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Thread: Huawei Ascend Smartphone

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    Huawei Ascend Smartphone

    Huawei Ascend G300 appears in Indian Market along with Ascend Y200. The price estimated is between 9 to 13 thousand rupees. You might keen to know what does these new phones offers. Huawei is selling phones in Indian market from long time. You can notice this phones commonly sent via Telecom provider on prepaid and postpaid scheme. This looks first when Huawei enters directly with a brand name. Taking advantage of Android the phone features rich interface and ample of benefit that you might probably looking for. But the question raises that does Huawei is a trusted brand. The answer is yes. Huawei is one of the leading manufacturers in India providing rich and durable consumer products. It is not really complicated to understand about its reputation. Now let’s have a look on Huawei Ascend G300. The review here will explain a broad outlook on the phone features and output.

    Not going into much detail, I had tried to explain you best about the phone design and output. Both models come under Smartphone Series. Huawei Ascend series features two new models for Indian market. The assume price of G300 is around Rs.13,500 and Y200 is around Rs.9,490. There can be tentative difference among the price as per seller. There is more demand of budget phone in local market. I had seen a series of phone manufactured by companies like Videocon, LAVA, Karbon, Micromax, etc. This is a short list of some of the manufacturers who are responsible to provide more budget phone compared to Smartphone. Though phone does not carry great features, but they are enough capable for a person to make call, play multimedia files and powerful battery. Huawei is among one of them. Yes it is not received great exposure, but entering into the mobile market can be far competitive. To some extent Huawei had proved the power of its product. Before Huawei has released a powerful Smartphone Huawei Ascend P1.

    This phone is a powerful competitor to many Smartphone in market. Along with you can also have a look on MediaPad Tablet manufactured by Huawei. This all clearly states we are not here dealing with regular low grade china phones. The manufacturer has tended to create a better product meeting the hidden industrial standards. Huawei Ascent Y200 is a low range phone recommended for your basic requirement only while G300 has bit additional for you. It is not really complicated to differentiate among them. You can have a look on the comparison paragraph below. I had tried the most needed points leaving additional features. Let’s talk about both the phone one by one. You might be wondering what the exact difference between both the models is. First the difference is price, second the processor used, screen size and the design. There is a lot more difference that you can easily see from your eyes. Just for reference purpose have a look on the image below. The first image belongs to is of Huawei Ascend G300 and the second belongs of Ascend Y200.

    As you can find notable difference in the image. Huawei has created these new phones to meet your requirement based on social networking, multimedia and gaming. Android is a powerful platform for many portable devices that offer them a clear way to download and run many applications. With rich games and app support it is possible to use it like your own pc. These phones are equipped with powerful processor which offers better multitasking abilities. The only difference that mostly lies among them is about the performance which improves automatically as you purchase a higher model. The difference begins from size and then goes to design. And also both phones have difference in hardware used. You can assume Ascend Y200 has a low range phone while Ascend G300 is medium range Smartphone. Both are working on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. In terms of money both are valuable product. I like the design which is much better compared too many local brands. It gives a glimpse of HTC Wave. HTC Y200 is small and light phone having a very cute look. The phone offer you a 3.5" screen with 3.2 Megapixel cameras. While G300 has a 4" screen with 5 Megapixel autofocus camera. So this is some notable difference that you are going to get in more detail below.

    Ascend G300

    Let’s talk about G300 for first time. Ascend G300 is a mid range phone that comes with 1 GHz processor and Gingerbread. At 1 GHz, Android 2.3 offers you expected performance. The phones interface is very smooth and screen is quiet responsive. There are no flaws in design also. Android provides you rich interface with different apps that hardly work on Gingerbread. Along with interface, it is smoother and better to handy a number of operation at a single time. There is very less phone today available which offer you the current hardware specs at the price rate mentioned above. For Rs.13,500 you are getting an Android 2.3 phone working on 1Ghz CPU and 512Mb of RAM. I was expecting to have an ICS platform here. The hardware specification looks quite good. I had created a comparison chart below which detailed information on the specification of both phones long with the price.

    You must have a quick look on the same if you want to know instantly what both of them offers. Ascend G300 has a nice design which fits better in your hand. With the help of Android platform you can carry out a number of different type of operations like emails, internet surfing, app download, gaming, etc. You do not need to think much about the operating system limitation. With 4inch screen you can easily navigate the phone menu and access your apps. You can group app based on its genre. Like you can arrange all gaming icons together. But that look too small on 4inch screen. I thought that both phones will have Gingerbread, but yet Huawei took a step ahead. Huawei also tried to keep the price lower under stiff competition. Leaving some low budget tablets there is no Smartphone with ICS at this range. If we compare G300 directly with Galaxy S3 then from the budget point of view Ascend remain more affordable. The phone does not give an expensive look. The body has a combination of black and silver material which is not really bad. The phone has 5 Megapixel cameras with autofocus support to meet your photo requirements.

    The phone has some of the best features that are yet not found in other android devices. With compact design the phone is enough think to lie your compact easily. The weight of phone is 140g which is very light. The screen is major front of front section and there are dedicated button below the screen which mostly every phone has. This three button provide you quick navigation options like Android Menu, Home key and Return Key. Huawei had not worked on the navigation keys to provide any additional buttons here. While the volume, camera, etc is accessible towards the side. The design not put great impact. Anyhow it is a budget phone and expecting too high from it is not right. The brightness level is acceptable. The maximum resolution on it is 480x800 which quiet fine is for a Smartphone. It can give you a clear look of images on your screen and allow you to play your favorite video files also.

    The color output is better and nice. The screen is quiet visible in sunlight. What Huawei Ascend G300 promises is a good interface with rich OS in which you can carry out your day to day operation. The phone is a perfect companion for music lover, gamer and professional work. The handset offers you 5 quick to properly arrange the app you need the most. The screen response is better on the phone. This is mostly lack in many other Smartphone as they do not own a good hardware inside them. It is not right to say this phone a cheaper model of Android. It is impressive in first look and you can expect a good performance with better battery power. For connectivity you sync your phone on wifi network and enjoy internet on HSDPA. The current network chip can offer you a 7.2mbps speed on the handset. Camera is fine with led flash to give you clear picture. With 5 Megapixel camera you can expect crystal clear image quality and output. Ascend G300 gives you a bit powerful storage capacity. The internal storage is around 2.4GB and you can add 32GB external microsd card to the same. So at a budget price of Rs.13,500 you have a powerful Smartphone with better interface and high internal storage capacity. With other additional features are also well included.

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    Re: Huawei Ascend Smartphone

    Ascend Y200

    This is a bit lower edition phone that offer you more lower price and cheaper android alternative. The phone works on Android Gingerbread 2.3. The phone offers clear and straight features. At a budget price of Rs.9,490 you can expect to have a nice Android layout with 800 MHz processor and 256MB of RAM. The phone is lower in features but it gives you some benefit of android gingerbread. At the budget price estimated for this phone you can easily get a cheaper phone running on 600 MHz or lower processor. 800 MHz is the most common mobile CPU you can find in the market. So not going in much detail let’s have a look on design and features. Ascend Y200 gives you a nice 3.5 inch screen where you explore your media files or surf web. Like Ascend G300 you can enjoy similar benefit of surfing @ 7.2mbps maximum on HSDPA. It has a wifi and cloud+ support where you can carry your file virtually.

    Huawei has taken more care to make this phone more multimedia gadget. Those who need a Smartphone with better media capacity and basic surfing like social web sharing, etc can go for this. The price cost is bit higher compared to G300. I was expecting find this phone below Rs.8000. Running on powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 Processor you get ample of multitasking support and for gpu output you get additional Aderon 200 GPU. For G300 no gpu specification is yet claimed out. The design of Ascend Y200 offer better grip and compatible features. It has a widescreen IPS display on the front side. For good multimedia performance there is added loud speaker giving clear sound quality among short distance. The phone features a 1250mAH battery to give you long lasting performance. The official site status that the battery is capable of charging within 90minuts. Ascend Y200 is a descent budget phone which is user friendly. On web if you go and find information on this both models you will find that G300 is the most targeted one. Because to some extent if you are going to spend a amount near 10K, so you can add up more 3K to get a better model. It does not matter what phone you are looking what, but it actually matters what kind of features you are getting on purchase. Are they worth or not?

    With additional support are just like surprise. Most of the phone does not put much pressure on the multimedia or interface output. Thanks to Android. But other than this what mostly matter is the design. I will not recommend going for a lower model as in future you have to upgrade the same anyhow.

    Huawei Ascend G300 and Ascend Y200 Comparison Chart

    Conclusion :

    After reading out the entire features and comparison chart you can easily figure out which one to go for. Anyhow there is still confusion between choices. If you buy G300 the operating system is Gingerbread but you receive a 2.5GB internal storage with more processor power. So this will indirectly improve the phone performance. While the other phone Y 200 is bit lower end. Here Huawei Ascend Y200 is already for sale, but G300 is just announced. It is sold in some European market where the phone is rate 8 out of 10. But if this comes in India, I hope Huawei can provide ICS on this. If G300 has ICS then this one becomes the most recommended model from my side.

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