flashy TV set, this one brings true cinema experience on wide screen. It comes loaded with features like Senseye, USB connectivity option, HDMI support, etc. Added vga port on the backside allows you to use it on your pc also. But there is relatively great difference between the output of monitor and TV. It is not easy to work on it.

    Yet if you want to run certain videos you can use the widescreen TV directly on your pc via vga and hdmi. The maximum resolution it offers is 1366x768. That makes it enough for living room experience. In terms if features this TV is a straight forward item. A simple body structure with different connectivity ports on the backside make is simple. I found nothing special in the design. Two additional usb ports on it help you to play files directly via usb device. But remember that such TV does not support every video and photo format. They are limited to avi, mp4, jpeg, png, etc. Widescreen TV’s are great choice for having cinema experience at home.

    BenQ L32-7000 LED TV

    After using BenQ L32-7000 I will rate it under a mid range TV set. It is in terms of the screen size, the features it offers. Somehow I found many common things in cheaper models when I compare them with BenQ L32-7000. The only difference lies here is screen size. We will now move ahead to checkout more detail features.

    Design & Features:

    In terms of look BenQ L32-7000 is basic. The body is made of semi-finished plastic material. It is less flashy and has physical buttons on the right side. While at the front towards bottom lies a single blue led light which glows then the TV is off. The front frame features a black border with white lining at the bottom giving it a very classic look. The stand lies below which is fixed and does not move.

    BenQ L32-7000 LED TV Images

    BenQ L32-7000 LED TV Screenshot

    BenQ L32-7000 LED TV pics BenQ L32-7000 LED TV back pic

    The TV features an IPS panel with maximum resolution of 1366x768 with 1080p video output. The native resolution goes great with any video. But to some extent if you are playing lower quality videos they will get blurred on the screen. That’s because this TV is not loaded with some kind of video correction tool. So here if you want to enjoy the resolution you have to get a HD video on it. It is a LCD LED TV. Not full LED. That means it has an IPS LCD panel powered by LED Backlight that makes the screen brighter.

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    Re: BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV Review

    BenQ L32-7000 Wallpaper

    BenQ L32-7000 backside

    While on the back we have the speakers on the top side. This adds a bit to the sound effects. Loud music does not irritate you much here. There are additional benefits of adding a speaker on the back of display. It is necessary that you must have a proper surface behind the TV set to get audio reflection. Keeping it on the open space is good enough. The integrated audio level is more than enough. There is no requirement of adding a separate speaker. Under audio mode BenQ L32-7000 gives quite a few things. There are around 4 sound modes. They are User, Standard, Music and Movie. Among this you can simply choose the one that fits well on your ears. For audio I was expecting here Dolby Digital or some kind of surround sound effect which add more to the viewing experience. Still you can manage the audio settings on your own under User mode. Here you can manage Treble, Bass, Balance or simply hook the TV on Auto Volume Adjustment.

    BenQ L32-7000 OSD

    While for video adjustment you can choose from User, Bright, Standard and Soft. The video output is great with clear and crisp picture. Here everything simply depends on the video you are playing. If you play a low quality video then the output here will be affected. On the same hand if you go with some high end video near to 1080p resolution the TV is just great enough to give you awesome video quality. As per the mode settings which I had mentioned above it is limited. It does not really give you great amount of settings. But you can still stick to the preset mode and adjust it as per your need. Also the TV features BenQ Senseye technology. Senseye is nothing but just a flashy term of picture models. This is a kind of picture enhancement technology which offers you clear image quality by automatically managing the brightness and darkness. Color mapping is also included in this. What this technology tries to do is simply add more clear edges in the picture giving sharp images.

    BenQ L32-7000 Menu

    BenQ L32-7000 Screen

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    Re: BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV Review

    At the backside lie all the connectivity ports. Where you get 2 HDMI ports. On which you can connect Home Theater System, Blu Ray Player, PC, etc. Just next to that lies a VGA port also which is quiet good for regular pc. The output on VGA is really dull. I tried to connect my pc on the vga output at maximum of 1366x986 resolutions. But as my system does not have a gpu, the output sucks. Adding the same on HDMI simply gave out great output. Below the VGA port lies a panel of AV Out and AV in jacks. And just above at the corner you can see a round port in black color. This is for PC Audio. Like if you are having a speaker you can just use that port. So for connectivity we have ample of stuff here. There I a headphone jack also but that lies to the right corner. In terms of connectivity BenQ L32-7000 has standard output.

    BenQ L32-7000 Connectivity Ports

    Just next to that lies a different panel of connectors which are placed with easy accessibility. It offers you two usb 2.0 ports with TV jack, additional hdmi port and a headphone jack. Now here it is really complicated to use the headphone jack. You cannot sit near to a 32inch screen size and watch movies on a headphone. You have to buy one which has more than 3.5m cable. The usb interface is limited due to 2.0 versions. I was expecting this to be usb 3.0 which can offer higher output in terms of streaming videos from an external storage. You can connect your digital camera, mobile phone, etc to the usb port and through remote play your videos and photos directly on large screen.

    BenQ L32-7000 USB Port BenQ L32-7000 USB Port Pic

    The USB menu on the TV is outdated. It gives you a bit dull interface and slow also while navigating. This is where I am not happy with BenQ L32-7000. It is simply but as based on usb 2.0 interface when you navigate through remote among HD videos it goes slow. It offers you a short preview of images, videos and songs info when you choose any file. Video preview is a bit helpful here where you have prior options to play the video of your choice. Also the remote is not really functional in using an usb. You cannot remove a file nor can you move it. I was expecting a better interface here. Being a widescreen TV the usb interface must be more interactive.

    BenQ L32-7000 USB Menu
    BenQ L32-7000 USB Menu Pics
    BenQ L32-7000 USB Menu Image

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    Re: BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV Review

    Multimedia output :

    BenQ L32-7000 works great with HD videos. While for low quality video you will get blurred screen. The reason lies with video stretching. Ample of TV and monitors tries to stretch the video so that they can fit well on the entire screen. But that affects the quality. So it is important that whatever videos you are playing must be near to 1080p or alteast 720p. Or else you have a thick black border or blurry image around the scene. Also there are no possible options available to stretch or reduce the size of video in the TV. Which is changing the aspect ratio. The TV has really limited features here. You can get a more clear view of multimedia output in our video review section. We have a separate video review on the TV where I had tried to cover everything possible.

    Checkout the Video Review


    BenQ L32-7000 is a 55w 32inch LED LCD TV that comes between price range of Rs.27,000 to Rs.32,000. Being a costly TV there are lots of expectation from it. Made up of less premium material and standard connectivity options makes this a simple choice for multimedia. If you are not a serious cinema fan, and needs a straight forward features then BenQ L32-7000 will suite you. Also it is good for those who are having a really good home theater system and are just waiting for a widescreen TV. Great aspect of this TV is good video output. Simple usb connectivity and playback features. While negative aspect is that it misses some of the most important features of a Home Theater system. Technically speaking this TV lies on the 5th position out of top 10 32inch LED LCD TV’s. The TV also falls a bit heavy on budget.

    Pros :
    • Awesome Video Output
    • Simple Connectivity Ports
    • Senseye

    • Outdated OSD/USB Menu
    • Poor output on low resolution videos.
    • Overpriced.

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    Re: BenQ L32-7000 32inch LED TV Review

    very genuine review....very good description you given thank you

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