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    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

    WinX DVD Ripper is an instant solution to rip videos from any DVD. It features a simple UI that is easy to use with minimum functions, so that users are not confused with the overloaded stuff. It is a beginner's tool that allows you just 3 step processes to rip a video from a DVD and choose the output format according to your preference. Today we will review WinX DVD Ripper Platinum edition. This Ripper is developed by Digiarty, who are leading publishers of many multimedia convertor and dvd ripper softwares. There is other popular software that is loaded with many additional features which are never used. WinX DVD Ripper is straightforward tool to rip DVD Videos in the format that you want. It is also capable of ripping multimedia content out of encrypted DVD Disc and ISO Images. It offers you a portable feature to deal with locked DVDs. It is comfortable to use and the installation size is just 26MB. It does not offer burner, convertor, and etc type of benefit. There are other tools that are provided by Digiarty for each type of work. The tool is just designed to give you the fastest and best ripping solution. We will check out the interface and performance later on. The prime features of WinX DVD Ripper is ripping DVD Videos and providing the output in format like avi, mp4, h264, mpeg, wmv, mov, flv, 3gp and many more. It does the job of convertor also. It saves your time to use a separate tool for video conversion.

    We will check out the entire interface with integrated features. WinX DVD Ripper is sold for $39.95. There are some Christmas offers available due to which the price is discounted. WinX DVD Ripper also offers you to convert your DVD videos directly to Apple media format. It is one of the most common issues that you face while trying to put your favourite videos in iOS devices. Apple devices support a different kind of video format. You have to buy a special tool for conversion and will need to first rip the DVD and then convert it into readable format and then again transform them to Apple readable format for copying it in an iPad. That is a long process and after each conversion the video quality keeps on degrading. While using Winx DVD Ripper you can do that in simple way. Just insert the DVD in your PC, load that in WinX DVD Ripper and choose the output format you want. It takes some time to create a video and later on transfer it in the iPod, iPad, etc. It is one of the easiest way to get various video format for different format in hassle free way. The new edition is upgraded with Android support, Microsoft Surface Tab support, PSP, etc. There are many more devices which are added in it so that it can remain the best single solution for video job.

    Interface and Features:

    We are testing WinX DVD Ripper 7.0. And we found the software really helpful. I have posted all the screenshots below with options that it provides. As I have mentioned above that WinX DVD Ripper has a very basic interface, that means it doesn't offer many additional stuff but it is capable of delivering good output. The screen displays some 5 menus on the top that does not have any submenu. They are Disc, Image, Folder, Clear and Options. There are no menus or submenus to confuse. The Disc button loads the default DVD Drive with Empty disc on it. While the Image allows you to browse .iso images, the folder allows you to add your own personal files one by one in it and Clear just wipe out all the sections. The Option menu also offers limited configuration. For example, you can modify the language, change the output folder and manage update check. Below that the left part is dedicated for file selection. While the right panel offers a preview mode to play existing multimedia content. Play/Pause button with Screenshot icon allows you to capture a current video screen. These are minimal features of a video player which are embedded in WinX DVD Ripper. It can play almost all kind of video files. The lowest pane allows you to modify the destination folder with a big blue Run button.

    There are 4 tabs below that which are smartly placed. This four buttons allow you to quickly modify the important video settings. For example, selecting Use High Quality Engine activates a HD codec to improve the video output. We are testing the same on our home videos, but yet we did not find any major changes. It works on videos that have poor quality. I will not say that WinX DVD Rippers’ HD Engine is capable of transferring your mobile video to Widescreen HD Video, but it is capable of fixing the bugs of video at small level. Next to that is Deinterlacing. This is another option that enhances the video quality. It is simply a way to fix analog videos. The other two options are Safe Mode and Cpu Core Use. The Cpu Core Use allows you to limit or extend the core utililzed by the software at the time of ripping videos. So that you can keep some of the performance reserved for other application. The version that we are testing offers maximum 2 Core. WinX DVD Ripper is capable of supporting up to 8 core processor.

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    Re: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum


    We have tested a 4.7GB Home Made DVD on Winx DVD Ripper. I have provided the screenshot below that can give you a glimpse of estimate time needed to create a video as per the format needed. One benefit of using this software is, when you create an output video in different format it capture everything which includes video subtitle also. There is no need to add separate files. But you cannot manage dual audio videos. After inserting the DVD and selecting the disc drive on WinX DVD Ripper I found a menu that offer a 2 column layout. It looks Digitary has everything in it. At the left side you can select the output file format on the basis of Profiles. Like, for example, PC General Video, Apple, Android, Microsoft, Sony, etc. There are in total 13 Profile Category with Submenus. You can find out more information on that in our Video Review of WinX DVD Ripper. There is everything that you need. You can convert an entire DVD or a ISO image file to any format you want. Under the PC General Video you can find out all the most common formats like avi, mpeg, wmv, etc. There is a slider next the format that allows you to choose from Low Quality to High Quality levels.

    To check out the performance we have tested a simple DVD disc of 4GB and converted that to Android format. It took quite a long time to get the right output format. WinX DVD Ripper was able to give us a mobile video format and the quality was also quiet fine. If you tick on HD or select HQ ripping from DVD Video, then it will usually take some more time, based on your system hardware. So the better hardware you have, faster it will work. WinX DVD Ripper offers optimum solution to create a video format of your choice directly from the DVD.


    WinX DVD Ripper is available for Windows only. It is a nice tool that delivers simple way of ripping DVD videos instantly without any complicated procedure. It is useful for everyone who has or does not have any expert knowledge in video processing. Compared to other Video Convertors available, WinX DVD Ripper is very basic in usage. To perform some major video processing features like merging multiple videos, trimming, turning of the background voice, or even dvd burning feature, all this are not added. It is a plain convertor with good engine which is capable of delivering you all required formats from portable devices to iOS. Due to low in file size it is very easy to setup this software. It is not resource intensive as well. Digitary also offers many multimedia tools that can allow advance option. It looks as if it has bifurcated all the process by creating a separate kind of tool for each specific purpose.

    Another shortcoming of WinX DVD Ripper is that, it does not read any format of video except DVD from PC. For Example, if you want to convert an avi file to Android Mobile format, you cannot do that with this tool. It is not at all a convertor, just a ripper. There are no options available to use this tool as multimedia convertor. WinX DVD Ripper, as the name says, is only DVD Ripping and Converting software. It is an ideal tool for those who want their DVD files in various formats.

    • Lightweight
    • Various Media Formats Conversion
    • Easy Ripping UI
    • Fast Performance
    • Multi-core Utilization

    • Supports DVD media only.
    • Minimal Options.

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