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Thread: Zebronics Blue Air Wifi Headphone

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    Zebronics Blue Air Wifi Headphone

    Zebronics Blue Air is a classic wireless headphone that comes with quick access buttons and decent audio output. The speaker does not offer any unique output, but a combination of wired and wireless features. It is light weight and has a very basic design. It comes with a 3.5mm audio cable that can be used to connect with devices that does not has Bluetooth. It can be a handy feature to some extent. The speakers output is loud and clean, but no fancy audio effects. The ear cup are round and small that first on the ear drum basically not covering your entire ear. Zebronics has tried to keep the product clean by not giving out tons of unnecessary colors. Compare to other headphones, Zebronics Blue Air is costly. We were really expecting many things from it. But still it is able to land on our expectations. Not rating it very high, I will count this as entry level headphone that does not justify the price.

    • Bluetooth V2.1 +EDR
    • Playback time : 14 hours* (50% volume with 128 kbps bit rate files)
    • Charging time : 2.5 hours*
    • Range : Max 10 meters*
    • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery
    • Power/ON/OFF/Mode/Pause/Pre/Next/Volume control keys
    • Adjustable headband
    • Can be used as wired headphone

    Package Content
    • Zebronics Blue Air
    • 3.5mm Headphone Cable
    • USB Charger Cable
    • USB Charger Adapter
    • Quick Start Guide.

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    Re: Zebronics Blue Air Wifi Headphone

    The above specification can give you a glimpse of what it offers. Bluetooth 2.1 interface is common on many devices. The paring process is also very simple. On the ear cups there is a volume control and change song panel. You can adjust the volume from the headphone itself without touching your mobile phone. You can change or play previous song also. Both are placed separately. On the left ear cup lies a volume control button with 3.5mm headphone jack and Mic. While on the right side lies the volume control panel which is also used for Calls, blue led indicator and dc jack for charging.

    Single blue led on the headphone is the only indicator for paring process. Which is relatively simple. You have to hold the call button for few seconds and blue led starts blinking. Scan for the headphone in your Smartphone and add 0000 default paring password. That’s all. The accessibility keys on the headphone works well on mobile devices. While the same is of no us on desktop pc. Blue Air features soft earcup surface with integrated microphone. The battery life of Blue Air is also good. It can offer you upto 14hours of battery power once fully charged and 200hrs of standby time. The wireless range is quiet good. You can use it around the area of 30 feet. The audio play back is well. As said the audio quality is nice and clear, but audio enhancement has no benefit. The bass effect and other audio effect do not work on the driver. It looks it is specifically designed for sharp audio quality only.

    The build quality of Zebronics Blue Air is average. The headphone features a soft pad on the top that gives relief to your head when used for the long time. The earcups has enough area for adjustment. You can rotate to left/right and tilt the ear cups front or back to get maximum comfort. But somehow the build quality of this headphone is not fascinating as per the price charged. Blue Air is counted as a multi-featured headphone but somehow the brand is not able to cope with the quality like other headphone has. But that does not mean it is not able to stand in your expectation. Surely it is with some limited support. The sound volume is high. It is recommended that you must not use it while walking on road or while driving. Along with music support you can use the media keys for phone calls also. You can accept or reject a call with the same.

    Conclusion :
    The cost of Zebronics Blue Air is around Rs.1500. Which puts it under costly headphone list were some branded products available at cheaper rate. The features are somewhat limited but useful. I was expecting more from the build quality. The usage and paring is extremely easy with long lasting battery life. Clean audio is one of the prime features of Blue Air, while the media keys do not respond well on pc. They work properly on any mobile phone that has Bluetooth headphone support. Wired support allows you to use it with those devices that lack wireless connectivity.

    • Clean and Loud Audio quality
    • Volume, Media and Call keys
    • Easy Bluetooth Pairing

    • Low Build Material
    • No Bass Effect

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