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Thread: Karbonn Smart Tab 1 Android JellyBean Tablet PC

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    Karbonn Smart Tab 1 Android JellyBean Tablet PC

    Karbonn launched Smart Tab 1 Tablet PC at price Rs.6990/-. So does this product is worth at this price. The answer is yes. The tablet features Android 4.1 [JellyBean] operating system. Compared to Android 4.0 [Ice Cream Sandwich], 4.1 offers you a better interface. JellyBean is more faster and smoother in response. With each upgrade of Android version we get a enhanced operating with better interface, graphics and app support. Unfortunately JellyBean lack Flash support. There was some issue with Adobe, when it finally discontinued Flash support for JellyBean and further new version. ICS was the last operating system that will support Flash. Flash is used to run online video, web elements and some games. So on web you might face certain issue due to no Flash support. Gingerbread is the most successful operating system yet. It has tons of app support and with better hardware usage the operating system perform smoothly on many devices. Later on ICS is consider as another stable version but yet not used widely and before getting popular Google released JellyBean. This is not a serious matter here. Karbonn tries to give the most budget friendly JellyBean tablet. The OS takes quiet a better benefit of hardware acceleration giving you the right screen output. The screen size is 7" which is traditional size and quiet enough for surfing. Compared to an older OS, the new one offer you some additional support. So it is always better to choose new products. While yet Funbook Pro is pending to release officially.

    I had seen some shopping site selling the same @9999 which is costlier than Smart Tab1. It has a 10" screen and additional gpu support through which you can enjoy better graphics. With higher internal memory the products is better. The rising cost does not effect the popularity yet. Smart Tab 1 on the same hand is a portable companion for your day to day web usage. With JellyBean, Karbonn's tablet can be more flexible. You might not notice those enhanced output on other older OS devices. Till yet Google Nexus has JellyBean which is more costlier than this. So if you need to get a taste of JellyBean tablet then Smart Tab 1 is a worth buying device. The first doubt at the time of buying a budget device is hardware specification. Will it be able to handle better 3D graphics or not ? But you do not need to worry for the same if OS is a upgraded version. This tablet does not feature a separate GPU support, but I think the internal 1.2Ghz CPU is capable of handling the process. There is a additional 3D G-Sensor. This sensor helps you to have a better gaming experience. The screen offers multi-touch support which is quiet common feature. The camera used is 2 Megapixel and with 1GB internal storage capacity you have less storage option available. Other than this the tablet features regular connectivity options like wifi, 3G (USB Dongle) and hdmi.

    Specification :
    • 3D G-Sensor for Gaming Experience
    • 17.8 cm Capacitive 5 Point Multi Touch Screen
    • 1.2 GHz Processor
    • Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean)
    • 2 Mega Pixel Front Camera
    • Expandable Memory upto 32 GB
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    • HDMI Support
    • 3700 mAh Battery / Upto 7 Hours of Internet Surfing Time / 8 Hours of Video Playback Time on Earphones & 25 Hours of Music Playback Time on Earphones
    • 3G Support through USB Dongle
    • Full HD Video Playback upto 1080p

    Smart Tab 1 is not a great product, but yet better in the list of budget devices. Last time I had tested Funbook. This tablet features the best touch responsive screen compared to any other device in the market. Loaded with ICS, the tablet lacks a good battery output. So compared to that I am having a bit high expectation from Smart Tab 1. Karbonn is also working on some series of Android Smartphones which are released with the tablet pc. One more thing Karbonn has notified, that those who had already purchased Smart Tab 1 with ICS can upgrade to JellyBean. The price stated with for this devices had left no room for any better upgrades. iBerry is another manufacturer which has released ICS tablet before with GPU support. It is recommended that if you have a latest Android OS there is a need of additional GPU type hardware to control the gaming needs. To some extent it is a quiet a good initiative by Karbonn to release a budget friendly tablet in the market. Compare to Funbook Pro, Smart Tab 1 gives you a better camera quality. While Funbook Pro moves a step ahead with additional 3D graphic processor.

    This is a additional point with 8GB internal storage. It is not really complicated to figure out what tablet you must choose. There are number of manufacturers who emerged out in recent time to give the best budget friendly tablet. If you are ready to spend around Rs.10,000 then you can locate the best one of your choice. Smart Tab 1 is another in the list. The tablet has a higher battery capacity to give you a bit longer life compared to others. Basically when it is Android, you must not expect much from battery power. The rich application and continuous net support will not allow your battery to run longer on battery. The size and design is economical. It does not put a great difference in the tablet look. With 7" screen size you can easily handle the same and use it. The touch is responsive and better. The maximum resolution that you have is around 480x800. Multi-Touch make the screen a bit useful. The internal memory is low and for that it became a necessitate to add additional storage support. With an appropriate hdmi cable you can have your tablet screen on your HDTV. The front facing has screen with camera while the backside is white cover. A you can check the glimpse of tab on above image. The front facing has the 2MP camera on the front side, while connectors are well located on the side panel. JellyBean OS with quick navigation panel on the front sides, does not shows some different look. The LCD on/off button in placed on the top side. The design does not features some thing great. It gives you the clear look for a budget friendly and simple to use tablet. To some extent the tablet is best recommend for kids at educational level.

    Web surfing is another traditional feature many tablet PC. You cannot add or remove much in that. JellyBean on the same hand ads some more interactive support. Google has made some changes to make JellyBean more better. The interface is smoother and with nice graphics the responsiveness is increased to great extent. Smart Tab 1 looks to handle all the operation properly. JellyBean works on some boost technology where when you perform certain action or touch the screen, the cpu activates instantly and once the process is over it turns off to reduce impact on battery life. This has given a nice power to budget friendly tabs. With simple interface, there is no extensive pressure on the resources. The notification part here is more improved which was always a primary objective of Android. The new interface tries to give the best notification instantly so that nothing can be missed. Widget control is also improved here. You can personal the screen with easy touch and modify your widget size. While ICS offers you grouping of common icons into single box. JellyBean also improves the camera ability. Even though if a tablet uses low powered camera Jellybean internal image processing abilities, gives you a boot to capture and share the best photo. The interface also had a new and responsive keyboard. With better voice support you can dictate to type. JellyBean works on Gesture Mode. That means you do not need to press the screen hardware to activate something. It identifies your swipe gestures. This helps the tablets to perform well even on low hardware support. To some extent the quick responsiveness is not improved by the hardware, but the internal software code.

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    Re: Karbonn Smart Tab 1 Android JellyBean Tablet PC

    Android Beam which is yet not mentioned anywhere. Android Beam allows you to share your Tablet content with anyone on similar platform. Just tap and share your contacts of shared web page. Any streaming video or application of your choice. This Beam option has provided power to Smart Tab 1, to communicate with Bluetooth devices. Once you had paired them with the tablet, you can instantly share many things among it. This is lack by other devices still yet. I had tested a number of ICS tablet which does not respond on Smartphone's Bluetooth. So this time this issue is removed helping you to have your device connected with the tablet as you want. This is not yet over. Android Beam allow you to connect with mobile, Bluetooth headset, speakers, etc. You just have to pair the device only one time. While it contacts it immediately the next time you turn your Bluetooth on. Other than this JellyBean features a better search ability. So in short Smart Tab 1 is a quiet affordable tablet in the market. This features are yet not provided and will not be accessible to those who are still on ICS.

    Conclusion :

    With new Android OS, Karbonn Smart Tab 1 is a worth to buy product. I will not rate this tablet higher on touch or ability to perform in games, but as you had seen the features that are provided by JellyBean are well integrated. With a good expandable storage you can store and play ample of digital media content. Smart Tab 1 is not at a complex device to handle. But one thing that I had mentioned above is Flash support. JellyBean lack this. So to some extent you can face issue on certain flash site which does not has a HTML5 version. You can still stick to the decision of buying this device. It fulfills your 3G connectivity requirement through USB dongle support.

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