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Thread: Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System

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    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System

    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1 surround sound home theater system delivers rich multimedia experience in your living room. The total output power does not exceed 1000w delivering unmatched audio quality. Supported by 5 set of surround sound speakers, the multimedia output will just turn your regular TV to an ideal home theater system. Add-on Stadium Mode is great for Football lovers. You can now have the same kind of stadium experience in your home itself sitting back comfortably on couch enjoying popcorns. Very less effort is required to setup this home theater system. Extremely simple setup is one of the prime factors here. Hassle free connectivity, simple wire management, and lightweight handling add more mobility to the entire set. The package just comes with a DVD Blu Ray player, a subwoofer and set of 5 speakers that deliver surround sound audio output. It is essential that you must properly arrange them at specific location in the corners. Or else the output will be affected. The system does not come with stands. There are different models available under same series which also offers speaker stands. For BDV-E3100 you will have to buy them separately. Being a plug and play type home theater system, the output is great. With single touch setup you can just hook your mobile device on the blu ray player and play music instantly. There is no paring mode available. By pressing the Function button on the front side, select Bluetooth and that’s all. The device will appear in the Bluetooth section of your MP3 Player, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.

    By selecting it, the home theater system becomes your default audio output. It is missing pairing mode here, through which you can lock the home theater on specific devices or else it is quiet easier for anyone to play any kind of audio through their device. Even in basic Bluetooth speaker you get a pairing mode so that no one but only you can tap and use it in a secure way. I wonder why Sony misses such an important feature here. Still there are ample of cool features that we can talk about in the later part.

    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System


    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Disc Home Theater System features a complete black look. Everything is painted in black that makes it less disturbing when you are watching videos. A low shiny surface of the blu ray player does not put impact in terms of look but in terms of output it is great. The top side of blu ray player has a rough finish. It is big in size, almost bigger than the size of a laptop. It is also very light in weight. The main issue lies here for its proper placement. You will need to hook the speakers properly in the corners to get a proper surround sound. In my terms, it occupies too much of space. There are fewer expectations here. The thing that really matters is the audio output in terms of video playback. In regular DTH channels the output is only adjusted through the providers. The home theater system cannot help much here. So if the audio/video output is not so great from the provider itself, sound effects cannot work well. While for HD channels the output is awesome.

    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Speakers

    Speaker’s features a nice look when placed along with the blu ray player. The front part features a power button to turn the system on/off at the left corner with DVD tray. At the center lies a led indicator which turns from white to blue when the system is connected as a Bluetooth audio. Next to that lies Front Panel Display that gives you function information. And after that a set of 3 buttons lies through which you can change the functions or songs. On the top at the center you can see an N logo in the image. If you own devices that have NFC support then you can just move your Smartphone to that N logo and with one touch the blu ray player connects to the Smartphone as default audio output. So that it makes the connection a bit easy. After that there are 5 pointed triangular shape buttons on the right corner offering you more control over the player.

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    Re: Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System

    Sony BDV-E3100 Connectivity Ports

    Sony BDV-E3100 Connectivity Ports

    At the backside, you can see there is a panel of 6 connectors. They are for speaker and subwoofer. Each connector is painted in different color. You just need to match the color of the speaker connector with the blu ray player. That’s the only thing you require to do. Sony has kept the configuration very simple here. It is better to say that it is a plug and play home theater system. Also the panel has clear marking for each type of connection. Like Front R, Front L, Subwoofer, etc. Ahead of that, there are additional connectors. Among which the first one is Digital Optical port. Next to that lies the Ethernet port. This port is only for connecting the blu ray player with router or modem. You cannot use it for accessing shared files on the network. It comes with DLNA server support, so you can simply create a media server and share files through that. I was expecting a basic file sharing support here. There is a single hdmi port with Audio IN jack and FM antenna at the end. Later, we will discuss more about the internal features of this home theater system.

    Sony BDV-E3100 Sub-Woofer

    Interface and Performance:

    The connectivity is only possible through an hdmi port. There are no other ports provided, due to which the player works only with those TV’s that have HDMI. Once connected you just need to choose the right input source from your TV menu. There are different categories in the home theater system which makes it very easy to use. It has a very simple UI. There are different sections like Setup, Photo, Music, Radio, Video, SEN, etc. Under setup section you can find some useful options like Screen Settings, Audio Settings, DVD Viewing Settings, Parental Control, Bluetooth, Speaker, etc. You can customize all the audio/video settings through this part. One different thing that I found here is Parental Control. Once it is turned on ample of unwanted contents can be easily blocked. While the other section like Photos, Videos, etc; give you listing of images and videos through usb, dlna server and DVD. This looks to be very basic. There is no way by which you can browse in a DVD or USB. It just sorts out all the images, videos, music, etc. So you cannot manually go in the usb or a DVD to change the file you want, which is one of the most common features of many HDTV.

    Sony BDV-E3100 Blu-Ray Player

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    Re: Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System

    Under Music Section you get more additional options like vTuner, Public Radio, etc. Along with DVD/USB playback you can simply stream more audio content through internet. In the same way under Video, other than regular playback, we have more additional options like Sony Entertainment Network. Through SEN, you can browse popular TV shows instantly on your screen. It also works on internet. So you must have a good bandwidth to stream online content. Other things provided are Start Player, Bollywood Hungama, Times of India, BigFlix, Friday Moviez, etc. Sony has added ample of online streaming content in the blu ray player through which you can have additional entertainment. YouTube also comes in the same section. Through YouTube app you can stream online videos instantly. There is one more feature added here. It is called as YouTube Pairing with your mobile or tablet pc. All you have to do is install YouTube app in your Smartphone and launch it on the bly ray player, then visit in your tablet and type the pair code you get in to Sign & Settings section of YouTube app in the home theater system. Now with a single tap you can just play the video directly from your tablet or Smartphone. Very handy operation.

    Also there is a web browser provided through which you can visit different website also. But there is an issue here. The provided remote does not has a QWERTY support. So typing is complicated. There is an onscreen keyboard provided but that is not so helpful as well. In terms of web browser this is very basic and has no great output. But still it can be an added advantage if you want to view certain pages on your home screen. At the end, SEN is provided separately which offers you free TV shows along with some set of different apps that you can install on the player. There are very few apps and games available here.


    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Disc Home Theater System is an ideal choice for those who are looking for decent entry level home theater system. The 5-channel setup here offers you clear and crisp sound output. The quality is great. Instead of spending a good amount on costly system, you get all the benefits here at a price of Rs. 24,990. Loaded with Dolby HD, Dolby Digital, DTS support; you can get more out of a regular home theater system. Though it lacks a good web surfing option, it cannot be a complete choice for those who are looking for many things. The look is great and output is fine with any type of video output you want to play. It gives great video on a HDMI output. While for sound, the subwoofer does a great job. Crystal clear sound quality is one of the prime objectives here. While on the same hand, you can stream ample of online content through various third party apps provided.

    • Great Sound/Video Output
    • Plug and Play
    • Simple connectivity options
    • Online Video Streaming

    • Not for Web Surfing
    • Outdated UI

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