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Thread: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 6.0

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    Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 6.0

    Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0 is a advance solution for your PC. Trend Micro, upgraded the pack with a lot of new feature giving out all round support to keep you protected. This new edition delivers performance and easy to use features. The package offers you 5GB online storage and additional protection for portable devices like Tablet PC or Smartphone. It also offers a separate utility to manage your password and password locked sensitive files. Threats are increasing day by day, where nothing remains safe. Using an antivirus with powerful features is one of the most important requirements now days. Along with this it is necessary to test whether the security suite does not occupy a major amount of your system resources. We had commonly seen performance issue in many antivirus software. Real-time scanning, email scanning, logs, etc; are tiny internal utilities that keep on working on the backside and occupy a small space in the memory. For a slow system this is one of the major drawbacks of using new antivirus edition. On performance basis we found Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0 very stable and reliable. It works quietly in the background keeping a close watch on your system activities and prompts in case of any threat. It features a Tune-Up utility that can boost the startup to some extent.

    Also Trend Micro has integrated Privacy feature for Social Networking. This feature tells you about the links that are shared on popular social networking website like Facebook, so that you are not redirected to malicious website. It also features a secure document vault where you can keep your sensitive files and encrypt them. There is a password management and parental control tool provided. One of the most powerful features is Data Theft Protection that does allow your data to pass through email or chat. Before getting into more detail just have a look on its features below:

    • Spam-blocker : blocks annoying and dangerous junk email
    • Real-time updates : safeguards your pc from the latest internet security threats
    • Parental controls : easily protect your children online
    • Data theft prevention : safely bank and shop online
    • Trend micro vault : remotely secures confidential digital files
    • Secure erase : shred computer files with sensitive information
    • System tuner : optimize your computer's performance
    • Light on system resources : maximum internet security that won't slow you down
    • Detailed security reports : easy to read graphic reports that provides you with all the details about the threats that attack your pc
    • 10gb of online storage : take advantage of special bonus features exclusive to titanium maximum security 2013, including 10gb of online storage
    • Smartphone protection : extend your security protection to Smartphone’s

    Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0 gives a complete set of features that require maximum protection. From the above feature list you can simply figure out how helpful it can be. The security suite uses a cloud technology to block virus and spyware. So if incase the virus definition is affected, Trend Micro Titanium can still find them. Many antivirus today are using a cloud technology to scan the system and locate threat at extreme level. You can surf safely and securely carrying out online transaction. It also features data theft protection that simply manages to keep your sensitive information secret. Another important features is wiping out your confidential information if your PC or Smartphone is stolen. Once you had registered the product you can simply go on and enter your email id and password. The application will wipe out your information completely. This is a secure way of getting a bit piece of mind in case of theft. Now we will move ahead with user interface and integrated option provided in Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0.

    UI & Features

    The UI is quiet simple. It also looks very light on usage. As usually, a system tray icon is always visible to access the antivirus. The dash board of Trend Micro is simply divided into 5 categories. It gives a very straight forward option to keep your system secure and updated. Those categories are:


    This part tells you about the protection status of your system. There is a small section below called as Safety Summary where you can find the number of threats detected and action applied on them. While on the left you can see subscription status. The scan button is added as widget with more options. You can also access Settings and Security Report panel through it.

    Settings: In these settings you can manage the antivirus behavior. Under Virus & Spyware Control you can configure how the antivirus must react and run on your system. By default the settings are applied on recommended mode. There is a hypersensitive mode available that takes quick action when threats are detected on your system. You can also configure schedule scan from here. Below you can see Internet & Email Controls, where you can manage:

    • Web Threats: Manage settings for protecting yourself from malicious website. Trend Micro also adds a toolbar and add-on to the web browser to maintain security.
    • Spam & Email Files: Enable Email scanning and Spam Check.
    • Network: Configure Firewall settings to protect your pc from network threats.
    • Instant Messaging: Protection for Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Skype.

    There is a separate section provided for Exception Lists. A number of time applications, wifi or websites are blocked by the Firewall or antivirus. Under this section you can configure and allow them to bypass the security check. At the end you can see Other Settings button. This provides you mostly customization features.

    • System Startup: You can choose from Extra Security, Balance Protection and Extra Performance depending on your need. Extra Security starts the antivirus on boot which can affect the boot time while Balance is selected by default. And if you need to keep your performance on edge you can tick the last one.
    • Network Settings: You can configure Proxy server here.
    • Smart Protection Network: Under this you can allow and disallow to share your virus log with Trend Micro. It is recommended to keep this enabled. So that Trend Micro can provide more powerful updates in future.
    • Password: Secure your antivirus settings by password lock.
    • Background Picture: And a bit icing on the cake. You can add your favorite background image to give it a person touch.

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    re: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 6.0

    Security Report:

    The report section offers you detailed information on threats found in your system. It will not only tell you about virus infection but also maintain logs of Parental Control and System Tuner. It gives a nice visual information on the security status of your system, so that you can analyze it more properly. While at the end you can see a hyperlink View Detailed Logs. This gives more detailed information on various issues. The logs are not just limited to the below three options. The Detail Logs section gives you information on Last Scan, Viruses, Spyware, Browser Cookies, Web Threats, Unauthorized Changes, Data Theft Prevention, Network, Updates, Parental Controls, Secure Erase, System Tuner and Wifi Advisor.
    • Threat: Under this you can find a pie chart of different kind of threat. I found the information minimal.
    • Parental Control: This section gives you report on blocked sites based on category and name.
    • System Tuner: Information about your startup utilities.

    PC & Mobile:

    This section has nothing special. There are three tools provided. The first is PC & Internet Security. This does nothing. It juts opens the Settings panel. The second one is System Tuner which is a bit helpful. It allows you to make your system a bit faster by performing small tune up. You just have to click on it and then click on Perform Tune-up. You have choices to exclude item from this. It is safer to use. Because before performing a Tune-up it creates restore point. So in case if you face any error you can restore your old settings back. The Tune-up process takes time on the basis of your system. The third thing is Rescue Disk. Now this is not a tool but, a link to download Trend Micro Rescue DVD. It is a bootable application that allows you to scan your system and perform a number of troubleshooting stuff through DVD drive without booting into Windows. The download size is just 55MB. It is extremely simple to use. You can also use a USB drive for it. It is good to keep this utility with you. In case you feel that the antivirus is not performing well you can boot your system with this tool and scan it to perform a more root level scanning. To use it insert a blank CD/DVD or USB and run the downloaded RescueDisk.exe file. It scans memory, mbr and boot records.


    This is something new found in a antivirus. Here you can see two options. Facebook Privacy Scanner and Social Networking Protection. It looks like Trend Micro has really thought a wise idea of giving protection here. While on Facebook it happens a number of time malicious linked are shared. This options when enabled tells whether it is safe or not. You will need to check that all Trend Micro add-ons are properly installed in your browser to use it properly. There is small tick that appears before the links.


    This is one of the most important part of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0. There are three important options available here. You must enable all of them to keep your sensitive information protected. Along with this you can separately download two more utilities. They are Trend Micro Direct Pass for protecting your password. It is a powerful password manager software that allows you to keep all the password at a single place and use them when needed. It gets integrated with your web browser. And the second utility is Trend Micro Safe Sync. Through Safe Sync a better platform is available to sync and share files safely around the web. It is a cloud storage solution. In case of any problem with password you can use your email account to retrieve it. It works commonly for all tools. We will check everything in detail.

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    re: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 6.0

    Data Theft Protection: When Enabled it protects your data from leaking on web. Various virus, spyware, sniffers, etc; keeps scanning the data through malicious website, software, add-on, once it is configured with your data. Now this works manually. There is no automated system inside the tool that can catch important data automatically. You can start by creating a category first. Like Credit Card. In the next column you have to type the number and you are done. Next time if accidently you send this on email or web or on chat it will be blocked by the antivirus. There will be a popup box on the extreme right giving you indication of blocked data. It is a powerful feature that allows you to secure sensitive information for being accidently passed.

    Trend Micro Vault: Trend Micro Vault allows you a password protected folder to keep your files inside it. When you click on it, it puts a icon on the desktop. While opening, it asks you your Trend Micro password. You simply copy paste any file or folder inside it. It stays on your hard drive but securely locked. A very nice way to keep some sensitive files inside it and block accessibility to the same.

    Secure Erase : Now this is something you have to take care. Secure Erase adds a option in the right click content menu to delete a file permanently from your hard drive. When you click on it, it will activate the options and to wipe out a file just right click on it. Below Scan for Security Threats you can find an option Delete with Secure Erase. You can manage the behavior from Trend Micro > Data > Secure Erase. There are two options available here. First is Quick Erase to wipe out the file which is not recoverable from Recycle Bin and Permanent Erase that completely wipes out the data from system which is not recoverable via any recovery software. You can simply wipe out vital information from your drive without worrying about recovery.

    Trend Micro Direct Pass : This is a separate utility. You have to download this. When you click on Open Now you will be redirected to the download site. Download it and install it on your system. It is a powerful Password Manager software by Trend Micro. One installed it will create an icon on your desktop. Double click on it and create a Master Password. Once it is done, you can sync your entire password to Direct Pass and use it for login. You can use the same on Android and iOS also.

    Trend Micro Safe Sync : Safe Sync is a cloud service that offers you a free 5GB online storage for keeping and sharing your files. It is secure to keep the files and share. To use it you will need to download the client software on your PC. The application is also available for Android and iOS. Through this once file uploaded properly, you can access them securely on your Smartphone using Android or iOS application. It is a plain folder that lies in your hard drive. You just have to drag and drop files in them.

    Family :

    The family section of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0 gives some parental control options. If you are having kids at your home you can block websites through this antivirus. It is quiet easy to use. You have to click on it and the configuration window will guide you for the process. From here you can set Website Filter Rules based on your requirement. You can see the set of rules that are available in the image below. On the basis of which you can create strong parental control rules to keep your kids secure from blocked part of internet. You can simply keep a time limit based on the filters you are applying. You can disable that if you want to keep your settings permanent. Along with website you can also block program based on time. This can be done under Program control. There is no need to search for advance tools or play with router settings.


    Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 6.0 features are not just limited to virus protection. It is a pack of advance tools that gives you one stop solution for different kind of issues. You can protect your data, file and password instantly through integrated applications. The Parental Control option also manages to block unwanted websites making safe searching more reliable. The package delivers you a powerful password manager, Vault to keep sensitive information, Secure Erase to wipe out files permanently, Safe Sync to share files on web more securely, etc. Along with this you can secure your Android & iOS device also. In case of theft you can remotely wipe out the information from device and pc. Trend Micro Maximum Security 2013 comes for Rs.775 for 1 Year Single User license and Rs.1472 for 1 Year 3 User license. So it is not at all costly from any point of view.

    • Power Security Features
    • Smooth Performance
    • Data Theft Protection
    • Parental Control
    • 5GB Online Secure Storage
    • Best Affordable Security Suite

    • Slow Tune-up Utility

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