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Thread: AsiaPower SMPS AP-400A

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    AsiaPower SMPS AP-400A

    AsiaPower SMPS AP-400A is a mid range psu unit suitable for desktop pc. It is a 230Watt SMPS that is enough for mini pc and mid range cpu case. AP-400A is a power efficient model by AsiaPower. It delivers a stable and clean power to the pc, that prevent the hardware from getting damaged due to power fluctuation. It is specifically designed to maintain maximum power efficiency. Also it not very noisy which his one of the common issues with psu’s. The integrated fan is capable of working silently and drawing out maximum heat from the power unit. This adds more stability. The circuit features 80% power efficient design which maintains low current profile giving longer life to the system hardware.

    Features :
    • Compatible to Intel & AMD
    • Efficiency > 80%
    • Low noise and ripple
    • Over voltage, over loads
    • Over temperature & short circuit protections
    • Sleeved wires
    • 80 mm cooling fan

    AsiaPower SMPS AP-400A is a budget psu for regular systems. It is not really great for gaming or systems that needs more power consumption. But if you are building a pc for your work then you can rely on it. With straight forward features it offers which is only required. That the internal circuit does not waste any electricity and tends to works with stable output in any condition. The 80mm fan is also very low on noise. The SMPS features a real-time temperature monitoring support. That is not visible on your desktop, but the internal elements manage the heat dissipation and maintain maximum output. With 230watt support it might be not a really great smps but enough for day to day usage. Due to low noise it does not really trouble much while working.

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    Re: AsiaPower SMPS AP-400A

    Covered with regular metal enclosure the smps offers you all common power connectivity options. There is no power button provided on it. Which is commonly found in other products, which is convenient to turn of the pc completely in case of power failure. While for connectivity there are 2 Molex Connectors, 3x SATA Connectors, 1x 4 Pole Connector and 1x 24 Pin motherboard connector. So that looks more than enough for any regular pc. There are ample of connectivity options available. But if you are going to use a graphic card, or more number of hard drives, then it is recommended that you must upgrade the psu to above 400w. it is necessary that your system must get ample of power or else other hardware might not function well.

    Conclusion :

    AsiaPower SMPS AP-400A comes for Rs.550. This makes it a cheaper model available for any regular system. The powersupply works fine with AMD as well as with Intel motherboards. It is capable of delivering a stable current to the system with maximum power efficiency. Also it is very low on noise. The real time monitoring feature in the smps makes it cooler at the time of high usage.

    • Low Noise Fan
    • 80% Power efficient.

    • Not for High end system

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