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Thread: Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset

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    Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset

    Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset

    Rapoo is one of the well known brands having specialty in making Wireless products. So far Rapoo has provided us a quality wireless Keyboards, wireless Mice and several wireless headphones. Today we will review one of those wireless headphones named as “Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Foldable Headset”. Available in the range of Rs.5000, Rapoo H6080 is one of the best affordable and durable wireless headphones you can carry along with a smartphone because of its foldable design. The headphone can be used with your Smartphones, Tablets or even with your Computers. Let’s find out if the Rapoo H6080 is worth for the said price but before that let’s have a look at its feature highlights:

    • 3 way foldable design
    • Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility
    • Double connection feature
    • 10 hours of battery backup
    • Can be used as a Mic
    • COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology
    • Speech Recognition
    • Easy setup and a single Multi-functional button
    • Can be used as Wireless or Wired

    Design and Comfort:

    If you are looking for a portable wireless headphone which can be carried anywhere along with you, then Rapoo H6080 could be the first preference because of its compact and foldable build. You can just fold the headphone and carry it in a small pouch which comes in the box. The headphone can be rotated for better comfort using the hinge between the headband and ear cups panel. Though the packing is done with plastic material, but it contains a stainless steel plate and inside that offers the better durability, however if you apply too much force on its headband it may get bent, but we don’t have any reason to apply so much of force on the headbands, right?

    Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset Images

    The same material is used in the lower part of hinge containing the ear cups. You can even do lengthening or shortening by pulling or pushing this lower part to adjust the headphone according to your head size. Talking about comfort, you can use the headphone for hours without any problem. Personally I didn’t find it uncomfortable wearing for longer time because of the soft cushion material used on the ear cups as well as on headband. Also the ear cups are not fixed with the steel panel but it is attached with hinges which allows it to adjust on your ears and offer you maximum comfort.

    Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset Screenshot

    Rapoo has also taken care of accessibility. As there is only 1 single button in total, you don’t need to search for the buttons for carrying out different controls like we have done in other headphones. You can do everything with the headphone using this single button such as Turn On/Off, put the headphone in Pairing Mode or to increase/decrease volume. It remains on your left ear and the button can be accessed easily with your left thumb.

    Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset Volume Button

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    Re: Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset

    Over all Rapoo H6080 has stylish design and comes in attractive colors including White, Blue, light Green and Yellow. Its premium quality plastic material with steel strip looks very good and offers longer durability. Company provides a free carry pouch which not only protects the headphone from dust or other aspects but also appears decent to carry. Personally I loved the small and compact design, color and comfort of Rapoo H6080 headphone.


    Rapoo H6080 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that offers better connectivity. However there is only one way to connect the headphone with other device, that is Bluetooth, but it can be connected to several platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, or Tablets running on Android, iOS and Symbian phones. In-fact, you can use the headphone with any A2DP Bluetooth devices. Other interesting thing about Rapoo H6080 is that you can connect it to two different devices at the same time. We tested the headphone on several devices like Xperia Z, Galaxy Note, iPad 3, Windows 8 based Dell Inspiron laptop and Mac OS X desktop. Headset connected with all these devices in the first attempt itself. So it means the connectivity is very simple, you can do it in minutes. We used it for listening Music, watching videos and for chatting on Skype. Sound quality was good (not excellent) and even MIC works fine.

    Configuration and Controls:

    For connecting it with computer, put the headphone in pairing mode by pressing and holding down the power key for about 8 seconds until the green Led starts blinking frequently. Once done, search for the Bluetooth headphone on your system, you will see Rapoo H6080. Pair the device using pass code “0000”. Now go to your computer’s Audio settings and select Bluetooth Audio Speakers, set it to default. That’s it.

    Configuration and Controls

    For connecting the headphone with Smartphones or Tablets, put it in paring mode by pressing the power key for about 8 seconds. Enable the Bluetooth on your phone/tablet, search for nearby devices. Once “Rapoo H6080” is found, tap the same and wait for pairing. If prompted enter ‘0000’ as pass code. Most of the device won’t ask for pairing code and gets connected directly. Once done you will see it as “Connected” and the green LED starts blinking slowly.

    As I said above though the headphone has just 1 single button but it is a Multi-Functional button. Apart from using it for turning on/off or putting it in pairing mode or even for increasing/decreasing volumes, you can do much more with it like starting the music player on connected device, play/pause the track, receive calls, redial the numbers on smartphone, forward calls and more. In order to start the music player on your smartphone or tablet you simply need to press the power key once and the music will start. To Play or Pause running track, again press the power key once.

    If you want to connect the headphone with two devices, then after connecting it with one successfully, turn off the headphone. After some seconds turn it ON again and repeat the steps of pairing mode with the second device. It is as simple as that. Now let’s find out how we can use the Headphone with phones for handling calls.

    Using for Phone Calls:

    Rapoo H6080 can also be used as a handsfree for making or receiving phone calls, redialing last dialed number, forwarding calls, etc. Here are tips for the same:
    1. To receive a Phone call, simply press the power key for once.
    2. To reject the call, simply press the power key again for once.
    3. For hanging up and active call, press power key once.
    4. For redialing the last dialed number, press the power key twice.
    5. During an active call, long press the power key to switch to Handset Mode.

    As mentioned “Speech Recognition” in the features list above, you can give voice commands for receiving or rejecting incoming calls. For example, when you are connected with Bluetooth and the phone rings, simply say “Yes” to receive the call or say “No” to reject the call. You don’t even need to take your hands to the button.


    Personally I loved using Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with my smartphone and Tablet (sometimes with Windows 8 laptop as well). Along with the comfort to ears, it also makes things easier because of its single multi-functional key and wireless connectivity. Because of the soft cushion used on earcups and headband, you can wear the headphones for long hours without any problem. Infact sometimes I even forgot that I am wearing a headphone because of its light weight build. The headphone even looks stylish and attractive with its light colors, premium quality plastic material with steel strips. It is even easy to carry in the provided carry pouch.

    Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth Headset Box Pack

    Most importantly Rapoo H6080 can be used with several devices including phones, tablets or computers. If you have a desktop without Bluetooth functionality, still there’s no problem using this headphone as you can simply attach it with USB cable and use it as wired headphone, alternatively you can even buy a Bluetooth adapter which will cost you around Rs. 300. Sound quality is good as well. The only problem with the device is its availability. I don’t know what could be the reason behind most online vendors that don’t have this model for sale. Infact the prices also appear different on all shopping portals. For example where Amazon is selling it for $69.50, Ebay has set the price at $53.99. Similarly some Indian sites have mentioned the price from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 6,000/-. If you are willing to buy Rapoo H6080 you will have to find the best deal.

    • Foldable design and Attractive colors
    • Can be used as Wired or Wireless
    • Comfortable headband and Earcups
    • Multi-functional button

    • Low availability
    • Price not fixed

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