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Thread: Zion 8GB DDR3 Ram

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    Zion 8GB DDR3 Ram

    ZION 8GB DDR3 RAM offers good performance for gaming pc’s and servers. Due to high amount of physical memory, any system gets enough space left to perform number of different operations. The higher amount of RAM available offers you high output in terms of various operations. At times while gaming, graphic editing, doing some animation, archiving utility, etc; you need to have good amount of physical memory. At that point the system tries to take maximum virtual memory from the hard drive, which overall degrades the complete system performance. So if you are having a 64bit motherboard with a good processor you can simply go for a 1333 MHz of Single 8GB Stick of Zion RAM and expect a good output, compared to other brand available in market like Corsair, Kingston, etc. RAM model provided by Hynix and Zion are quiet similar, but we can term Zion as a local brand with a bit reliability. After testing the Zion ram on our system, which was 32bit, we got a great output. We had tested this against Hynix ram by running some resource intensive applications and it worked fine. But at some point we found it performing very slowly.

    Zion 8GB DDR3 is a straight forward RAM with less flashy slogans on it. Many manufacturers on the web sell RAM through catchy liners. But that does not really put any impact. The RAM lands well on the performance. First we performed a small gaming test on a 1GB Graphic card by Nvidia. The processor used was Intel Core i3 and Intel motherboard. After running the game for few hours, we found that the performance was stable. There was no lagging issue nor there was any problem with the output. Just by adding a 8GB ram makes your system - a super computer. You will need relative hardware with the same to expect a good output. For 32bit system the limitation lies to 4GB usable ram only. So it is not a wise update. For 64bit system, which are highly recommended for servers and gaming pc, this ram will act as ideal source of power. The ram offers 1333 MHz of performance that makes it fast working memory module. But there is very few information available on the same, like the complete detailed specification and type of memory chips it is using. Also it is not easy to find out whether it is a ECC RAM or a regular one.

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    Re: Zion 8gb Ddr3 Ram

    Above all Zion 8GB DDR3 is also costly. The price is much higher compared to popular brands. The cost lies around Rs.6000 where Corsair is giving much cheaper solution. Between price ranges of Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 you can find ample of RAM sticks on the web with similar features. As the company does not gives us complete information on the product, the performance assumptions remains limited on it. It is bit weird to find that even when there is some cheaper solution available why Zion is selling this at such a high price. This would make the product very complicated to stand in the competition.

    Conclusion :

    Zion 8GB DDR3 RAM offers better performance for server system. It is a reliable solution for high performance system. The cost of this RAM is Rs.6000. Compared to some models that I had seen in Corsair and Kingston, this ram is a bit costlier. There is a large competition with 8GB RAM stick where you can find Corsair ValueRAM for Rs.3000 and Kingston ram for Rs. 2,880. Under that circumstances, we found Zion 8GB RAM as a costly upgrade.

    Pros :
    • High Performance

    • Costly

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