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Thread: Logitech Z- 205 laptop speaker

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    Logitech Z- 205 laptop speaker

    If we talk about portable USB powered speakers, then you do not expect much output from them. Logitech Z-205 is a nice portable usb speaker that offers a good sound output though. Compared to others speakers in the market this one has a better volume output. Logitech Z-205 operates on a single USB cable connectivity. There are no additional cables provided on it. That does not reduce the performance, but it performs well compared to traditional desktop speakers. That can be due to some internal amplifier which process the audio sharpness and deliver proper output. Along with this the speaker is very handy. It is small in size and not heavy. There are two speakers placed in a single enclosure on the front side. There are no navigation keys on the speaker except the power key on the top side. It features a very simple design. You can place it quiet easily on the desktop. Due to small size it is not possible to integrate good bass effect. To replace that Logitech has added enough sharpness which is required for soft music.

    • USB 2.0 Connectivity
    • Plug and Play
    • Portable Size

    Logitech has number of portable speakers available that are better than Z-205. This product is released long before, but still it acts a nice solution for laptops. It is energy efficient which operates on minimum power and the sound quality is good enough to vibrate inside a room. For outdoors the speaker might not perform well if you are far from it. The front panel width of Logitech Z-205 is 180mm. That does not make it much larger. The speakers are placed at the edges for maximum hearing experience. It also features a removable usb cable, which makes it handier to carry. While the integrated stand below is also a clip that can be hooked easily on your laptop monitor. You can place it well and it stays firm. The design lacks navigation keys. At the top side you can have a power button in the middle and volume up/down key around it. It is a bit uncomfortable if you are using it in outdoors. To change song you have to use your pc. At the backside with micro usb connectivity the speaker offers a 3.5mm headphone jack also. The power button on the top only has a light indicator that tells you whether it is on or not.

    It features a comfortable handling. But there are many features it is missing. Within the same price range at what Logitech Z-205 comes, you can get a full fledge desktop speakers or some other model that offer wifi and memory card slot. It is only for those who need a portable speaker with optimum audio output. Logitech Z-205 is specifically designed for laptop and one thing good about this speaker is that its good audio level. Compared to the traditional laptop speakers, this one is better. It delivers stereo sound output. Additional audio enhancement does not work on the output. That is one of the limitations, but ignoring that it gives fine audio quality which I had expected. In the package content Logitech offers only a protective case with it. This speaker really lacks some good accessories. Single cable connectivity and easy usage are two things that came into focus when you see Logitech Z205. It is good to find that two tiny speakers are integrated in the enclosure while in some usb speaker you can find them separately. That makes it more uncomfortable to handle. It also makes Z205 a bit more durable compared to them.

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    Re: Logitech Z- 205 laptop speaker

    Logitech Z205 is a low noise speaker. That means there is minimum disturbance in the audio. The stereo sound is good enough to offer every detail leaving the bass effect properly. The audio output is balanced. As I said audio enhancement through media player software does not work well on it, but some fine tuning can improve the music output. Even at the full volume, the noise is clear. Somewhat credit goes to the design. The speaker front panel is designed in such a way that it delivers the audio towards front side, which is the default sitting arrangement. The body lacks adjustment. You cannot move or tilt the speaker. Once it is fixed it is unmovable. The clip offered in the stand does not fit on LCD if they have thick width.


    Logitech Z205 offers a clean sound quality. Even due to limitation the speaker is comfortable for basic usage only. The cost of Logitech Z205 lies around Rs .2,000/-. And it is a bit overpriced. It is low on accessories and does not offer any wifi support. So it is only for laptops or desktop. There is no way we can use it on smartphone, which is one of the biggest drawbacks. The 3.5mm jack on the back act as additional output source for headphone only, while there is no other stuff added on the speaker.

    • Portable Design
    • Clean Sound Quality
    • Single cable USB Powered

    • Overpriced
    • No Wireless Support

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