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Thread: AdapTxt Multi-Lingual Keyboard for Android

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    AdapTxt Multi-Lingual Keyboard for Android

    AdapTxt intelligent keyboard for Android devices. It is developed by KeyPoint Technologies. This company is the market from long time and the same application is released for Windows phone for the first time. Later on it was provided for Symbain S60 platform. Today it is available for Android, Java and Windows Mobile. It is not available for iOS. Now you might be wondering what does a keyboard can make a difference in a Smartphone or Tablet. In ICS we get a default keyboard already that offers you a simple touch interface with auto-correct options. So is it more than enough? No not at all. If you are person who constantly uses SMS/Email, then you require a flexible key with smart auto-correct and a bit of gramme correction features. We type in hassle and at that point while sending a business email, even minor spelling mistakes is bad reputation. For example failed to capitalized the noun or short forms that leads to informal conversation. AdapTxt is loaded with some smart features which removes all this obstacles. With clean interface and intelligent typing technology it is capable of identifying your gesture and giving the right auto-correct option. The entire process is just swipe and tap. It is very convenient to use also. You can trust on this application because KeyPoint is operating in this market for more than 5 years. They had released the first app for Windows phone on 2006 and then the second one from Symbian S60 platform on 2008. Their experience is capable of delivering an outstanding keyboard app and above all a much cleaner UI.

    Messaging has become a important part of life today. You can instantly reply to a person through sms or email and your messages reaches in second. In professional sectors, it act as mode of communication. But it is also very annoying when you try to tap on your smartphone screen and your keyboard is not smart enough to understand your word. I had tested some keyboard before which shows a powerful auto-correct features but no one is precised like AdapTxt. It has a much better auto-correct options to complete a word compared to others. Other keyboard learn from your typing. They record the spelling and keep the same in its database. On that basis they provide you the complete word. But AdapTxt comes with a loaded internal database that has tons of widely used words. It uses the phone dictionary as well it scans your sms, emails, social networking accounts, to find the more common words that are used. It does not matter what language you know. It has support for everything. This is one of the smart feature AdapTxt has. The internal database of this free application is around 1500 words which is more than enough. Lets check out some important features :

    Important features offered by AdapTxt :
    • Hyphenated Suggestions
    • URL Suggestions
    • Acronyms
    • Next Word Predictions
    • Automatic text Replacement
    • Private Mode
    • Hide Keyboard
    • Accent Trimmer
    • Word Completions
    • Error Correction
    • Error Correction – Extra Letters
    • Error Correction – Missing Letters
    • Automatic Learning Into Dictionary
    • Auto Capitalization Of Nouns
    • Accented Suggestions
    • Revert Candidate
    • Multi-lingual Suggestions
    • Home Screen Launcher
    • Add-On Manager
    • In App Add-On Manager
    • Adaptxt Settings View
    • Error Correction Settings
    • Auto Correction Modes
    • Dictionary Prioritization
    • Language Selection Dialog
    • Enabling Dictionary Add-Ons
    • Learn From Android Dictionary
    • Check For New Add-Ons
    • Back Up Notification

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    Re: AdapTxt Multi-Lingual Keyboard for Android

    Setup of AdapTxt is quiet easy. There are two different version available for Tablet and Smartphone. The size lies between 6 to 8 mb. The configuration is very easy. You have to set the keyboard from Settings > Language and Input. It is a few step configuration. After installation you have to set AdapTxt as the default keyboard via above process. Then launch the application and you can configure the settings. AdapTxt features 21 different language and it is still growing. It just do not offer you languages but a complete features sticked to it. The auto-correct option, word prediction, text completion, noun capitalization, url suggestion, etc are all available for each language it has. This made this app more comfortable compare to others. AdapTxt download covers all important language. You will need a active internet connection to pull the list of available languages. At the time of setup AdapTxt does not comes with any language database. You will need to download that. Like getting English US layout from Add-On Manager. Language installation is one tap process. AdapTxt is build for all region. It is not limited to a very composite platform. If your smartphone or tablet lacks a nice touch support, then it will be a bit annoying to use it.

    You can swipe your finger by holding the screen and choose the alphabet to add it. This adds the feature of swipe keyboard also. There are three layout offered which is a Blue theme, Bright and Dark theme. You can change that as per your choice. Compared to the Smartphone version, the Tablet edition is entirely different. You can see the glimpse of that below :

    The tablet keyboard offers a three part design. The left and right are dedicated to alphabets and the central one has a handwriting, navigation and settings panels. It is much easier to use for wide-screen devices. The Quick Settings tab on the top allow you to make instant changes at anytime you want. To add a word you have to tap that and there is a short context menu that appears. It offers a option add to dictionary. This feature is common in all keyboards. ATR and and Auto Correction settings in the application offers a firm control over typo errors. It adjust the settings automatically saving your time. For example you can create own sentence in if you type lnch it will automatically make it lunch. It is very handy software and with a clean interface it is convenient to use. For language other than English, you can keep on adding the words and make the dictionary available for your regional language chat. The Add-on manager take cares about all recent languages. The tablet edition has some thing pending. It looks that KeyPoint is going to improve that more for wide-screen.

    Conclusion :

    AdapTxt come is must to have list of Android application installed. It changes the way of typing and makes you more rely on it. It fixes your word problem and even attach hypen were needed and capitalized the noun wherever needed. It is a very handy application for sms and email where no errors is guarantee. The application is available for free. Keypoint has not only targeted most popular languages in the world, but along with that it is has optimized the dictionary with most common words that are used. AdapTxt is just not limited to a single language typing. The auto-correct feature is capable of giving you the right word suggestion in any language you choose from add-on manage. Till yet I had not seen such a user friendly multi-lingual keyboard application for Android devices.

    Pros :
    • 21 new languages
    • Clean User Interface
    • Powerful Auto-correct in all languages
    • Easy to customize

    • Handwriting panel only available for Tablet.
    • No Quick Settings and ATR button for smartphone

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