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Thread: Micromax A84 Superfone Elite Android Smartphone

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    Micromax A84 Superfone Elite Android Smartphone

    Micromax introduced another Android Smartphone under Superfone series. The phone features full tochscreen support with dual camera and Android 2.3.6 operating system. To some extent the phone is powerful enough to run ample of games and applications on the go. This time we were expected that the new Superfone series will comes with ICS or atleast with ICS upgrade. Playing on the safer side, Micromax released the phone with Gingerbread series, which does not put much pressure on the battery life. ICS on the other hand needs a better multi-core processor. A84 Superfone Elite is a rich smartphone which is cost around Rs.9,999. The price estimated for a widescreen Gingerbread is not overcharged, but as the product does not resemble any branded hardware support, people may find it costly. Lets get in details with the features and other important specs that will put more highlight on it. Released with a slogan COMMAND RESPECT, this product comes all functionality that you want in a smartphone. Already some older models that are released under Superfone series are affected by battery performance. But that issue lies with Android. Due to regular updates and tons of features, do not expect to get a good battery life on the same. The reason does rely on poor hardware support, but mostly on Android optimization. As this OS is already loaded with preconfigured apps and basic updates.

    The phone operates on 1Ghz processor which a bit higher compared to older 800Mhz phones. The phone also features Dual Camera support. A 0.3MP on the front side and 5MP on the backside. It is not bad at all to get something in the camera category. Ample of phone that I had seen under 10K range gives you single 3MP camera only. The best example is Samsung Galaxy Dous Y. If we compare the touch of A84 Superfone Elite with older models under the same series, then it is a bit better. The design does not offer great changes. It is quiet compact to fit in your hands. The touch response is better this time. Also in connectivity section the phone supports 3G and Wifi networking. Alogn with this you can share media content among other devices through Bluetooth 2.0 to gain a bit higher speed. GPS and Motions Sensor support provides you additional features. The battery this time is a bit optimized to work more. There are certain phones that I had purchased before, simply lack in battery performance. Micromax has added 1630mAh battery in the phone. The specification clearly says that on this battery you can only have talk time upto 4.5hrs. While the standby time is around 150hrs. I was expecting a bit more in the battery life. Because if the phone is used for Camera or Multimedia purpose the batter power will be hampered to more extent.

    I had checked some other workhand which are cleared about the battery performance. If you optimize the phone in proper way then you can gain more performance. Ample people are never aware that if you keep the updates on, or simply add apps they eat your battery power. Turn of your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and other settings which are not required. The phone has a 10.16cms screen on the front side which covers maximum area with 4 dedicated navigation keys on the below. The screen is capable of providing you maximum resolution of 800x480. This is not bad but looks a bit low. Along with the phone owns regular feature of external storage upto 32GB. Other than this there is nothing special added. That is the reason I found this device a bit overpriced. Yet AISHA the Voice Assistant software by Micromax is not claimed as hit. What people looks for is smooth touch support, good battery power, powerful multimedia features and durability. So there are choices under Micromax products. While using the phone looks comfortable to handle. The screen size is 10.1cms and obviously multi-touch. Micromax used IPS panel here to give vibrant look. Also this element play as better option for touchscreen response. While the entire interface is mostly controlled by Android. There is nothing can be done here. Android Gingerbread is another most stable mobile OS with many features support. Below is the specification list of this phone. The specification does not put much impact. As there is the regular 1GHz processor and connectivity options. The screen size offering you a 4” will add some interest. This time Micromax did not promoted the phone with additional accessories that they did with Punk. It is the simple device which comes with handsfree in the package content.

    Specification :
    • CPU – 1GHz
    • OS – Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread)
    • Band Mode – GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz WCDMA 850/2100Mhz
    • Dimension – 125mm*65mm*10.6mm
    • Display – 10.16cms
    • Battery – 1630 mAh, 4.5 Hours Talktime, 150 Hours Standby time
    • Camera – 5 MP Camera, 0.3 MP front camera
    • GPS- Yes
    • Connectivity – Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, USB 2.0

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    Re: Micromax A84 Superfone Elite Android Smartphone

    There are already devices which had come up with ICS support, but still many branded products also opt to go for Gingerbread only. Under this section you get all those pre-loaded stuff that comes with Gingerbread. The camera quality is fine giving you rich pictures in 5MP support. The phone needs a more workout under low light picture. It has a night mode option to create vibrant images, but that does not help much. Somehow LED flash does the job. It can give you resonable quality under very circumtances. The processor details are not clearly mentioned. Talking about Android performance then this OS needs a bit more power. Still many manufacturer are tyring to fit a more powerful battery. But maximum number of battery is used by web updates. Android on the same is OS that has tons of web usage. So to some extent it is necessary that you keep your data pack activated. Due to 3G support you can enjoy more better surfing. The touchscreen is smooth enough to give you support for faster browsing. To some extent budgets phones are bit complicated to buy. The reason lies in performance. If we exclude Micromax we do not have any renown brand in the market. The specification of this phone does not provide any information on the internal ram. This is another important factor that provide info on the actual performance. By default if you go for any phone that has similar specs you can expect to have 512RAM minimum. I cannot figure out the reason why RAM details are not provided.


    The phone features right specs that are worth to buy at the given ratio. Micromax has became a trusted brand in market. Features point of view, the products provided by this company are well suited for all needs. With 1Ghz of processor and mulit-touch support A84 Superfone Elite is capable of giving you a smooth performance and rich features. Android on the same hand fulfill all the requirement of a smartphone interface. With a bit upgraded operating system, there are ample of bugs fixes and better output. There is nothing much to discuss about this same. If you are looking for a budget smartphone with regular Android features then this phone comes under the list. But before that I will also recommend you to have a look on other devices too. The price Rs.9,999.00is not bad enough. But somehow you can expect a downfall as the phone lands in market and gets a bit older. Micromax has delivered some of the best durable models, and is still surviving. There are intact features that you can locate in other devices also. This phone can be a cheaper alternative for costly phones that are quiet not affordable to buy. According to me Micromax A84 Superfone Elite is a bit costly phone with not so great features.

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